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  • 1. . Italian Wedding TraditionsGetting married in Italy is quite the joyous occasion! Like many other countries in the world, Italy holds age-old traditions very dear to the hearts of those residing. The bride and groom will usually have separate evening meals with their respective family and friends. So they dont see each other the night before the big event, On the morning of the wedding the groom will either deliver the bridal bouquet to the brides house or wait outside the ceremony venue and present the bride her bouquet upon her arrival. The bridal bouquet is usually a gift from the grooms family and its colour and design are meant to be a surprise to the bride. Wedding guests will wait outside the ceremony venue for the bride to arrive and then follow the bride and groom inside for the ceremony to commence. After the wedding ceremony all guests are given small bags of rice which are thrown over the bride and groom as confetti.At the wedding reception each guest is given a Bomboniere. This Italian wedding tradition is the original version of favours and the Bomboniere are 5 sugared almonds wrapped in lace. The almonds symbolise health, wealth, fertility, happiness and long life. Italian Wedding Traditions differ from region to region and change over time. Italy

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