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  • "When lstael $Ilikes ltan...oil UiGe$ Gould soil RasI

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    Israel's secret plan for attacking Iran. Highly placed intelligence sources sayan attack may be imminent-and it could send oil prices skyrocketing...see page 5

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    (Continued on page 4)

    Stock Name: New Western Energy Corp.

    Stock Symbol: OTCBB: NVlfl-R

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    When Joe Cotton designates a speculative stock as a StrongBuy, that means he would buy it himself and believes it willg0 a lot higher, but he knows that speculative investments arerisky in nature, and that he could lose the total amount of hisinvestment. To minimize your risk, he recommends utilizing awel l-d iversif ied a nd ca refu I ly resea rched portfol i o.

  • (Continued from page 3)

    already producing and the 13.7 million barrels itowns in the ground.

    Get in on this still-unknown company nowand you could turn a modest $5,000 investmentinto $25,000 or more if and when Middle Easttensions boil over into full-fledged conflict.

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    in just a few months' timeBeginning with the " Arab Spring," we've

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    Expedia, lnc (EXPE)

    Threshold Pharmaceuticals (THLD)

    Oncothyreon (ONTY)

    Osiris Therapeutics (OSIR)

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    CytRx Corp. (GHL)

    Netflix (NFLX)

    Ryland Group (RYL)

    Human Genome Sciences (HGSI)

    Renren lnc. (RENN)

    Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA)

    Amarin Corp. (AMRN)

    Repros Therapeutics (RPRX)

  • How the coming war on Israelcould send oil prices soaring

    l) espected intelligenceI\analyst Joe de Courcy-chief executive of London-based Intelligence Researchand editor of Courcy'sInt ellig enc e Br ief-has beenwarning for months that Iranis planning to attack Israel.

    According to de Courcy,Israeli leaders are well awareof what's coming and areplanning a preemptive striketo take out Iran's nuclearcapabilities.

    And while it's possiblea preemptive strike will besuccessful, it could also invitean all-out Arab attack onIsraet

    A five-front waris inevitable

    Within days, Israel could

    be involved in a five-frontwar with Egypt, Jordan, Syria,Lebanon (Hezbollah) and thePalestinians.

    And when that happens,Israel might even be temptedto use nuclear weapons toturn back the Arab attack.

    If things play out the wayde Courcy foresees, it's almostcertain that oil prices will soaras a result, handing potentialwindfall profits to investors inselect junior oil companies.

    De Courcy's conclusionsar