islamic celebrations: discovering ramadan, eid al fitr, and eid al adha

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  • Islamic Celebrations:

    Discovering Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr,andEid Al Adha

  • Who celebrates these holidays?MUSLIMS do!Muslims are from any country or ethnicity

  • The Five PillarsBelief in one GodPrayer, 5 times a dayFasting in RamadanCharityMake pilgrimage to Mecca

  • Ramadan symbols Dates Fanooz (Lanterns)

  • Ramadan is...the name of an Islamic monththe 9th month of the lunar calendar (we commonly use a solar calendar)

    Moon = LunarSun = Solar

  • Ramadan is....the month of fasting for Muslims

    FASTING means no eating or drinking from dawn (daybreak) until dusk (sunset)!!!What do you think that might be like?

  • Good thing:Kids don't have to fast!Elderly and sick people also don't fast

  • Ramadan activities include...Visiting with familyAttending special prayersGiving charity

  • When Ramadan is over....Muslims celebrate with the holiday called Eid Al Fitr! Woohoo!!!!

  • On Eid Al Fitr, Muslims.....Attend prayersWear new clothesGive CharityExchange giftsGather with family and friends

  • Or they might....Go to Carnivals or paradesColor their hands with henna dye (girls)

  • Eid Al Adha (symbol)

  • Why is the lamb a symbol of Eid Al adha?Prophet IbrahimAttributes: faithful and devotedSacrificeRam (lamb/sheep) replaced IsmaelAny connections?

  • Eid Al AdhaWe remember Prophet Ibrahim's faith by:Attending prayersGiving CharityEating lambGiving giftsAttending parties or other amusementsVisiting family and friends

  • Greeting: "Eid Mubarak!"What greeting do YOU say for your holiday?

  • Uh oh, Quiz Time! Put on your thinking caps.1. Where do Muslims live?2. When do Muslims fast? (the name of the month)3. What is a symbol of Ramadan?4. Name one thing Muslims do to celebrate Eid al Fitr.5. What do Muslims eat during Eid Al Ahda?

  • Thank you! Happy Holidays!Goodbye!