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<p>The Library of The Institute for Shiite Studies. LIST OF ENGLISH BOOKS. //No. . . . . . Title Is Abbas Peace be on him, Abdullah FAnsari of Herat, An Early Sufi Master Abstracta Iranica, -, - Abstracta Iranica, , Abu Hurayra, Abu Talib the Faithful Of Quraysh, Adab al-akl. English (Uniform Title) Al-Ghazali on Eating Adabul Haramain, Advent of the Fatimids. A Contemporary ShiI Witness African American Islam Ahlul Bait, the Prophets Househogd Ahl Ul-Bayt, Ethical Role-Models, Alevis in Turkey. The emergence of a secular Islamic tradition Abdul-Hussayn Sharafuddeen Al-Musawi, Translated by: Abdullah Al-Shahin Abdullah Al-Khunayzi. Ghazzali, - , Translated by: Mohammad Baraza Madelung, Wilferd Mehrnia, Seyed Kazem Sayyid Mahdi as-Sadr, Translated by: Badr Shahin. Shankland David Athor Badr Shahin. , Farhadi, A. G. Ravan LC Call No. -X BPSACTRL NO.</p> <p>ISBN</p> <p>. . . . . . . . . . . .</p> <p> BP BPKA DT.MA BJ,.IG</p> <p> BP BP,.BS </p> <p>Ali The Magnificent, Yousuf N. Lalljee Allah in the West: Islamic movements in Kepel, Gilles.translater Susan Milner America Allah: The Concept of God in Islam, Allamah Tabatabai Compendio della Dottring Islamica Yasin T. al-jibouri, Bakhshkon, Mostafa</p> <p>BP.GK BP</p> <p>The Library of The Institute for Shiite Studies. LIST OF ENGLISH BOOKS. //No. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Title Alouest dallah. English (Uniform Title) American heritage college dictionary Americans Questions about Islam (Post September ) Am I Not Your Lord? (Human Meanikg in Divine Question) Anecdotes of Pious Men, Annales Islamologiques () (a French journal) Annals of the Saljuq Turks, Selections From al-Kamil fil-Tarikh Annotated bibliography of Islamic science (vol.)Approaches to Islam in Religious Studies</p> <p>Athor Kepel, Gilles, Houghton Mifflin Company, Salah Al- Sawy, Cragg, Kenneth Murtada Mutahhari, Translated by: Saba zehra naqavi</p> <p>ISBN </p> <p>CTRL NO.</p> <p>LC Call No. BP.GK PE.A</p> <p> BPM </p> <p> Richards D. S. Nasr, Seyyed Hossein, Martin, Richard C. , Ali, Wijdan Stillman, Yedida Kalfon, Fuller, Graham E, - LAventurine , Hoyland, Robert G. Beeston, A.F.L. Johnstone, T.M.</p> <p> Z.NN BP.A N. GT.S BP,AF</p> <p>Approaches to the Quran Arab contribution to Islamic art Arab dress: from the dawn of Islam to Modern Times. a short history Arab Shia: the forgotten Muslims Arabesques, Arabesken, Arabescon Arabia and the Arabs: from the Bronze Age Arabic Literature to the End of the</p> <p>DS.H</p> <p>The Library of The Institute for Shiite Studies. LIST OF ENGLISH BOOKS. //No. ..</p> <p>Title Umayyad Period (copy) Archeology of IslamArmies of the Caliphs. Military and Society</p> <p>Athor Serjeant, R.B. Smith, G.R. Insoll, Timothy, Kennedy, Hugh Nelson, Kristina, - Gerard Degeorge Yves Porter, Muhammad Ibrahim Nejad, Sayyid Hussein Alamdar Muhammad al-Tijani al-Samawi. Bennett, Daniel F. Norman Rob Ludwig W. Adames, Kamal Al-Sayyid, Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed Ibn Rushd, Translated by HamidNaseem Rafiabadi and Aadil Amin</p> <p>ISBN </p> <p>CTRL NO.</p> <p>LC Call No. PJ.A DS,.I</p> <p>in the Early Islamic Stats Art of reciting the Quran Art of the Islamic Tile Ash-Sharif ar-Radi, Ask Those Who Know,Aspect of West African Islamedited (copy)</p> <p> BP,.N FA,Vll</p> <p>. . . . . . . .</p> <p> X</p> <p>BP.MA</p> <p>A to Z of Islam Attack Of The Ababil The Story Of The Companions Of The Elephant, Attitude of Islam Towards Science andPhilosophy</p> <p>Kak ..</p> <p> JC.M DK.M HQ,.ZB BP,R </p> <p>Authority in Islam (copy)Autocracy, Modernization and Revolution</p> <p>Mozaffari, Mehdi, translated by Michel Vale Tim Mc Danial Heyat, Farideh, Ridgeon, Lloyd V. J., Mohammad Imran Erfani</p> <p>in Russia and Iran (copy) Azeri Women in Transition. Women in Soviet and Post-Soviet Azerbaijan Aziz Nasafi A-Z Ready Reference of the Quran</p> <p>. . .</p> <p>The Library of The Institute for Shiite Studies. LIST OF ENGLISH BOOKS. //No..</p> <p>TitleBahaism, an Offspring of Imperialism and</p> <p>Athor Shukri, Said Mostafa Vejdani, Translated by: Ebrahim Bachari Maqsood, Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood, Ruqaiyyah Waris Gonzalez, Valerie Kohlberg, Etan, Asma Barlas Kamal al-Sayyid, Translated by Jasim al-Rasheed Maurice Bucaille, Translated by: Alastair D. Pannell and The Author Tottoli, Roberto Alzwaini, Laila Poonawala, Ismail K.</p> <p>ISBN</p> <p>CTRL NO.</p> <p>LC Call No. BP.SB </p> <p>Enemies of Islam (copy) Balal Habashi Absolute Oneness, Beautiful Commands of Allah Beautiful Promises of Allah Beauty and Islam. Aesthetics in Islamis Art and Architecture Belief and Law in Imami ShiismBelieving Women in Islam, Underestanding</p> <p>. . . . ..</p> <p> BP,.K</p> <p>Patriarchal Interpretations of the Quran Best Koranic Stories (-) Bible, The Quran and Science,Biblical Prophets in the Quran and Muslim</p> <p> BP,.B BP</p> <p>. ..</p> <p> -</p> <p>Literature Bibliography of Islamic law, - Biobibliography of Ismaili Literature (copy) Biographical Tradition in Sufism, the Tabaqat genre from al-Sulami to Jami (copy) Biography of Muhammad: the issue of Blessings of Ramadan</p> <p> Z.MH</p> <p>. . .</p> <p>Jawid A. Mojaddedi Motzki, Harald , Javed Ali,</p> <p>-X</p> <p>. .</p> <p>BP.B</p> <p>The Library of The Institute for Shiite Studies. LIST OF ENGLISH BOOKS. //No..</p> <p>TitleBooks of Definition in Islamic Philosophy</p> <p>Athor Kennedy-Day, Kiki</p> <p>ISBN </p> <p>CTRL NO.</p> <p>LC Call No. B.K B.L </p> <p>The limits of words</p> <p>. . . . . . . . . . . . ..</p> <p>Brief History of The Fourteen Infallibles, Translated by:A Group Of Translaitors Brief introduction to Islamic philosophy Leaman, Oliver, Bringing Up Children In Islam Maulana Habiibullah Mukhtar Brother Of The Prophet Mohammad The Imam Ali, Mohammad Jawad ChirriCairo to Kabul afghan and Islamic Studies presented to Wilson,</p> <p>edited by Warwick Ball and Leonard Harrow, Sheikh Abbas al-Qummi Gunter Luling Ayatollah Ibrahim Amini Robinson, Francis, (Donald Presgrave) Mabro, Judy , Mario Apostolov</p> <p>Call on Me I answer you (Mafateehul Jinaan, Challenge to Islam for Reformation, the Rediscovery and Reliable Childrens Book on Islam. (Vol.- ) Cambridge Illustrated History of the Islamic worldCatalogue of the Islamic documents from Little, Donald P.</p> <p> - -</p> <p>. BPAC DS.R Law</p> <p>Christians and Jews Under Islam Christian-Muslim Frontier, A zone of Contact, conflict or cooperation Classical Heritage in IslamClassical Islam, A source book of religious</p> <p>Literature Classification of knowledge in Islam: a</p> <p>Calder, Norman</p> <p> BP.C</p> <p>.</p> <p>The Library of The Institute for Shiite Studies. LIST OF ENGLISH BOOKS. //No. study ..</p> <p>Title Code Of Ethics for Muslim Men and Women,Coins and Documents from the Medieval Middle East (collected Studies Series) (copy)</p> <p>Athor Bakar, Osman Sayyid Masud Masumi, Translated by Arifa Hudda and Saleem Bhimji.</p> <p>ISBN </p> <p>CTRL NO.</p> <p>LC Call No. B.C BP DS.SC HQ,</p> <p>. . . . . . . . .</p> <p>Collection of Papers and Report Commentary on The Holy Quran, Commentary On Theistic Arguments, Common Prayer</p> <p>Stern, S. M., the first OIC symposium on women s role in Islamic society Ahmed Ali Ayatullah Jawadi Amuli, Translatedby: Hassan Allahyari</p> <p>BPJ</p> <p>Cragg, Kenneth,</p> <p> BP,SM BL,.HS</p> <p>Communities of Faith Submitting to God Introducing Islam. Hodder and Stoughton Companions of the Prophet and their Followers (-) Complete Edition of The Treatise on Rights, Imam Sajjad Ali ibn al-HuseinComprehensive commentary on the Quran</p> <p>Kamal al-Sayyid Research and Translated by: Dr. Ali Peiravi, Ms. Lisa Zaynab Morgan E. M. wherry , Ahmed Hussein Yaqub, Translated by:</p> <p> , BP.S</p> <p>(vol.) ( copies) Conception of the Sahabas Ultimate Decency and the Political Authority in Islam, Concept of Sainthood in Early Islamic Mysticism Concept of Society in Islam and Prayers</p> <p>A Group Of Translators Radtke, Bernd and O Kane, John</p> <p>BP.YN</p> <p>. .</p> <p>The Library of The Institute for Shiite Studies. LIST OF ENGLISH BOOKS. //No. in Islam . . . . . . . . Concise Encyclopedia of Islam Title Athor Syed Abdul Latif Gordon D. Newby, ISBN BP.SCCTRL NO.</p> <p>LC Call No. </p> <p>Concise dictionary of Islam: people and Shaikh, Wazir Muhammad, Confidential Sayyid Hasan Mudarris Eorough Jahanbakhsh (copy) Construction of knowledge in Islamic Heck, Paul L, Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran Contributions to the history of Islamic civilization Creating an Islamic state: Khomeini and Thetranslated by Cultural Section Embassy</p> <p>AE.QH</p> <p>of the I. R. of Iran Addis Ababa.Ethiopia</p> <p>Khuda Bukhsh,S.Salahuddin- X Martin, Vanessa, X </p> <p>DS,.K</p> <p>DS,.KM BP.M </p> <p>Crisis and Consolidation in the Formative Perisd of Shiite Islam (copy) Hossein Modarressi Edvard Abrahamian</p> <p>. Crisis of the Iranian State, Iran Between two Revolutions (copy)</p> <p>. Crusades. Islamic Perspectives Hillenbrand, Carole , . Daughters of Another Path, Carol L. Anway . Debates on Islam and Knowledge in Malaysia And Egypt, Shifting Worlds Abaza, Mona ,. Deciphering the Meaning of Revealed Law The Surushian Paradigm in Shii Epistemology (copy) Demonizing the Queen of Sheba, Boundaries of Gender and Culture in Postbiblical</p> <p>. Dignity of Man an Islamic Perspective.</p> <p>Dahlen, Ashk Mohammad Hashim Kamali,</p> <p>The Library of The Institute for Shiite Studies. LIST OF ENGLISH BOOKS. //No. TitleJudaism and Medieval Islam (copy)</p> <p>Athor Jacob lassner Mohammad Ali Shomali Muhammad Ali Shomali, Sonia P. Seherr- Thoss Dickinson, Eerik, Berg, Herbert S. A. Rahman , Gardet, Louis, Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, Translated by: Sayyid Hussein Alamdar Ahmed, Akbar S. Shomali`, Mohammad Ali,</p> <p>ISBN </p> <p>CTRL NO.</p> <p>LC Call No. BS.SL</p> <p>Discovering Shi I Islam . Descubriendo el Islam Shiah . Design and Color in Islamic Architecture, Afghanistan Iran Turkey (copy) . Development of Early Sunnite Hadith Criticism, E. Dickinson . Development of Exegesis in Early Islam . Dictionary of Muslim names . Dieu Et La Destinee De LHomme (copy) . Discourse On Patience,. Discovering Islam making sense of Muslim History and Society.</p> <p>BP.SD BP.SD</p> <p>BP.ID</p> <p>BP.A</p> <p>. .</p> <p>Discovering Shii Islam ( copies) Discussions Concerning Al-Mahdi,Divani Shamsi Tabrizi. English &amp; Persian (Uniform Title)</p> <p> BP,.SD Lutfullah Safi Gulpaygani, Translated by: Sayyin Sulayman Ali Hasan. Jalalaldin Rumi, Maulana, - Imam Sajjad, Ghodratullah Mashayekhi, Translated by: Dr. Ali Peiravi, Ms. Lisa Zaynab Morgan BP</p> <p>.</p> <p>PK.DE</p> <p>.</p> <p>Divine Perspective On Rights,</p> <p>BPMD </p> <p>. .</p> <p>Divine Love in Islamic Mysticism, the teachings of al-Ghazali and al-Dabbagh Binyman Abrahamov Doctrine of Jihad in Islam Dawood Ilhami, translated by Sayyid</p> <p>The Library of The Institute for Shiite Studies. LIST OF ENGLISH BOOKS. //No..</p> <p>TitleDoctrines of Shii Islam: A Compendium of Imami Beliefs and Practices ( copies)</p> <p>Athor Saeed Arjmand Sobhani, Ayatollah Jafar Translatedand Edited by Reza Shah- Kazemi,</p> <p>ISBN </p> <p>CTRL NO.</p> <p>LC Call No. BPBP.SD</p> <p>,</p> <p>. . . ..</p> <p>Doctrine of the Sufis Druze (copy) Druzes. A new Study of Their History, Faith and society (copy) Dua Al-Nudbeh Supplication of Lamentation,Dua Arafah of Imam Husayn Bin Ali &amp; Dua Arafah of Imam Ali Zayn Al-Abidin</p> <p>Kalabadhi, Abu Bakr, Betts, Robert Brenton , Abu-Izzeddin, Nejla M. Maalim Ahmed Essa Hasham and Muhammadhusein D. Kermali</p> <p>BP, DS.D.B</p> <p>. . . . ..</p> <p>Dua Jawshanil-Kabeer Dua Jawshanil-Sagheer Dua, Supplication Dua-U-Kumayl &amp; Duaaaa-Un-Nudbah Dua-Ut-Tawassul &amp; Hadeethul-KisaaaEarly Mamluk Syrian Historiography. Al-Yuninis Dhayl Mirat al-Zaman ( volumes)</p> <p>Mamdouhi, Translated by Farrokhpey</p> <p>BP.MD</p> <p>Guo, L. I.</p> <p>DS,G</p> <p>. .</p> <p>Early Mongol Rule in Thirteenth- Century Iran a Persian renaissance Early Muslim Historiography: a Study of Early Transmitters of Arab History from the Rise of Islam up to End of Umayyad Period (copy)</p> <p>George Lane,</p> <p>DS.L</p> <p>Nisar Ahmed Faruqi</p> <p>DS,.FE</p> <p>The Library of The Institute for Shiite Studies. LIST OF ENGLISH BOOKS. //No..</p> <p>TitleEarly Shii Thought: The Teachings of Imam Muhammad al- Baqir ( copies)</p> <p>Athor Lalani, Arzina R</p> <p>ISBN </p> <p>CTRL NO.</p> <p>LC Call No.</p> <p>, BP.LE </p> <p>. ..</p> <p>Economic system in Islam S. Ganjoo , Economy of Iran Dilemmas of an Islamic State Parvin Alizadeh Educational System In Islam, Emergence of Feminism Among Indian Muslim Women - Encyclopaedia Iranica ( Volumes)Baqir Sharif al-Qarashi, Translated by : Badr Shahin</p> <p>BP </p> <p>. . .</p> <p>Azar Asghar Ali Yarshater,Ehsan,</p> <p> , DS.EBL,.E</p> <p>Encountering religion: an introduction to Markam, Ian S. and Ruparell Tinu</p> <p>X -</p> <p>. .</p> <p>Encyclopaedia of the Holy Quran (V. , )</p> <p>N.K. Singh A.R. Agwan</p> <p>. ..</p> <p>Encyclopaedia of Islam, new edition. Glossary and Index of Technical Terms. To Volumes - Encyclopaedia of Islam (volumes) Encyclopaedia of Islam ( V.)Encyclopaedia of Muslim World a continuing series ( V.)</p> <p>Lent, J. van (Jos M. J. M.), Donzel, Evan M. Mukarram Ahmid ,</p> <p>DS.EL DS,.ED DS BP</p> <p>. .</p> <p>Taru Bahl, M. H. Syed, Encyclopaedia of the Quran (vol. and ) McAuliffe, Jane Dammen Encyclopaedia of Jihad ( V.) R. K. Pruthi ,</p> <p>X</p> <p>, BP.E</p> <p>The Library of The Institute for Shiite Studies. LIST OF ENGLISH BOOKS. //No. . . Title Encyclopaedia of Muslim World a continuing series ( V.) Encyclopaedia of the world Muslims: tribes, castes and communities (vol) Encyclopaedic Index of the Quran End of Prophethood En Islam Iranien (copy) Enterprise of Science in Islam, New Perspectrives Epistle Imam Allis Famous Epistle To Malik Ashtar, Essentials of Islam Essays and Adresses on Arab Laws Ethics And Spiritual Growth,Ethos of Prophets from Adam to Khaatam</p> <p>Athor Taru Bahl, M. H. Syed, Singh, Nagendra Kr, - Syed Muhammad Osama,Cultural Section Embassy of the I. R. of Iran, Addis ababa- Ethiopia</p> <p>ISBN</p> <p>CTRL NO.</p> <p>LC Call No.</p> <p>X BPEX</p> <p>..</p> <p> Q,.E</p> <p>. . .</p> <p>Corbin, Henry Jan Hogendik and Abdelhamid Sabra Allamah Scholar Rasheed Turabi, Translated by: Mairaj KhalidAL-HAJ Saeed Bin Ahmed Al-Lootah</p> <p>BPAN</p> <p>. . . . .</p> <p>Ballantyne, W. M. Sayyid Mujtaba Musawi Lari, Translated by: ali Quli Qarai , Taaj Langroodi, Translated by: Ali Akbar Aghili Ashtiani.Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. Dabashi,Hamid. Nasr, Seyyed Vali Reza</p> <p>BL.TE BP,.E BP.SF</p> <p>Expectation of the Millennium: Shiism in History (copy) Fadak in History, Failing the Crystal Ball Test (copy) Faith and Freedom, Women s Human</p> <p>x </p> <p>. . .</p> <p>Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr Translated by: Abdullah Al-shahin Ofira Seliktar</p> <p>The Library of The Institute for Shiite Studies. LIST OF ENGLISH BOOKS. //No. . . . . . . . . . . . . . TitleRights in the Muslim World (copy)</p> <p>Athor Mahnaz Afkhami Watt, Montgomery W.Averroes. Translate by Najjar Ibrahim</p> <p>ISBN </p> <p>CTRL NO.</p> <p>LC Call No.</p> <p>Faith and Practice of al-Ghazali, Faith and Reason in Islam Faith of Islam ( copies) Faith of Shia Islam, Family Life under Islam Farabi and His School Fascinating Discourses Of (Fourteen Infallibles (A.S.)), Fast Of The Month Of Ramadan: Philosophy And Ahkam, Fatima The Gracious, Female Warriors of Allah, Women and the Islamic revolution Fez, city of Islam First dynasty of Islam: the Umayyad. Chaliphate AD - ( copies) Five Schools of Islamic law Al-Hanafi, Al-Hanbali, Al-Jafari, Al-Maliki, Al-Shafii, Flourishing of Islamic reformism in...</p>