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Download It Digital Literacy Powerpoint Final Version

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An assignment my friend and I did for school


  • 1. Digital Literacy Presented by: Josh Ilori & Josia Schloegl

2. What is Digital Literacy? What to Use When to use it And how to use It! 3. Photoshop can

  • You guys will use this mainly in art!

Resize Pictures Paint Pictures Make pictures black and White Create Pictures Make pictures look like a paintingDo whatever you want to do to a picture! 4. Email

  • Stay away from messages that you dont know who sent.
  • If youve typed a message & are wondering if its bad DONT SEND IT!!
  • Dont share password to anyone on anything!.

5. Bibliographies If in need of a Bibliography! Or 6. Social Networking

  • These sites are similar to blogs.
  • They include Facebook and MySpace.
  • Dont talk to people who you dont know.

7. Blog

  • Blog comes from the word Web-log.
  • It is like an internet journal.
  • A blog is also great, to communicate with friends or family in other parts of the world.

8. General Internet Information

  • Dont give away personal information!
  • Dont download illegally!
  • The people who made the things spent too much time for you not to pay for it.

9. Bibliography

  • "E-Mail Privacy: What You May Be Giving In When You Are Flying Out." . 14 Jan 2008 .
  • "Books Online."Kimbooktu . 14 Jan 2008 .
  • "Web 2.0 -- All About Social Networking."Profittimo . 14 Jan 2008 .

10. Question 1

  • You meet a new person on MySpace and they want to know your name, and where you live, what do you do?

11. Answer

  • Dont give out personal information,

12. Question 2

  • You just finished your 5 page essay on the history of Football, what is missing?

13. Answer

  • YOUR bibliography!!!
  • Finish it if you want to get a grade?

14. Question 3

  • You just got an email from (you dont know him) it says that if you give him $100, hell send you $1500 in two weeks. What do you do?

15. Answer

  • DELETE THE MESSEGE. If you dont recognize the email address you shouldnt even open it!!!

16. Question 4

  • What could you use to send in assignments to teachers when youre absent?

17. Answer

  • THE School email.

18. Bonus

  • How did the skit relate to digital literacy?

19. The Answer

  • The guy eating was using the wrong tool to cut his food.
  • Then the other guy came and taught him to use the knife for cutting.
  • So a person was taughtwhat to usefor their purpose andhow to use it !