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IRB Insights. UTHSC IRB 448-4824. Categories. Review Process Exempt Expedited Full Board Forms Initial Application Form 2 – Change request & amendment Form 3 – Continuation & Renewal Form 4 – Unanticipated & Adverse Events and Protocol Deviations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Review ProcessQuestion #1:

Under what type of review would the following study fall: I am conducting a chart review on patients with lung transplants from 1/1/2008 to 1/1/2014

Review ProcessQuestion #2:

Under what type of review would the following study fall: I am conducting a survey about UT dining using UT students and their identities will be known

PI Response Form & Routing ProcessQuestion 1Question 2Question 3Question 4Question 5

Question 6Question 7Question 8Question 9

Pot LuckQuestion 1Question 2Question 3Question 4Question 5Question 6

Question 7Question 8Question 9Question 10Question 11Question 12

Pot LuckQuestion #5:

I am working after business hours and need help with iMedRIS. What do I do?

Pot LuckQuestion #6:

I want to conduct a study but I have purchased some stock in the sponsors company. What do I do?

Pot LuckQuestion #7:

I just received approval from the IRB to conduct my study but the status in iMedRIS says Approved- Awaiting Payment. What does that mean?

Pot LuckQuestion #8:

I completed Group 2 CITI training at another institution, but the IRB is still saying my CITI training is not up-to-date. Why?

Pot LuckQuestion #9:

I am conducting a research study that includes the genetic analysis of specimens that will be collected. Do I need a separate consent form for the genetic analysis portion of the study?

Pot LuckQuestion #10:

There are several versions of my consent form listed in iMedRIS. Does it matter which version I use with the subjects?

Pot LuckQuestion #11:

Do I need to re-consent the subjects if we have had a change in PI for the study?

Pot LuckQuestion #12:

My research study includes children as research subjects. Do I have to use the assent form?

FormsQuestion #13:

The IRB says I have not completed the exempt, expedited, or informed consent subforms. How do I know if I have or not?

FormsQuestion #14:

I have listed all the possible risks and discomforts associated with my study in the consent form. Do I have to list them anywhere else?

PI Response Form & Routing ProcessQuestion #1:

I am submitting a drug study; what attachments do I need?

Pot LuckQuestion #3:

How long do I need to keep my research records after a study has closed?

IRB InsightsUTHSC IRBirb@uthsc.edu448-4824


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