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  • 1. Iron man 3 essayThe begging of iron man 3 revolves around iron man getting over the events that happenedin the previous film The Avengers and him dealing with the memories of the traumaticexperience. Tony Stark himself starts of secluded from the rest of life and spending all histime improving and creating his iron man suits in order to protect both Pepper Potts andhimself if another attack were to happen. Over a large period of time news broadcasts bringinformation of several terrorist attacks in important places all over the United States ofAmerica. The man responsible calls himself the mandarin. Tony Stark then threatens themandarin, only to have his house destroyed and himself nearly killed. Finding himselfstranded in the middle of nowhere he befriends a child and fixes up his suit and sets out tocatch and take down the mandarin, until he finds that the mandarin is not who he says he isand the terrorist from the TV threats isnt actually the danger, the real threat is a man withimmense power and an evil plan leaving Iron Man as the last hope for humanity.The target audience for a film such as iron man 3 is very broad because not only do they getthe attention of children,who are obviously interested in superhero films, but both marveland Iron Man itself are long standing and well known franchises and many adults will haveseen and read iron man in their childhood. The film would most likely appeal more to malesthan females due to the action genre and how the film is more about war with mainly maleleads. The genre of the film is predominantly action with the sub-genre of superhero. Thisappeals greatly to a huge audience because action is one of the biggest genres in existencewith an enormous fan base. Also the Distributor, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures andproducer, Kevin Feige picked a good time to release the film in 2013, because superherofilms are a lot more popular currently than they have been in a long time due to recent filmsand modern technology. Considering the film was such a high budget production with abudget of $200 Million all the necessary special effects were catered for by the director,Shane Black.Iron Man 3 was mass marketed in a big way, with it being such a big production and thecontinuation of a popular franchise; it was incredibly important that people saw themarketing and were aware of its release. Probably the biggest and most importantmarketing method was digital, such as television advertisements and trailers. The iron mantrailer can be found here: and wasshown on the internet, on the TV and in the cinema. Putting the Trailer and advertisementsout there on the internet was only half of the marketing. The advertisements are thenshared all over social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This is howmany people find out about upcoming films along with other social aspects such as word ofmouth. In terms of internet advertising high budget films usually have specific web pagesand all film information can be found on cinema listings and review websites. Despite thesebeing the main methods of marketing they still dont cover everybody possible which theproduction companies need to do to make as much money as possible. This is why when
  • 2. certain highly anticipated films come out they can be seen advertised in many placesincluding on the side of busses, bus stops, billboards and other movie posters found all overbusy places. This is a simple and effective method of advertising a film because not onlydoes everybody see it, but it gives the public the impression that the film is worth seeingdue to how much effort the company has put into marketing it. The only other ways ofmarketing a film involve getting articles included in magazines and newspapers which is aless effective but still important nevertheless.During the marketing and initial release ofiron man 3, as well as making sure peoplewere aware of the release of the film, itwas also important that peopleunderstood what the film was about andwhy they should go and see it. Onemethod of targeting the audience that thefilm used was Star theory, star theorysuggests that if popular, established actorsare seen in a film then it makes theaudience instantly want to watch the filmand have high hopes. It can also help theaudience decide on what genre the film is;an example of this would be in oceansthirteen when the film was advertised showing George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt,Don Cheadle and Andy Garcia. This instantly makes the audience expect the film to be highquality because each actor has already been seen in many successful films. This also makesthe film appeal to a wider variety of people because the actors attract different kinds of filmfans such as Brad Pitt from action fans and Don Cheadle from comedy fans. In the case ofiron man 3 the audience would be inclined to see the film by posters such as this oneadvertising Robert Downey JR, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Ben Kingsley and GuyPearce. The use of a famous actress such asGwyneth Paltrow would make a lot of malesinterested in seeing the film due to sex appeal.The films producer Kevin Feige knew exactly how to target the audience as he alsoproduced Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Due to the recent rise in popularity of superhero filmsthere are certain ways of targeting the audience that can work to the producers advantagesuch as appealing to men with male dominance and comic-book style. Appealing to womenwith a lead role and men considered desirable by a female audience. Children are alsoincluded in the audience because of the nature of the superhero genre. From producing theprevious two iron man films he understands that the fans are gay interested in a largeamount of action, plot twists and comedy, therefore this is how the film is marketed,targeting the appropriate audience as widely as possible.
  • 3. One Technique commonly used to attract an audience to watcha film is anchorage. Anchorage is the name given for when anadvert is created to show the audience exactly what it is, thismeans that if a film poster is a huge picture of the maincharacter surrounded by a great deal of action, this was doneto explain to passers-by instantly what the film is about. Themethod of doing this involves using a giant image to drawpeople in and at the same time instantly highlight what genreof film it is and how good it looks. An example of this would bea film poster for a film such as die hard where Bruce Willis isinstantly seen along with an image of an explosion and thewhite house, a monumental building. This automatically tellsthe audience that the advertisement is for a high budget actionfilm. The bright colours and enlarged image of Bruce Willis looking roughed up accompaniedby an explosion catches the passer-bys eye and draws them in to see what the film is.This technique was used during the marketing for Iron Man 3 for example when it was usedon this film poster prior to the films release. Onfirst glance the poster makes it obvious that thefilm is a superhero action film with a giant pictureof iron man in the foreground; the poster alsoimplies that the film is dark and epic by the use ofthe colour scheme and imagery. One of the mostimportant anchorage factors in the poster is themarvel logo above the iron man 3 text. The posterused the Marvel logo to anchor the audience thisworks because the audience know marvel as alegitimate and respectable company so theyimmediately know the film, its genre and itsquality from a glance at the poster. The Iron Mansuit and colours are also a well-known trademarkso this being shown instantly highlights to a lot ofpeople what the film represents, especially afterIron Man 1 & 2.With any film, before it goes into production theproducers must research what the audience wantsand needs in a film in order to correctly target theaudience with the style of the film and the marketing of the film. For example in a film suchas Gangster squad the producer would have to carry out lots of research to prove that a filmof that genre is appropriate to create in the current film market; then research would have
  • 4. to be carried out to find out whether the audience prefer action or not and what kind ofstoryline suits what is popular at the time. For Iron Man there will have been a huge amountof pre-production research that was needed to carry out at many different stages ofproduction.First off for the pre-production research, the companies would begin by carrying outsecondary research by browsing the internet to find current and upcoming films, reviewsand surveys to check what type of film is popular at the current time. Another method ofresearching this is to check over social networking sites to see what people are talking aboutin terms of films and styles of film. The film companies will then carry out primary researchinto Another method of researching this is to check over social networking sites to see whatpeople are talking about in terms of films and styles of film. The film companies will thencarry out primary research into the same sort of thing, this consists of creating surveys andquestionnaires asking about stars to include, settings, plot and all kinds of importantinformation. When the company does this kind of research, there are two different methodsof obtaining the data which the production companies usually do about half of each. Onemethod is Qualitative Research; this is when the public is asked a que