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  • 3/22/2015 ITIL:70TOPInterviewQuestionsandAnswersTOPInterviewQuestionsAnswers 1/9

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    List of top 70 itil interview questions and answers,itil tutorials for freshers beginners and experienced pdf free download.

    1. What is ITIL ?

    2. ITIL based models adopted by organization .

    3. Difference between ITIL v3 and v2.

    4 What is ITIL service management?

    Service management is a set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing values in the form of service.The act of transforming recourses into services is the core of service management

    5 Explain ITIL service Life cycle model .

    1. Service Strategy

    2. Service Design

    3. Service Transition

    4. Service Operation,

    5. Continual Service Improvement

    ITIL Interview PART 2 1 Define Service strategy?

    How to design, develop and implement service management for organization is define under service strategy.

    What are we going to provide?

    Can we afford it?Can we provide enough of it?

    How do we gain competitive advantage?

    ITIL interview Questions and Answers

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  • 3/22/2015 ITIL:70TOPInterviewQuestionsandAnswersTOPInterviewQuestionsAnswers 2/9

    2 Define Service Design?

    How to design develop services and service management and converting service objective in to range of services.

    How are we going to provide it?

    How are we going to build it?How are we going to test it?

    How are we going to deploy it?

    3 Define Service transition.

    How to implement services in production as per design services.

    Coordination and managing of the processBuild, test and deploy a release in to production.

    4 Define Service operations

    How to manage service on an ongoing basis to ensure their objectives are achieved.

    Service operation is responsible for all ongoing activates required to support and deliver services.

    5 What is continues service improvement (CSI)?

    Continues evolution of service and identify ways to improve services.

    ITIL Interview PART 3

    1 Define Service Management?

    Service Management is transforming recourses into valuable services.

    2 What is Service process management Process?

    Process is a set of activates designed to achieve a definite objective.Input >> Process >> output.Process is closed loop.

    3 What is service management Measurements?

    To manage and control the process it should be monitor and measure.Four metrics for performance measurement




    4 Explain Roles in service management.

    Role is a set of connected behaviors or connected actions performed by team or group or person person.Business Relationship Manager (BRM): BRMs establish a strong business relationship with the customer by understanding thecustomer's business and their customer outcomes.Product Manager (PM): PMs take responsibility for developing and Managing services across the lifecycle, and haveresponsibilities for Productive capacity.

    5 Explain RACI Model.

    RACI Model clearly defines roles.Responsible Person responsible to get job done.Accountable person accountable for each task.Consulted people who are consulted.Informed People who are inform on the progress.

    6 What is RACIVS.

    Verifies person who checks whether the acceptance criteria have been met.Sign off give the sign off to the project


    1 Explain Service Strategy?

    Service strategy represents policies and objectivises to achieve service goal.


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  • 3/22/2015 ITIL:70TOPInterviewQuestionsandAnswersTOPInterviewQuestionsAnswers 3/9

    Help management to achieve goal.Determine services

    2 Four Ps of Service Strategy?

    Perspective >> Vision and directionPattern >> Way of doing activatesPosition >> Basis on which the provider will competePlan >> How to achieve the goal

    3 Explain Service strategy process?

    1. Define the market.

    2. Define services and potential customers.

    3. Develop the offerings.

    4. Design the service.

    5. Develop strategic asset.

    6. Develop service as strategic asset7. Prepare for executions.

    8. Implement the service.

    4 Explain Service portfolio, Service catalogue and service pipeline.

    Service portfolio >Defines services provided by service provider across all Market and all customers.

    Service Catalogue >Is the sub set of Service portfolio .Services ready to offer to customer is listed in service catalogue.Service Pipeline >Is consist of services under development.

    5 Explain Retired services.

    In service portfolio services which are not in use/outdated due to existing Internal/External constrain are called retiredservices.


    1 Explain Financial Management?

    In service strategy finanancial management covers budgeting accounting and charging requirements.Budgeting >> Provide sufficient funds to run business Cost and income estimation .Accounting >> provide management information on the cost. Cost analysis and reporting.Charging >> providing funds by charging back to client

    2 Return on Investment?

    Investment of some resource yielding a benefit to the investor.Return on investment (%) = Net profit / Investment 100

    3 Explain service Portfolio Management?SPM is managing all services across the organisation.

    Define > Business requirementAnalyse > PlanApprove > Get approvalsCharter > Deploy

    Service portfolio contains all services ( In pipeline/Catalogue/Retired )

    4 Explain Service package.

    Set of services available to deliver to customer.

    Service package contain 1Core Service packageDetails description of core service.

    2Service level packageLevel of service offered Diamond gold silver..

  • 3/22/2015 ITIL:70TOPInterviewQuestionsandAnswersTOPInterviewQuestionsAnswers 4/9

    5 BRM Business Relationship management.

    Establish relating ship with customers, understand customers and fulfil customers need.


    1 Explain Service Design?

    Design new or changed service for introduction in to live environment .

    1 Improve Quality of service.2 Effective services.3 Improve decision making.

    2 What are types of service provider?

    Type I >> Internal service provider.Physically located in the organization which it serve.

    Type II >> Shared services.These are autonomous units in the organization like Finance HR.

    Type III >> External service provider having specific expertise. Consolidate need andOffer competitive price.

    3 What is service design package?SDP document contain all requirements through each stage of its lifecycle.

    Four Ps of design




    4 Service design aspects ?

    Set of services available to deliver to customer.

    Identify business needs.

    Service portfolio design.

    Technology architecture.

    Process design

    Measurement design

    5 What are the different sourcing options?

    1 In sourcing Utilize internal organization.2 Out sourcing hire external organization.3Co _sourcing Combination of In sourcing & Out sourcing.4 KPO Knowledge process outsourcing 5BPO Business process