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1. LAN Consulting Plan Taylor&SonsFinancialConsulting 2. What will be Covered: Network Layout Physical and Logical design Technology used Internal and External Network Security User Access and Control Why the selected Network was chosen Overview 3. 2008 Windows ServerNetwork Will Use a Client/Server ArchitectureMainframe located on Lower level, Backup Server on 2nd FloorInternet access through Central located router Network Layout 4. Windows Server 200840 GB Ethernet Connection48 Port Switch on each floorRAID 1 configuration provide solid data backup Technology 5. Proxy Server provides strong securityWindows Server 2008 Firewall withAdvanced SecurityAuthenticationProtocol Kerberos throughWindows Server 2008 Security 6. Administrative Controller adds or deletes users from workgroup Kerberos Key Distribution Center (KDC) Audit files and folders to control access User and Group Access 7. Best choice for expansionAffordable and Cost effectiveClient/Server Architecture is simple and efficientRAID5 backup server for highest network security and sustainment Why Choose Client/Server? 8. Network connectivity from floor tofloor with the use of switches. STAR/EXTENDED STAR Topology Cat 6a Cabling Configurable Smart Switches Fiber Optic Cable for Switch Connections 9. In ConclusionNetwork topologyPhysical and Logical designTechnologySecurity measuresUser and group accessWhy the network was chosen 10. Tomsho, Gregory; Guide to Networking Essentials, Sixth Edition. Boston: Cengage Learning. Microsoft Corporation, (2012) Windows Server 2008 R2 Retrieved September 1, 2012, from Microsoft Corporation, (2012). Kerberos, Retrieved September 1, 2012, from us/library/cc733924(v=WS.10).aspx References