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An assignment my friend and I did for school


1. Digital Literacy Presented by: Josh Ilori & Josia Schloegl 2. What is Digital Literacy? What to Use When to use it And how to use It! 3. Photoshop can You guys will use this mainly in art! Resize Pictures Paint Pictures Make pictures black and White Create Pictures Make pictures look like a paintingDo whatever you want to do to a picture! 4. Email Stay away from messages that you dont know who sent. If youve typed a message & are wondering if its bad DONT SEND IT!! Dont share password to anyone on anything!. 5. Bibliographies If in need of a Bibliography! Or 6. Social Networking These sites are similar to blogs. They include Facebook and MySpace. Dont talk to people who you dont know. 7. Blog Blog comes from the word Web-log. It is like an internet journal. A blog is also great, to communicate with friends or family in other parts of the world. 8. General Internet Information Dont give away personal information! Dont download illegally! The people who made the things spent too much time for you not to pay for it. 9. Bibliography "E-Mail Privacy: What You May Be Giving In When You Are Flying Out." . 14 Jan 2008 ."Books Online."Kimbooktu . 14 Jan 2008 ."Web 2.0 -- All About Social Networking."Profittimo . 14 Jan 2008 . 10. Question 1 You meet a new person on MySpace and they want to know your name, and where you live, what do you do? 11. Answer Dont give out personal information, ITS A BAD IDEA 12. Question 2 You just finished your 5 page essay on the history of Football, what is missing? 13. Answer YOUR bibliography!!! Finish it if you want to get a grade? 14. Question 3 You just got an email from (you dont know him) it says that if you give him $100, hell send you $1500 in two weeks. What do you do? 15. Answer DELETE THE MESSEGE. If you dont recognize the email address you shouldnt even open it!!! 16. Question 4 What could you use to send in assignments to teachers when youre absent? 17. Answer THE School email. 18. BonusHow did the skit relate to digital literacy? 19. The Answer The guy eating was using the wrong tool to cut his food. Then the other guy came and taught him to use the knife for cutting. So a person was taughtwhat to usefor their purpose andhow to use it ! 20. THANKS FOR SITTING THROUGHTHIS PRESENTATION!!!