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honors world history- italian renaissance


  • 1. The Italian Renaissance Chapter 1 Section 1

2. Why Italy? Proximity to Byzantines and Mediterranean Roman Ruins Alps isolation Italian city states remained the economic center Affluence 3. Humanism Shift in thinking from religious to secular Renewal of classical thinking Emphasis on the individual Renewed emphasis on education 4. Humanist Literature Focus on personal feelings Petrarch, Boccaccio (Decameron) Ambition and Success Castiglione, Machiavelli (The Prince) 5. Italian Govt Wealthy families ruled city states Wars were costly-practiced diplomacy No central govt 6. Florence Center for the Renaissance Medici Family Supported the arts Savonarola preached anti- Humanism 7. Rome Pope and cardinals used wealth to rebuild and beautify Rome Put political goals ahead of religious ones 8. Renaissance Arts Humanist ideas influenced artists to make art more individualistic Biblical and Classical themes mixed Wealthy of Italy became great patrons of the arts New techniques and approaches 9. ArchitectureGOTHIC RENAISANCE 10. Architecture 11. Sculpture 12. Painting