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    The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research asked all abstract contributors to disclose financial support for their research.The following financial support was declared:

    ReferenceCode Financial Support

    ReferenceCode Financial Support

    CE1 Pfizer Limited, Taiwan, New Taipei City, TaiwanCE2 Taiwan Blood Services Foundation, Taipei, TaiwanCE3 Australian Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra, AustraliaCE4 NoneCL1 NoneCL2 NoneCL3 NoneCL4 DOH100-TD-C-111-002, Taipei, TaiwanCN1 NoneCN2 DOH100-TD-C-111-002, Taipei, TaiwanCN3 NoneCN4 Sino-American Shanghai Squibb Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Shanghai, ChinaCV1 Pfizer, Melbourne, AustraliaCV2 NoneCV3 Novartis, Basel, SwitzerlandCV4 NoneDB1 Boehringer Ingelheim Shanghai PharmaceuticalsCo. Ltd., Shanghai, ChinaDB2 NoneDB3 Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council,

    Canberra, AustraliaDB4 Hong Kong SAR Government Health and Health Services Research Fund,

    Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Azalea (1972) Endowment Fund, Hong Kong, HongKong

    EX1 Thailand Research Fund through the Royal Golden Jubilee PhD Program,Bangkok, Thailand

    EX2 Department of Health Taipei City Government, Taipei, TaiwanEX3 NoneEX4 National Health Insurance Corporate, Seoul, South Korea; Korean

    Pharmaceutical Association, Seoul, South KoreaHC1 NoneHC2 NoneHC3 Bureau of National Health Insurance, Taipei, TaiwanHC4 NoneHT2 Korea Center for Disease Control, Osong City, South KoreaHT3 NoneHT4 Quintiles, Hoofddorp, NetherlandsME1 National Medical Research Council, Singapore, SingaporeME2 NoneME3 NoneME4 National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant, Canberra,

    AustraliaPCN1 NonePCN2 NonePCN3 NonePCN4 DOH100-TD-C-111-002, Taipei, TaiwanPCN5 NonePCN6 Celgene Corporation, Summit, NJ, USAPCN7 NonePCN8 NonePCN9 NonePCN10 NonePCN11 NonePCN12 NonePCN13 NonePCN14 NonePCN16 Celgene, Summit, NJ, USAPCN17 NonePCN18 American Medical Devices and Diagnostics Manufacturers Association,

    Tokyo, JapanPCN19 NonePCN20 NonePCN21 Roche Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong, Hong KongPCN22 NonePCN23 Department of Health, Taipei, Taiwan; The University of Chicago Cancer

    Research Foundation Womens Board, Chicago, IL, USAPCN24 Roche Products Ltd, Taipei, TaiwanPCN25 NonePCN26 Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cambridge, MA, USAPCN27 NonePCN28 NonePCN29 Japanese Foundation for Multidisciplinary Treatment of Cancer, Tokyo,PCN30 NonePCN31 NonePCN32 Faculty of Pharmacy, Silpakorn University, Meaung, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

    PCN33 Bayer Korea, Seoul, South KoreaPCV1 National Defense Medical Center, Taipei, TaiwanPCV2 NonePCV3 NonePCV4 NonePCV5 NonePCV6 Bureau of National Health Insurance, Taipei, TaiwanPCV7 NonePCV8 NonePCV9 NonePCV10 NonePCV11 NonePCV12 Committee on Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, Department of Health,

    Executive Yuan, Taipei, TaiwanPCV13 University of Queensland, Brisbane, AustraliaPCV15 Pfizer Inc., New York, NY, USAPCV16 NonePCV19 NonePCV21 Lilly, Seoul, South KoreaPCV22 NonePCV23 MSD (Thailand) Ltd., Bangkok, ThailandPCV24 NonePCV25 NonePCV26 Astra-Zeneca, Singapore, SingaporePCV27 NonePCV28 HTA Agency UK, Southampton, UKPCV29 AstraZeneca Thailand Ltd., Bangkok, ThailandPCV30 The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Health Technology

    Assessment (HTA) Program, London, UKPCV31 Pfizer Pharmaceutical Korea Ltd, Seoul, South Korea; BMS Pharmaceutical

    Korea, Seoul, South KoreaPCV32 NonePCV33 National Science Council, Taipei , TaiwanPCV34 NonePCV35 Ministry of Health Indonesia, Jakarta, IndonesiaPCV36 NonePDB1 NonePDB2 NonePDB3 NonePDB4 NonePDB5 NonePDB6 Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Deerfield, IL, USAPDB7 NonePDB8 Johnson & Johnson, Singapore, SingaporePDB10 NonePDB11 NonePDB12 NonePDB13 Johnson & Johnson, Singapore, SingaporePDB14 Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Ingelheim, GermanyPDB15 NonePDB16 NonePDB17 Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Deerfield, IL, USAPDB18 NonePDB19 Novo Nordisk, Zurich, SwitzerlandPDB20 Novo Nordisk, Zurich, SwitzerlandPDB21 Novo Nordisk, Zurich, SwitzerlandPDB22 NonePDB23 NonePDB24 National Institute of Health, Tehran, IranPDB25 NonePDB26 Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council,

    Canberra, AustraliaPDB27 NonePDB28 Novartis China, Beijing, ChinaPDB29 NIHR UK, London, UKPDB30 NonePDB31 NonePDB32 NonePDB33 Eli Lilly and Co., Indianapolis, IN, USAPDB34 NonePDB35 National University of Singapore, Singapore, SingaporePDB36 NonePGI1 NonePGI2 None

    A682 V A L U E I N H E A L T H 1 5 ( 2 0 1 2 ) A 6 8 2 - A 6 8 4

    Copyright 2012, International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR). Published by Elsevier Inc.

  • PGI3 NonePGI4 Johnson & Johnson Medical, Singapore, SingaporePGI5 Astellas Pharma Taiwan, Inc., Taipei, TaiwanPGI6 Shire Development LLC, Wayne, PA, USAPGI7 NonePGI8 NonePGI9 Shire Development LLC, Wayne, PA, USAPGI10 Shire Development LLC, Wayne, PA, USAPGI11 NonePGI12 NonePGI13 NonePGI14 NonePGI15 NonePGI16 Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd., Beijing, ChinaPHP1 NonePHP2 GE Healthcare, Chalfont St Giles, UKPHP3 NonePHP4 NonePHP6 Faculty of Pharmacy, Silpakorn University, Nakhon Pathom, ThailandPHP7 Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN, USAPHP8 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD, USAPHP9 Medtronic International Ltd, Singapore, SingaporePHP10 NonePHP11 NonePHP12 NonePHP13 NonePHP14 NonePHP15 NonePHP16 NonePHP17 NonePHP18 Double Helix Consulting, London, UKPHP19 Ministry of Education and Science, Belgrade, Serbia and MontenegroPHP20 Bureau of National Health Insurance, Taipei, TaiwanPHP21 NonePHP22 Drug and Food Administration, Taiwan, TaiwanPHP24 Bureau of NHI, Taipei, TaiwanPHP25 NonePHP26 Ministry of Education and Science, Belgrade, Serbia and MontenegroPHP27 NonePHP28 National Health Insurance Fund, Khartoum, SudanPHP29 Ministry of Education and Science, Belgrade, Serbia and MontenegroPHP30 Bureau of National Health Insurance, Taipei, TaiwanPHP31 NonePHP32 NonePHP33 NonePHP34 NonePHP35 NonePHP36 Shire Development LLC, Wayne, PA, USAPHP37 NonePHP38 NonePHP39 NonePHP40 Janssen, Beerse, BelgiumPHP41 NonePHP42 NonePHP43 NonePHP44 NonePHP45 Janssen Pharmaceutical KK, Tokyo, JapanPHP46 GSK, Seoul, South KoreaPHP47 IHS, Eddystone, PA, USAPHP48 University of Indonesia, Depok, IndonesiaPHP49 NonePHP50 Nippon Becton Dickinson Company, Ltd., Tokyo, JapanPHP51 NonePHP53 NonePHP54 Beijing Novartis Pharma Co., Ltd., Beijing, ChinaPHP55 NonePHP56 Agency for Health Technology Assessment, Warsaw, PolandPHP57 NonePHP58 NonePHP60 Behestan Darou Pharmaceutical Company, Tehran, IranPHP61 NonePHP62 NonePHP63 Chei-Mei Medical Center, Tainan, TaiwanPHP64 NonePHP65 NonePHP67 Ministry of Health, Singapore, SingaporePHP69 NonePHP70 Bristol-Myers Squibb, Taipei City, TaiwanPHP72 NonePHP74 Department of Health, Taipei, TaiwanPHP76 Millennium, Cambridge, MA, USA

    PHP77 NonePHP78 NonePHP79 NonePHP80 Thai Health Foundation, Bangkok, ThailandPHP81 American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education, Rockville, MD, USAPHP82 NonePHP83 NonePHP84 NonePHP85 Costello Medical Consulting Ltd, Cambridge, UKPHP86 NonePHP87 NonePHP88 Pfizer Pte Ltd., Singapore, SingaporePHP89 Manipal University, Manipal, IndiaPHP90 NonePHP91 National Pharmaceutical Company, Washington, DC, USA; Patient-Centered

    Outcomes Research Institute, Washington, DC, USAPHP92 NonePHP93 NonePHP94 NonePHP95 NonePHP96 Department of Health, Executive Yuan, Taipei, TaiwanPHP97 Savient, East Brunswick, NJ, USAPHP98 NonePHP99 Institute of Mental Health, Singapore, Singapore; National Skin Centre,

    Singapore, Singapore; National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, Singapore,Singapore; National University Hospital , Singapore, Singapore; Tan TockSeng Hospital, Singapore, Singapore

    PHP104 NonePHP105 NonePHP106 NonePHP107 Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton, NJ, USAPHP108 NonePHP109 NonePHP110 Vifor Pharma Ltd., Glattbrugg, SwitzerlandPHP111 NonePHP112 Roche Diagnostics, Mannheim, GermanyPHP113 Roche Diagnostics, Mannheim, GermanyPHP114 Double Helix Consulting, London, UKPHP115 NonePHP116 National Institute for Health Research, London, UKPHP117 NonePHP118 National Institute for Health Research, London, UKPIH1 Wellbeing of Women, London, UK; Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chiayi,

    TaiwanPIH2 NonePIH3 NonePIH4 NonePIH5 University of Indonesia, Depok, IndonesiaPIH6 NonePIH7 NonePIH8 Pfizer, Seoul, South KoreaPIH9 NonePIH10 NHMRC, Canberra, AustraliaPIH11 NonePIH12 NonePIN1 Gilead Sciences, Warsaw, PolandPIN2 Viiv Healthcare, Melbourne, AustraliaPIN3 NonePIN4 NonePIN5 NonePIN6 NonePIN7 NonePIN8 Janssen, Raritan, NJ, USAPIN9 Merck & Co., Inc., Whitehouse Station, NJ, USAPIN10 Pfizer Inc, New York, NY, USAPIN11 Pfizer China, Beijing, ChinaPIN12 Pfizer China, Beijing, ChinaPIN13 Faculty of Pharmacy, Silpakorn University, Meuang, ThailandPIN14 University of Indonesia, Depok, IndonesiaPIN15 NonePIN16 Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education of

    Republic Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia; Research Institute for HealthResearch (SHARE), University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands

    PIN17 NonePIN18 The Royal Golden Jubilee PhD Program, Bangkok, ThailandPMH1 NonePMH2 NonePMH3 Pfizer, New York, NY, USAPMH4 NonePMH5 Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, IN, USAPMH6 Ministry of Health and Walfare, Seoul, South Korea

    ReferenceCode Financial Support

    ReferenceCode Financial Support

    A683V A L U E I N H E A L T H 1 5 ( 2 0 1 2 ) A 6 8 2 - A 6 8 4

  • PMH8 Xian-janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd., Beijing, ChinaPMH9 Xian-janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd., Beijing, ChinaPMH10 NonePMH11 Xian-janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd., Beijing, ChinaPMH12 National Health Research Institutes, Jhu-Nan, TaiwanPMH13 Pfizer, New York, NY, USAPMH14 NonePMS1 NonePMS2 National Science Council, Taipei, TaiwanPMS4 Tehran University of Medical Scien


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