i've got a job! now what?

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Things to think about after getting out of college and how to present yourself in your new career


Ive Got a Job

Ive Got a Job!Now What?

Presented by the Albuquerque Chapter of CPAs

Stephanie Melton, CPAJason Deshayes, CPAThe First Hit of RealityYoure making more money than you ever had beforeYou have more responsibility than you ever hadExpectations are higher than they have ever beenWhat used to be oknot so much anymoreYour Personal Style Has No Place HereIn college blue hair, shorts, flip-flops, piercings, bling and tattoos were totally acceptable and perhaps encouraged!

Your Personal Style Has No Place Here

What is good for the workplace?Follow your employers dress code if there isnt one, err on the side of your bossesNatural hair colors = goodShoes quality, not frayed, tastefulYou dont have tospend a ton of money tolook nice

AttitudeWhere do you think you fit in the chain of command?


You are hereYou want to behereLow Man on the Totem PoleThere is a chain of command in nearly any workplace you can findLearn and respect itThere is nothing worse for an employer than a new employee who doesnt think the rules apply to themEntitlement is not a virtueAs much as you wont admit it, you are easily replaceableSo, what should I do?Offer 110%Take more responsibility, dont just do your basic jobYou are no longer a 9-5 employeeWhen your supervisor asks you do something, accept with a smile and get something out of itLook at the job duties of the position above you and perform at that levelBy showing you want more responsibility, you will climb that totem pole before you know it!What do I need to learn?Figure out your place in the organizationLearn more about the leadership team, as well as the business itselfWho are your competitors?How can you enhance the business?How can you enhance your coworkers?What can you do to make your bosses lives easier?How to prioritize your time balancing of work, social and family livesWhat your job REALLY isWhile you may be a staff, youre expected to do way moreDont just show up to the office and workBe involved outside of the officeFind a board that needs a treasurer or directorVolunteer with something that you are passionate aboutTake the job above you and perform at THAT levelFigure out how you can enhance your employer, not who your employer can enhance youSet and make a goal to pass the CPA exam (or other professional license exam)Workplace EtiquetteYour cell phone/Blackberry/iPhone/DroidCPA Exam studyingWeb browsing lean to less than moreOffice place chattingPersonal callsCube interior decorationPetsCube mates and neighbors

Workplace RelationshipsYou should get to know your coworkers, but you dont have to be best friendsAt the same time, dont assume everyone is your friend your boss is your bossSocial events good to encourage relationships, but isnt a venue to get a little too wild and crazyRule #12 dont get involved with someone you work withWorkplace CommunicationNot everyone communicates the same wayHow do your bosses like to communicate?How do your coworkers communicate?Your body language can say more than your wordsProfessionalism is keyCommunication isnt just limited to what you say, but what you put in writingWritten CommunicationAnything you put in an e-mail or another form of written communication is available for the whole worldThat magical forward or reply to all buttonThat spell check is there for a reasonThink before you sendAdd a subject lineThink before you send via e-mailBad news may be better via phone callBoss and You Not Seeing Eye to EyeArguing about things youve been asked to doNot taking notes, when youre expected toPunctuality/Respect for others timeYou think this, they expect thatBeing a clock watcherAbusing technologyNot paying attention to detailAttendance at the officeYoure not going to get babysat, but you are held accountable for your timeRules to Live ByA good handshakeEye contactRemembering names and details about a clientHair coloring/cologne/perfumePiercings/tattoosCalling in sick

Rules to Live ByBe accountable to clients/bosses/coworkersIf you receive constructive criticism, accept it and grow from it dont take it as a personal attackYou can do anything, and you should be willing to do anythingUnder promise, over deliver be the miracle worker

Starship captains are like children. They want everything right now and they want it their way. The secret is to give them what they need, not what they want.

Rules to Live ByThe admin staff are your friends, not your servantsYour car should be presentable at a moments noticeCarry your business cards 24/7Return calls and e-mails within 24-48 hoursLearnall the time!You are a representation of your employerThis is a small townyou never know who knows you

The Big PointYour life is starting a new growth curveThis means new challenges, lots of learning and starting from the ground upThe longer you are in this business (whatever it may be), the more you learn you know very little