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IRB Training. What is irb ?. Work with a partner to answer these questions 1. What does IRB stand for? 2. Why is the IRB important? 3. What are the steps to have your research project certified by the IRB?. What does irb stand for?. Institutional Review Board. Why is the IRB important?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


IRB Training

IRB TrainingWhat is irb?Work with a partner to answer these questions1. What does IRB stand for?2. Why is the IRB important?3. What are the steps to have your research project certified by the IRB?What does irb stand for?Institutional Review BoardWhy is the IRB important?Protect the rights and welfare of people involved in research

Reviews plans for research involving human subjects

Institutions that accept research funding from the federal government must have an IRB to review all research involving human subjects (even if a given research project does not involve federal funds).Federal Law

Unethical research done on humans such as the Tuskegee StudyWhy do we have an Irb?1. Respect for PersonsVolunteer, privacy, informed 2. Beneficence Risks are justified by benefits to individual or society 3. Justice Equal distribution of risks and benefits 3 Principals Full Board Review: The application will be considered by either the Biomedical (if an intervention is involved) or Social and Behavioral committeeEach committee meets once per month so this process takes time!Studies going to Full Board will be those that:Focus on vulnerable population groups (children/ prisoners)Include invasive sample collectionPose greater than minimal risk to participants

Expedited Review:The application will be passed to a single Designated Reviewer, who then makes a recommendation to the ChairStudies undergoing Expedited review will be those that:Secondary data that contains identifiersPrimary data collection from adults

Exempt Review:IRB can determine that an application is exempt from reviewUses public access secondary data with no identifying information

Types of irb reviewShould follow the format and include the sections recommended by the IRB

Title of projectPrincipal InvestigatorSponsors NameIntroduction/ PurposeProceduresRisksBenefitsConfidentialityCompensationContact Persons

Consent forms out Application for Approval

Website includesIRB checklistConsent Form LayoutsReview process information Irb at Iowa state

Is everybody irb certified?

scenariosProblem area paragraph

Due: TOMORROWState the problem you are addressingIntroduce the problemWhy it is a problem ?Whom is it a problem for?What to includeExample 1

Example 2

Example 3


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