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    • Its who we are
  • Its what we do
  • Its the results we achieve

2. Were Back ! In the equipment business the company that youve relied on for over 30 years for equipment, store planning, custom wood cabinets and fixtures is once again providing you with the full service that we have been known for since 1978 3.

  • Design & planning
  • Equipment & purchasing
  • Cabinets & Custom Fixtures
  • Project management

Your complete source for 4. Full service design From concept.. 5. reality 6. designing fresh ideas! Together with our vendor partners 7. *design*equipment*cabinets & custom fixtures* project management 8. Let us takeyour ideas. 9. From concept 10. 11. To completion.. 12. 13. Together with our vendor partners. We provide you a single source with over 30 years of convenience store expertise, assisting you with your project from concept to completion Our strong relationships with our vendors offer you the best products and the most economical value available as well as continued support after the sale 14. Working with Merchants from the beginning throughout the design process affords you the smoothest transition from concept to completion. If your project pertains to an existing building, We will take complete as-built measurements from which to start the design process 15. Documenting as-built conditions with digital photos assists the design process 16. We present you with an overview of the initial design concept in 3d showing various important views of the design concept 17. Proposed layout planAn equipment plan and schedule is prepared for review 18. Using some of the latest technology available, we are able to generate a complete schedule of equipment within the drawing and transfer that information via spreadsheet, directly and efficiently to our auto-quote program 19. All pertinent information is gathered in-house and documented for submittal as a complete proposal plans schedules E-mails Vendor quotes 20. Once your quotation is signed and accepted, our support is just beginning! 21. We provide you with all the tools you need to work with your architect, contractor, and building officials to provide a smooth and efficient transition From concept to completion Detail sheets are generated,and distributed as required: Final floor equipment planPlumbing equipment location planElectrical equipment location planCooler / freezer / beer cave detail plans And any other misc. details pertinent to the proper completion of the project 22. Once your project is on order and drawings and details are complete.. We follow up on order confirmations, acknowledgements, and manufacturing schedules from our vendor partners; insuring correctness and timely delivery of your products. 23. Our project management team is available to your construction management group for coordination of deliveries throughout the project. 24. Even after your project is complete.... we dont stop there We provide you with complete documentation on the project, including product warranty, usage and care information 25. Were Back ! In the equipment business And were making the process *Easy *Efficient *and Economical From concept to completion Your one sourcefor your every c-store need 26.

  • Often imitated.
  • BUT
  • Never duplicated..

27. 28. Initial concept Design development Fine tuning Initial design from your ideas. 29. PROPOSED FOUNTAIN, HOT BEVERAGES AND CONDIMENTS AREA To computer enhancements 30. Adding color and finishes 31. To color and 3d presentations. 32. 33. 34. To Computer generated Proposal drawing 35. To shop drawings (for approval).. 36. On to production 37. 38. To the finished product...

  • Its who we are
  • Its what we do
  • Its the results we achieve


  • Often imitated.
  • BUT
  • Never duplicated.

40. Available ONLY through 41. Were Back ! In the equipment business Were Back ! Hot Beverage Equipment, Cabinets and Counters Free standing self-contained Island style cases Air Curtain Display Cases Walk in Cooler / Freezer / Beer Caves, Refrigeration systems and Display Doors Hot Dog Programs, Microwave Ovens Any and all types of self-contained and remote system food display cases From this To this

  • design and planning
  • equipment & purchasing
  • C SYSTEM cabinets &custom fixtures
  • project management
  • let Merchants fixturebe your sourcefor all of your c-store needs

Retrofit kits for LED lighting and other energy efficient parts and equipment supplies Fountain and Cold Beverages Dispensers, Ice makers and bag-in-box systems 42. designing fresh ideas! Together with our vendor partners And MANY others! 43. 11218 Hopson Road Ashland, Virginia 23005 (804) 798-9804(800) 328-7258