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  • 1. iSAMS Dynamic DashboardAuthor: Lavina DSouza

2. Introduction iSAMS Dashboard provides an easy way to track Attendance of Employee and provides a at-a-glance information of Attendance related information of Employees. 3. Features 1. Summarizes collections of relevant data on a singlecomputer screen. 2. Easy monitor performance and is based on latestinformation. 3. Role based access to Information. 4. Statistics of Attendance data based on various parameters. 5. Visual assessment of performance via strong datavisualizations. 4. SAMS DASHBOARD-Self Details 5. SAMS DASHBOARD-My Team Details 6. Role based Access to Information Information displayed on the DASHBOARD is also restricted based on the role ofthe User Each user sees the Dashboard according to their access level to information. The User who is 1. Employee can View only Self Attendance details. Statistics of self Attendance Data. 2. Manager/User who has Employees reporting can View Self Attendance details. View Statistics of self Attendance data and of reporting Employees. Create Dynamic reports and add the reports to Dashboard. 7. Statistics of Attendance data based on Attendance parametersBased on the user type , the user can view self / Team s Attendance statistics based onvarious Attendance parameters such as : Self details1.Leave2.Manual Punch3. Absenteeism4. Approvals. Team 1.Team Strength. 2.Pending Approvals. 3.Absentees in the Team. 4.Late Coming details of Team members. 5.Leave details of Team members 8. Statistics of Attendance data based on Attendance parametersThe User can also view Self/Teams:1. Absenteeism details of last 10 days.2. Late/Early going details of last 10 days.3. Last 10 approved and unapproved Leave details.4. Attendance transaction details of last 7/30 days.5. Leave Balance.6. Transaction details of the current/previous /last 7/last30 days. 9. Dynamic Dashboard The Dynamic Dashboard provides the user Visual assessment of performance via strong data visualizations. The data can be viewed in the form of standard charts including bar, pie, line, point and grids. This is implemented by using the Dynamic Reports feature available in the application, the user can create dynamic reports with simplistic drag and drop interface can also add the reports to Dashboard. 10. SAMS DASHBOARD-Dynamic Reports 11. Thank You


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