it’s a boy girl thing final

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  • 1. All boys thinkAll girls thinkabout is football!about isshopping!

2. zzzzz... 3. shopping 4. Be careful what you wish for 5. Shopping? 6. Football? 7. Noo! Why am I a girl?!!!! 8. Ahh! Im a boy?!?!?!? 9. Why am I a girl ?!!Why am I a boy ?!! 10. Maybe Ishould trymake-up... 11. Maybe Ishould tryfootball... 12. Ahhh!!! 13. What should I wearnow? Theyre all so beautiful ... 14. Video games are so difficult ... 15. Its so difficult to bea boy! I hatebeing a girl... 16. Lets try again! Yeah, great idea ! 17. Itsactually reallyfun! 18. Im so pretty! Itsnot that difficultto put on make-up... 19. YEAH! Its not that bad! 20. Make-up... 21. Videogames... 22. Oh yes! Im a boy again! 23. Yeah, Im a girl! 24. No more fighting over boy and girl things! 25. Starring:CaroElisabethKristinaLuke AlexHugo Sunaho