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  • Islam and Pre-Islamic Arabia

    Dr. Robert PattonMissionary to Suriname, South America

    Les 1 Santa Jejej

  • Arabian PeninsulaAbout 1/3 of the size of the USAMostly desert now, though at one time it must have had much vegetation as huge oil reserves are presentSome mountainsMinimal rainfall*Les 1 Santa Jejej*

    Les 1 Santa Jejej

  • Arabian Peninsula**

  • Arabian Peninsula *Les 1 Santa Jejej*

    Les 1 Santa Jejej

  • Arabian desert and mountains**

  • Arabian desert*Les 1 Santa Jejej*

    Les 1 Santa Jejej

  • PopulationSettled area of Hijaz and South Arabia with small towns, and a few larger onesThe rest is Bedouin pirates of the desert

  • Bedouin **

  • Bedouin in desert*Les 1 Santa Jejej*

    Les 1 Santa Jejej

  • Life on the desertHarsh climate with sun, wind, sandLittle vegetationCompetition for water - oasis*Les 1 Santa Jejej*

    Les 1 Santa Jejej

  • Oasis in the desert*Les 1 Santa Jejej*

    Les 1 Santa Jejej

  • Survival from your tribeVirtually impossible to survive without your tribeTribal loyalty very strong stick together; protect even in the wrongBlood repayments when warring occurred*Les 1 Santa Jejej*

    Les 1 Santa Jejej

  • Heroes of the tribeYounger men strong, capable of fighting, often a sort of dangerous sportSkill in archery, sword, lance, riding horses or camelsProtectors of women, children and older men*

  • Payment for fightingWarriors highly esteemedPaid in booty from raids on caravans money and women*Les 1 Santa Jejej*

    Les 1 Santa Jejej

  • Arabian stallion**

  • Battles - Badr*Les 1 Santa Jejej*

    Les 1 Santa Jejej

  • Clothing and privacyClose-knit society. Privacy for women in the tent, or heavily clothedFull clothing protected against sun and sandstorms, etc.*Les 1 Santa Jejej*

    Les 1 Santa Jejej

  • Tribes in ArabiaMakkah (Mecca) Quraysh considered themselves superior to Bedouin, but the nomads considered them a nation of shopkeepers

  • Tribes in ArabiaYathrib (Medina 5 tribes)Arabian Aus & KhazrajJewish Naheer, Quynuquaa, Qurayza

  • Yathrib (Medina)Arabs were farmersJews were businessmen & farmersThis area most important in Arabia, called Hijaz

  • Yathrib**

  • Economics

    Jewish were best off had the best lands of the Hijaz, and were the best farmersGood businessmen and had control of armament industrySlavery common both male and femaleClass power from businessmen who often asked 100% usury

  • MeccaAbout 50 miles inland, elevatedTwo trade routes cross at this oasisHad a deep well zemzem or zamzam

  • MeccaSite of the Kaaba a square temple containing the black stone, probably a meteorite

  • MeccaMost individuals were invested in the caravans and trade with Egypt, Syria, PersiaSuccess much skill, experience & ability needed

  • Mecca overview*Les 1 Santa Jejej*

    Les 1 Santa Jejej

  • Quraysh tribeDominant tribe in MeccaMany merchants and wealthy businessmenThis was Muhammads tribe

  • Quraysh tribeHad many contacts with other areas because of caravans- Persia, EthiopiaTribe also controlled fair at Ukaz to extend its influence

  • Religion prior to IslamSabianism worship of heavenly bodiesMoon was male deityLunar calendarFasting with the crescent moon

  • Religion prior to IslamAllah was generic for god, but in the Quraysh tribe, focused on the moon god, represented by the black stone at the Kaaba

  • KaabaLocation - MeccaTradition rebuilt by Abraham & IshmaelArabian tribes came there for religious pilgrimages, and to offer sacrifices

  • The Kaaba (cube)**

  • KaabaEach tribe had its own idols usually stones which they used as altars360 stones in the KaabaMuch revenue from tribes coming to visit

  • The Kaaba**

  • Travel to the KaabaOne month was sacred so that pilgrims could go to the Kaaba They would go around it seven times and touch the sacred stone

  • Daughters of AllahThree idols considered the daughters of Allah and worshipped by the Quraysh tribe opposed by Muhammad. For a brief time, he weakened to worship them Satanic verses We will study further

  • Religion prior to Islam groups other than animistsAtheists pure materialists believing the world was eternalZindiqs influenced by Zoroastrianism with two opposing gods of good and evil fighting

  • Religion prior to IslamJews = especially in Yathrib, Khayber, Fadak, & Umm-ul-QuraChristians in Najran. They would not be considered orthodox Christians. They tended to deny the deity of Christ, and some elevated Mary

  • Religion prior to IslamMonophysites believed that Jesus human nature was absorbed into his divine natureNestorians denied the unity of Jesus divine personhood Mary as the Mother of God

  • Religion prior to IslamMonotheists no idol worship, followed prophet Abraham. Banu Hashim clan, the clan of Muhammad Ali ibn Abi Talib

  • EducationVery few were literate mostly Jews & ChristiansGreat pride in the Arabian tongue with eloquence and poetry.. They believed that they could attack others using poetry, rich in imagery but some say limited in scope and profundity.Some were in the Kaaba 7 suspended poems


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