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  • IPRN Ellis Kopel Project of the Year 2012

    Redesign of written correspondence forPostovni sporitelna / Era

  • Do you remember ?

  • Prague 1 Festival: a lot of fun

  • but very low agency fees!

  • Communication in finance industrySometimes it is boring

    But it is still very well paid

  • ClientPostovni sporitelna/EraOwned by Belgian KBC Bank NV Retail banking brand of SOB - Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka (No.1 bank in Central Europe according to total asset value 936 bln CZK e.g. 37.7 bln EUR)Postovni sporitelna/Era (Czech retail bank No.2), in the phase of re-brandingMore than 2 mil. clients in the CRMore than 3.300 branches in the CR

  • PremiseWhat yould you doif you were a bankwith 2 080 000 clientsand found out that

    they dont really understand your letters!

  • PremiseIgnore the problem

    like most of Czech financial institutions do

  • Premise or try to solve it !

    decision of the Era brand management made in summer 2011

  • PremiseSo you have to

    Re-write almost 1,000 type lettersPrepare how-to-write-correct-letters handbookTrain your staff how to do it in the future

  • Specific features of Postovni sporitelna / EraAnd it was even more important because 99% of all branches are parts of post officesAny sophisticated communication has to be organised via lettersClients are historically of higher age and lower education

  • How to determine the partnerBut who should do it?

    Someone from consultancy firms (Big Four) ?OK (lets try how expensive they are?)Skills training agencyThey can teach you how to deal with it (but will they do the job itself?).

  • How to determine the partnerPR agency could be the option

    ButWe need how-to-write-letters manual first, in less than 60 daysThen organise the training of relevant staffRe-writing (or copywriting) of letters (500+ pcs)Good luck.

  • Objectives / needs of the ClientTo increase comprehensibility of letters to customersTo unify both design and content of the letters (language, vocabulary, specific terms, names of the products and services etc.)To set sustainability of these positive changes for the future:Written handbookTraining of the staff

  • Tasks for the 1st phaseRedesign of correspondence of No. 2 Czech retail bank Era (more than 2.000.000 customers). Agency prepared:

    how-to-write-letters-correctly handbook for relevant staff including also rules for e-mails and sms communicationtrained more than 60 people in letter copywriting (including e-mails and sms)created new texts of more than 500 letters

  • Resistence ?Legal departmentCorporate cultureMarketingIn house copywriters----------------------------IT department

  • Winning strategy ? The best (possible) team !

    Team leader: - Tomas Hecko, Crest Communications (Account Director)Jiri Zavozda: professor of journalism @ Charles university / long term editor-in-chief of the prestigeous national daily paper/ member of the Czech TV CouncilJiri Podzimek: Experienced TV scriptwriter and professional book editor. plus copywriter and office support

  • 1st step: EvaluationStarting data:

    Qualitative research regarding mailing correspondence300 respondents/clients of the bank100 respondents/clients of competitorsMen and women, 18+All regions of Czech Republic

  • 2nd step: CooperationClose cooperation with all relevant departements from the very beggining:

    Marketing deptartmentSales departementProduct design dept.Legal departmentInternal audit department

  • ChallengesNever-done-before projectTiming vs. Scope of workNumber of employees / departements involvedSimilar project in sister company (ran by one of the Big Four consultancies)

  • Activities / Timing1/2

    Signing the contract = D DayD+9 days: meetings with all relevant (5) departements D+20 days: the first version of handbook, the first 20 lettersD+20 D+44 days: internal commnications of the project (e-mailing, intranet)D+41 days: final version of handbook (content)D+48 days: printed version of handbook delivered

  • Activities / Timing2/2

    D+54 days D+70 days: training of relevant staff (60+ people)D+70 days D+120 days: helpline for relevant staff (e-mail, answers within 24 hours)D+120 days D+ 400 days: rewriting (or copywriting) of app. 500 letters

  • Handbook (How to write correct Era letters )

  • Final results

    Based on the CEOs direction all written communication of the bank follows our rules from January 1st, 2012.150 new letters in use nowFurther 350 type letters planned in 201280 employees already trained (heads of relevant departments, key managers of telemarketing dept., client service centers, backoffice)Companys ombudsman involved in the project--------------------------------------------Important change in the companys culture!

  • Testimonials / EvaluationClients managementWeve tried to do something like this twice before. Never succeeded.There is a consultancy firm from Big Four doing the same project in our sister company. They are still at the beginning after 6 months of work and you make it in three months! Pity you dont speak French. Our mother company is interested.

    Crest Communications internal evaluationExcellent case studyLetter of recommendation

  • Opportunity for all IPRN agenciesNew product with real added value

    Unique expertise of PR agencyproject managementcustomer serviceexcellent copywriting/language skills

    Potential clients are financially strong retail finance (banks, insurance houses)energy suppliers (electricity, gas, water)telco (mobile operators)

  • www.erasvet.czThank you for listening.

    Redesign of Era correspondence