it's not a matter of knowing what to do, it's allowing yourself to be free enough to see...

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  • It's not a matter of knowing what to do, it's allowing yourself to be free enough to see possibilities."

  • My goal:Is for you to have enough information about Edmodo to go back to your classroom tomorrow and begin using it in one simple way. Teachers want to help students learn the way theyre already living,

  • After this year: 10 Years @ Dieck3rd, 4th, 5th, then back to 4th for 6 years.My son attends SCHS, as a senior.My husband supervises the maintenance of buses.Gizmo: Our puppy helps keep me centered, my mental and spiritual sharpening. Huge supporter of Coveys 7 Habits.Go Blue!

  • 1. Engage students in meaningful active learning experiences designed to promote the development of 21st Century skills as well as core content knowledge.2. Systematically facilitate the acquisition and assessment of 21st Century learning skills including information and technology skills essential for college- and career-readiness. To me this means step-by-step (systematic) guiding (facilitate) to learn (acquisition of) the skills needed for college and career readiness----analyzing complex texts, technology skills---as well as a tool for evaluating (assessment of) those skills.

  • 3. Raise achievement in the core content areas by teaching students to strategically and purposefully use technology as a means of constructing knowledge.4. Personalize learning for every student through the use of open-ended real-world integration projects.

  • Domain 1: Planning and Preparation 1a Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy 1b Demonstrating Knowledge of Students 1c Setting Instructional Outcomes 1d Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources 1e Designing Coherent Instruction 1f Designing Student Assessments Domain 2: Classroom Environment 2a Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport 2b Establishing a Culture for Learning 2c Managing Classroom Procedures 2d Managing Student Behavior 2e Organizing Physical SpaceDomain 4: Professional Responsibilities 4a Reflecting on Teaching 4b Maintaining Accurate Records 4c Communicating with Families 4d Participating in a Professional Community 4e Growing and Developing Professionally 4f Showing ProfessionalismDomain 3: Instruction 3a Communicating With Students 3b Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques 3c Engaging Students in Learning 3d Using Assessment in Instruction 3e Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness

  • Step 1Log onto the computer.Use your district user name and password, so you can access files if you desire.Later in the presentationI will show you how to upload them to your account.Go to the Edmodo

  • Group CodeNow that you have created an account you will have a group code. You students will need this to become part of the group you create.2oayzq

  • Lets get right to itCreate an account as a teacher. It is very easy for students to join. They DO NOT need an email address. Just a username/password and the group code (once). The easiest password to use, is the one they are assigned by the district to log onto the computer.As far as adding a picture, they will figure that out. Trust me. I DO NOT allow my students to post a personal picture.Some like to post their pet, as their pic.Edmodo does give them a choice of different animated profile pics, but they soon learn how to upload a pic to their file and then add it as their own.I stress independent exploration with the Edmodo because I can easily monitor it with my phone. It is very easy to delete a post.After I go over how I use it. You will get to play! Through play you will learn, I promise!

  • What happens if rascally students use the site for, say, non-academic purposes? Teachers can delete comments. But the service can also be a way for students to learn how to use these tools in life, says Borg. Its becoming an important part of the learning process so learning appropriate ways to communicate online is important, Borg says. Its absolutely essential they have these skills when going out in the workforce.

  • My EdmodoTake a class poll.

  • Quick Quiz: FormativeDo I need to re teach as a whole class lesson?Who is ready to move on?

  • Assignments are easy to get to

    Free timeMath ExpressionsI left my homework at school? Problem solved.Tech Teacher connectionWord Documents can be stored.

  • Organize Data First then Publish PresentationOrganizer was posted to edmodo folder.Student downloaded it to her hdrive fileStudent used internet to research, take notes, read, and write on the social studies subject.One notes/facts were recorded student created a presentation using PP.Easy to share with parents.

  • Students Generate QuestionsAnalyze other students responses

  • Word Document in post..Students just Click the file name and the document will up load.

  • How has it helped me..Technology integration across the curriculum.Think Smarter Balance! (Future Goal) Text to media connection.Quick at a glace formative assessment.Much less paper work to take home. I can check student progress right from home.Helps reinforce learning for those that need more support. (Math)Helped me organize websites for students to access.Allows for materials to be stored, or displayed so students can quickly access materials for a project based learning approach.I dont worry too much about inappropriate content going back and forth, as I did with my Wiki. With Edmodo everything they post I see immediately. (cell phone, email). Students cannot direct post to each other! They can direct post to me.Publishing students work was EASY.They did it after it was edited.Be sure to teach digital citizenship.Application of technology use and skills.Surf, note take, complete a web, minimize, project.

  • Think of some ways you would like to use it with your students.

  • How has it helped my studentsInstant Feedback.Communication with teacher is easy. Helps build relationships with students.Teaches them to generate questions.Able to access at home.Allows for synergizing of ideas safely.Students can see the difference between a well thought out answer, and a superficial answer.Gain thoughtful ideas after READING other students comments/piggyback off of each other.Materials are all in one place. Their toolbar!!Helps with transition time.Keeps noise level down, and less time is wasted.Real world application.

  • Morning Meeting:Sharpen the SawLaughter is the best medicine.

  • Other ways I use it?Upload video, or homemade review/homework/class work check.Smart NotebookEducreationMorning MeetingsUse quotes, discuss what does this means to you?Then students have the week to post a response.Literature Circle Response from read a loud.Often looking for character traits that support our 7 habits teaching. Looking for students to use text support and examples.Compare and contrastEvaluate character actionsPublish Student WorkThey publish their own work as a completion of a project.Others students are able to evaluate and analyze quality of work.Explicit Teaching after a quick formative assessment.Who needs more guidance, who is ready to move on, did more student NOT understand? Should I re teach?All of these questions can be answered with out taking a file of work home to grade.Differentiate InstructionPerformance TasksChallenge tasks.

  • I encourage you to

    As proactive leaderswhat does this quote mean to you?

  • Writing/Reading

    Use duringWorkshopAs a focus lesson.

    Lets read the responses, and notice what was done well.

    Which responses used text examples.


  • Questions

  • ****Other ways**** or TumblebooksGrammar/PunctuationKeep track of data: Reading minutes, pedometerCurrent Events: Pull up in your classroom

  • PE students about different aps that can make fitness fun.

    Posting: This is a great feature as unlike facebook you canmonitor the messages sent by the students. Why? how? because Edmodo only allows you as the teacher to send individual messages to students (e.g. I give students instant feedback on their coursework and the students can reply to this. Allowing our conversation to be saved and for them to refer back to at anytime). If the students want to post a message it is only sent to the group or to the teacher. Allowing students to post questions to the teacher or to fellow students when working on coursework and breaking down the communication barrier outside of the classroom (24/7 classroom).

  • FrenchWrite a question and have students post the answer in French or translate it.Post a picture of something and have students translate in French.Use a word document, and post a several pictures and encourage students to create a sentence using the words.

  • Weekly Writing PromptsAllow ChoiceAt what age is a person an adult? Why do you think so? If could change one rule that your family has, what would you change? What is something that makes your family special? Of all the things you are learning, what do you think will be the most useful when you are an adult? Are you a good friend? Why do you think so? How would the world be different if animals could talk? Would you cheat on a test if you knew you would not get caught? Why or why not?

  • Post a Joke

  • Post an Anchor Chart for Discussion

  • I think Edmodo is going to help teachers integrate all the different comprehension connections students are going to need.

    First in foremost to become thoughtful readers using digital resources.Our workshop focu