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Macro & Super Macro Photography. This Beautiful Issue focused on the special field of Macro and Extreme Macro Photography. Wild Bees, Spiders, Food, Humen Body and so many small creatures. Excellent showcases and interviews with the best photographers in Israel and most influential photographers from around the world. 250 pages of magnificent images! Enjoy!


  • Fine Art Photography Magazine

    October 2015#13

    S U P E R M A C R O

    Nadav Bagim Sam Droege Alejandro Ferres Ruiz Liat FedermanShikhei Goh Merav Naor Weinstock Roee Peretz Naomi Zehavi Goldshtein Yuval Vaknin Yakir Pollak Allon Kira

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS 08/ About Macro Photography 10/ What Is Macro Photography By Yehoshua Derovan

    12/ Macro Technique & Essential Gear By Yehoshua Derovan

    22/ An Interview With Nadav Bagim 44/ Most Influential Photographer Sam Droege- The Wild Bees

    64/ Macro Photography Is Like Magic! By Allon Kira

    84/ The Colorful World Of Alejandro Ferres Ruiz. 106/ Liat Federman. Macro Of Tempting Food&Nature

    130/ Yakir Pollak. Bizarre Project.146/ An Interview With Shikhei Goh 166/ Merav Naor Weinstock. Body Fragments.184/ Naomi Zehavi Goldshtein204/ Yuval Vaknin. Extreme Macro. 220/ Roee Peretz

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    Macro photography is a fancy way of saying close-up photography. Strictly speaking, macro photography is a photograph where the subject is magnified to life size or greater. Insects and flowers are perfect examples of macro photography. However, thats only the beginning. You can also take interesting pictures of normal objects up close. Even fruit takes on a whole new look when you magnify the

    subject significantly.

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    WHAT IS MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY? ByYehoshua DerovanPhotography is all about light. When photographers state this what they mean is that through photography we get to see the world as we know it in new light (or lack thereof). Landscapes taken at the right moment and time take your breath away, portraits that are full of genuine expression and lit in an interesting way allow us to glimpse into the human experience, travel and wildlife photography take us to places in the natural and human world we might never get to see for ourselves.

    But there is one genre of photography that bares a real uniqueness to it - Macro photography (or close-up photography). What makes this fascinating type of photography special is the fact it doesn't only illuminate in a new way what is already known, rather it discovers what the naked eye can't see on account of it's own powers. I for one find it really hard to not be amazed whenever I encounter a good macro photo.

    Copyrights To Shikhei Goh

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    GEAR Like in every other genre of photography a great macro image is composed of the delicate balance between artistic creativity being realized and technical know-how being executed. Before heading on to our main topic of technique we should mention that there are different subject matters within the realm of macro photography and they are not all equally "artistic" per se. Suffice it to mention that macro images include scientific applications such as in dental medicine and in forensic investigation work, and on the commercial end in jewelry adds.The first technical term macro enthusiasts encounter is

    magnification - describing the size an object will appear on your camera's sensor compared to it's size in reality. For instance, if you are using a 35 millimeter full frame DSLR (36x24mm) and you are photographing a subject that is 36 millimeters long and it appears from one edge to the other of the frame then you photographed at 1:1 magnification. This is achieved with macro lenses whose main characteristic is the ability to focus at a much closer distance than the equivalent focal length on a non-macro lens. Sometimes even 1:1 magnification isn't enough and macro photographers add macro extension tubes to their macro lens to achieve an even closer image of their subject.

    Getting this close to a subject creates one of the biggest challenges in macro photography, namely shallow depth field. The immediate solution one would think of is using a smaller aperture setting. Add to that the necessity to use very fast shutter speeds to negate camera shake (if shooting hand-held) and what you get is near impossible conditions for shooting due to lack of light hitting the image sensor. There are a few solutions available:

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