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iMove Green Screen

iPod Video Capture & iMovie Laptop Green Screen Editing iPod Login2312341234PasswordIDToffice1Tag No LoginStart Apple ID Password14Recoding Movie

Select Camera

Move the camera icon to video icon to start recordingRecord a movie with the green screen in the background.If you want to use the whole body make sure the green fabric covers the floor.

Record Button iMovie EditingLaunch iMovie, select File>New Project, Select No Theme

Select No Theme ( can add Theme later) Click createImport the Movie from the iPod

iMovie is launched before connecting the iPod to the laptop computer. Then, it will be added to iMovie automatically.Click Import AlliMovie>Preferences, General, Check Show Advanced Tools

Find & place your own background images in iPhoto or on the Desktop to bring into iMovie.

Can click the camera button to get an image from iPhoto.Can drag images in from the DesktopCan use a background movie clipGreen Screen Filter Effect

Drag and drop the green screen movie on top of the background image.

Next, select Green Screen to apply the effect. It will drop out the green background in the video. For Changing Background DurationsCan change the image duration or movie duration to fit the background and image length. Double click on the background image to bring out the Inspector.Change the image duration to fit the movie duration.

To Crop the Green Screen Movie Clip

If part of the background did not get covered with the Green screen, you can correct it with the Crop tool in iMovie.1st, set up the background image with Green Screen movie clip and drag across the clip to select it.2nd Click Cropped 3rd Drag the anchor corners to crop as desired.Once finished, click DoneTo Split & Move the Movie Clip

Select the clip and set the bar where you want to split it in the Project Library.

Go to the top menu and select Edit>Split Clip.

To move the video, select the clip, and hold down the cursor inside of the clip and drag it.

Save the Movie & Place it on Your WebsiteShare>Export Movie (Medium Size)Place the movie inside of your website folder.Open up DreamweaverGo to Insert>Media>PlugIn, locate the movie, and resize the plugin larger to show the controls.Save the webpage and upload the page and movie to the server.Open up the website in a new browser window to testhttp://studentaccess.emporia.edu/~yourusername/website1/index.htmlIn Blackboard post your website address and test it.