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IPPE 2National Training Raipur 28-31st JulyIPPE 2 Whats New?IPPE 2 Whats the same?Participatory Planning: Preparation of village wise plans through participatory rural techniques; social map, resource map, transect walk, seasonality mapDemand Estimation: Household level demand estimation for all vulnerable householdsGram Sabha: With publicisation of date to prioritise worksIPPE 2 Whats different?Livelihood focus for planning of works for entire Gram PanchayatUsing SECC lists to identify households for Household Livelihood PlanningJob Card Updating drive to ensure job cards are with households and correct information is entered in MIS

Who will conduct IPPE 2?Charge Officer at Block level appointed by DPC from district level officials of line departments. BPT members to include:- stakeholder youth from MGNREGS families- members of SHGs/BNVs/CSOs/watershed committees- DPC to depute JE/TANon-negotiable steps for BPTActivityDocument/ToolOutcomeGP Orientation MeetingGP status paper +Annual action plan 2015-16GP wise calendar & schedule for BPTsVillage level meeting10 Entitlements flexEnvironment buildingLivelihood discussion5A concept + CSA conceptFill format for each village (Format 1)Non-negotiable steps for BPTActivityDocument/ToolOutcomeSocial MapExisting social map + SECC listIdentification of families for demand estimation + HLPSSeasonality mapChart paper Demand estimation for GPDemand EstimationPre printed format (Format 2)Demand estimation for vulnerable households Resource mapExisting resource mapRevision of Annual Action PlanHLPsList identified through SECCFormat to be filled (Format 3)Gram Panchayat Gram SabhaConsolidated list of works (format provided)Fill register with list of prioritised works + Update jobcardsFormat 1: Livelihood approach for GPUnderstanding Community/HHMapping of various sources of livelihoodsChallenges/Problem areas of the livelihoods sourcesPossible interventionsFormat 2: Demand EstimationNumber of days of work desired by HH for FY 2015-16Name of JC holder as recorded on MIS Chaitr (APRIL)Baisakh (MAY)Jesth (JUNE)Asarhl (JULY)Sharavan (AUGUST)Bhado (SEPT)Ashwin (OCT)Kartik (NOV)Agan (DECPoush (JAN)Magh (FEB)Phagun (MARCH)Name of vulnerable JC holder not appearing on MIS Format 3: Household Livelihood PlanFormat to be prepared by SRLM

Format 4: Prioritisation in Gram Sabha Priority NumberNature of WorkDetails (place, size etc.)Expected OutcomesExpected persondaysCommunity WorksIndividual WorksClarifications providedSECC list List of 4 deprivations or more persons is indicative. This may be discussed at the time of social map to include/exclude. Clarifications Sought1. Amount per block/GP for payment to BPT members, process of release and expected timelines.2. Role of SRLM and CRPs/CBOs.- where they are joining existing processes (join BPT)- new processes (charge officer in intensive/MKSP blocks)3. IPPE plan to be shared with line departments to feed into their respective annual action plans. Enabling guidelines may be issued for this.


Suggestions1 day prior to state level training, 1 day convergence meeting on IPPE with SRLM and MGNREGS Department. BPT members from wage seeker families be paid through muster rolls.Email ID for e-groupTo be included in the e-group for IPPE II, please send an email with Name Designation, Department/OrganisationStateippe.mgnrega@gmail.com

If you are okay with being contacted over phone, please also include your landline / mobile number