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  • 1. LAN Consulting Plan Taylor&SonsFinancialConsulting
  • 2. What will be Covered: Network Layout Physical and Logical design Technology used Internal and External Network Security User Access and Control Why the selected Network was chosen Overview
  • 3. 2008 Windows ServerNetwork Will Use a Client/Server ArchitectureMainframe located on Lower level, Backup Server on 2nd FloorInternet access through Central located router Network Layout
  • 4. Windows Server 200840 GB Ethernet Connection48 Port Switch on each floorRAID 1 configuration provide solid data backup Technology
  • 5. Proxy Server provides strong securityWindows Server 2008 Firewall withAdvanced SecurityAuthenticationProtocol Kerberos throughWindows Server 2008 Security
  • 6. Administrative Controller adds or deletes users from workgroup Kerberos Key Distribution Center (KDC) Audit files and folders to control access User and Group Access
  • 7. Best choice for expansionAffordable and Cost effectiveClient/Server Architecture is simple and efficientRAID5 backup server for highest network security and sustainment Why Choose Client/Server?
  • 8. Network connectivity from floor tofloor with the use of switches. STAR/EXTENDED STAR Topology Cat 6a Cabling Configurable Smart Switches Fiber Optic Cable for Switch Connections
  • 9. In ConclusionNetwork topologyPhysical and Logical designTechnologySecurity measuresUser and group accessWhy the network was chosen
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