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With our industry experience of more than one decade, we have been able to offer quality range of automatic strapping machine, fully automatic strapping machine, shrink and stretch wrapping machine, shrink chamber, carton-sealing machine and packaging automation machine. In addition, we also offer ring wrapper and conveyors. Our wide range meets the demands of diverse sectors ranging from automobiles, airways packaging to pharmaceuticals. Empowered with sophisticated manufacturing facilities & advanced research & development wing, we offer packaging machines that are reliable, effective & safe in handling. Furthermore following ethical business practices and meeting the demands of our clients as per their specifications, we have carved a niche for ourselves in this domain.


<ul><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems Client List ContactProfile Products </p><p>Welcome to</p><p>IPK ALLPACKIncorporated in the year 1995, we at IPK Packaging Inc. are engaged in manufacturing </p><p>and exporting a wide range of packaging machines and tools. Our wide range include </p><p>automatic FFS machine for granules/powder/liquid, filling, sealing machine,weigh </p><p>metric pouch packing machine (multihead weigher type), fully automatic strapping </p><p>machine, automatic strapping machine, shrink chamber, shrink and stretch wrapping </p><p>machine, carton-sealing machine and packaging automation machine. We also offer </p><p>ring wrapper and conveyors. Our wide product line is manufactured using quality raw </p><p>material to ensure durability and longer service life. We also meet customized </p><p>requirement for our clients benefit. Moreover, we offer a wide range of services, which </p><p>includes on-site maintenance, preventive maintenance, AMC, packaging design, audit </p><p>and consultancy. In this endeavor, we are assisted by our team of professionals who </p><p>have years of experience and expertise behind them. We also follow GWPM Policy in our </p><p>organization. Under the able guidance of our promoters, our range has became the </p><p>most sought after across the Agriculture, Automobiles, Airways and Packaging sectors. </p><p>Their able mentorship skills and sharp business acumen has proved fruitful in carving a </p><p>niche for ourselves in the international market.</p><p>Infrastructure</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>EXIT</p><p>IPK</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>Our</p><p>INFRASTRUCTURE</p><p>We have developed a state-of-the-art infrastructure that stretches across a spacious plot area and houses various </p><p>departments. All the units work in an organized manner facilitating the smooth production of various packaging </p><p>machines. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is segregated into various departments including Production, </p><p>Quality Controlling, Research and Development, Packaging and Warehousing.</p><p>Our manufacturing unit is managed by adroit professionals and is spread along a sprawling area of 3000 square </p><p>feet with high installation capacity. It is well equipped with various sophisticated machines that include the </p><p>following:</p><p>Grinders</p><p>Drilling machines</p><p>Casting machines</p><p>DRO/Lathe machines</p><p>Assembling machines</p><p>In addition, new technologies are often introduced in the manufacturing unit to enhance the productivity of our </p><p>packaging machines.</p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>IPK</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>Product RANGE Sailent</p><p>FEATURES</p><p>IPK ALLPACK the technical Superiority and user friendly Packaging Automation </p><p>Technologies in India</p><p>Gloally Accepted &amp; Patented Technology Packaging Products</p><p>Constant up-gradation and Continuos R&amp;D, Enables IPK ALLPACK to provide </p><p>Customised Packaging Solution with wide Range of Packaging Machines</p><p>Country wide Effective Service Infrastructure</p><p>Custom Built modification &amp; up-gradation Facility available to suit Specific </p><p>Requirement</p><p>CLICK TO VIEW OUR PRODUCTS</p><p>Primary Packaging Machine :</p><p>Automatic FFS Machine for Granules / Powder / Liquid.</p><p>Powder / Liquid Filling Machine and sealing machine</p><p>Weighmetric Pouch Packing Machine (Multihead Weigher type)</p><p>Ink Coding, Induction Sealing Machine</p><p>Secondary Packaging Machine :</p><p>Semi Automatic Strapping Machine</p><p>Fully Automatic Strapping Machine</p><p>Carton Sealing Machine</p><p>Shrink Wrapping Machine</p><p>Stretch Wrapping Machine for pallets &amp; cartons</p><p>Continuos Band Sealer</p><p>Bank Automation Products</p><p>Automation For : Export Packaging | Material Handling | B.P.O. Operations</p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>IPK</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>Fully Automatic</p><p>Multihead Weigher type FFS Machine</p><p>NEXT</p><p>Model : IPK 106</p><p>Bagger Type : Collar Type</p><p>Film Pulling System : By Draw Down Pneumatic Cylinder</p><p>Sealing System : Horizontal and vertical sealing by</p><p>heated jaws operated by</p><p>Pneumatic cylinder</p><p>Packaging Material : Laminated Heat Sealable Films.</p><p>Unwinding : Through Geared Motor and A C</p><p>Drive Attached with PLC</p><p>Accuracy : Less Than 1% (+/-)</p><p>Filling Type : Auto Selective Multi Weigher</p><p>Batch Cutting : Single Bag / Batch Option</p><p>Sealing Type : Centre Seal</p><p>Contact Parts : SS - 304</p><p>Structure : MS Duly Powder Coated</p><p>Electricity Consumption : 2800 Watts / hr.</p><p>Compressed Air Required : 7~8Kgf / Sqcm</p><p>Applications : Potato Slice and Chip, Salads, Rasin, Grains, Candy, Peanut, Walnut, Puffed Snacks, Dry Fruits, Wrapped Candies, Biscuits, Etc.</p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>IPK</p><p>Specification</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>High Speed Coller Type</p><p>Form Fill Seal Machine for Powder / Grains / Paste / Liquid</p><p>NEXTBACK</p><p>IPK 204 &amp; 206 Series, Automatic FFS Machine suitable for grain, powder, liquid &amp; </p><p>paste with different filler</p><p>Ideal to Pack Masala Powders, Grounds Coffee, Flours, Milk, Powder, Chemical and </p><p>Pesticide Powders.</p><p>Model : IPK 204 Model : IPK 206AF</p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>IPK</p><p>Model : IPK 206CF</p><p>Specifications :</p><p>Sealing Type : Side Sealing / Center Sealing</p><p>Control System: PLC control with touch screen interface</p><p>Packing Material : Any Laminated, PE Poly / Metal Poly / Aluminum Poly </p><p>Power Consumption : 2.5KVA 3Phase, 440V/ option single phase 220V</p><p>Option : Batch Cutting / Batch Coding Eye mark Sensor</p><p>Filler Option:</p><p>Auger Filler: For Sticky, Non Sticky Powder, Aata, Milk Powder, Coffee</p><p>Cup Filler/Linear Weigher: For Pulse, Grains, Free Flow Powder</p><p>Gate Weigher: For Snacks, Dry Fruits</p><p>Multihead Weigher: For Pulse, Grains, Snacks, Dry Fruits, Wrapped Candies, Seeds, Cerals</p><p>Piston Filler: For Oil, Ghee, Paste</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>Automatic FFS Machines for</p><p>OIL / LIQUIDS</p><p>NEXTBACK</p><p>TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION :</p><p>Power : 220V-1 phase</p><p>Power Consumption : 2.2 kw Head</p><p>Packing Speed : 900-1200 Pcs / hr</p><p>Type of Vertical seal : Fin / overlap</p><p>Sealing System : Impulse</p><p>Film Thickness : 100-120 Micron</p><p>Film Guard Mechanism Auto Stop When film is exhausted</p><p>Optional : Pouch Counter</p><p>Date printing Device</p><p>Photo eyemark Sensor</p><p>Packing Range : 50/100/200 ml</p><p> : 500/1000 ml.</p><p> Application: </p><p> : Edible Oil, Ghee, Sauce, Lubricant Oil, Milk</p><p> SPM For Viscouse Liquid</p><p>APPLICATION : </p><p>Pharmaceutical Drugs, Juices, </p><p>Edible Oil, Sauce, Hair Oil, </p><p>Lubricant Oil, Flavored Milk, </p><p>Shampoo etc., </p><p>SPECIFICATION :</p><p>Range : 5ml - 1000 ml</p><p>Speed : 15-100 fills / min</p><p>Power : 440 V. 3Phase</p><p>Head : 2/4/6/8 Option</p><p>FEATURES :</p><p>Easy setting to change over </p><p>one size to another</p><p>All Contact parts made of </p><p>S.S.304/316 (Optional)</p><p>Edible Oil Packing FFS</p><p>IPK - 306</p><p>Container Auto Filling Machine</p><p>IPK - 33</p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>IPK</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>Power Pre -</p><p>STRETCH TYPE1. 250% - 300% Power Pre - Stretch</p><p>2. Home Position : The Turntable always stop at the same position</p><p>3. Both one touch automatic programs and manual run option</p><p>4. Advanced photo eye to sense the pallet height</p><p>5. Advanced soft wrapping device on the package angle.</p><p>6. Wrapping tension (0-300%) / Turn table speed / carriage speed are adjustable</p><p>7. Slow start and Stop</p><p>8. One way idle roller to stay the film outside the carriage when it is broken</p><p>9 Reinforcing wrapping the middle of package by manual</p><p>10.Easy to load Stretch film unit</p><p>11.Complete closed frame and chain guard for safety.</p><p>Standard Features - IPK 903 &amp; 903 EV</p><p>Top pressure plate driven by motor</p><p>1.65 &amp; 10.8 meters dia. turntable </p><p>2.8 meters wrapping height.</p><p>RAMP</p><p>Standard Options</p><p>PLC Control</p><p>Photo Sensor</p><p>300% Power pre Stretch</p><p>Rotary Table Auto Reset</p><p>Easy to Load Film Unit</p><p>Custom - made Option Available</p><p>IPK 903 - EV</p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>NEXTBACK</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>IPK</p><p>AUTOMATIC PALLET STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINE</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>Automatic</p><p>STRAPPING MACHINETension range upto 75 KGF </p><p>MLC System</p><p>12V DC protective control</p><p>Power surge protection</p><p>ETD / EMTR Technology for tension accuracy</p><p>Adjustable electronic synthesizer</p><p>Age Hardened aluminium alloy casting components</p><p>FRP with adjustable strap dispenser</p><p>Technical variants for Different Applications</p><p>NEXTBACK</p><p>IPL 504 FT-DX</p><p>IPK 504 FTL</p><p>IPK 504 FTP</p><p>IPK 504 FVS </p><p>IPK 504 FPS</p><p>IPK 504 FT</p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>IPK</p><p>Special Features:</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>Fully Automatic</p><p>STRAPPING MACHINEPLC Based operations to Interphase with Data </p><p>processing system</p><p>Shelf Lubricating comonents</p><p>Proximity sensors instead of conventional system</p><p>New Die cast Heater Blade</p><p>Age Hardened Aluminium alloy casting for better </p><p>performance</p><p>Specially Designed Aluminium Stripe drive Arch for </p><p>Easy flow of strap Easy strap loading &amp; thredning </p><p>technology </p><p>Comprehensive Applications : Stand Alone use / </p><p>Linking with in Line production</p><p>Versatile Models to Suit Customized Application</p><p>NEXTBACK</p><p>IPK 605</p><p>IPK 605 R</p><p>IPK 605 B</p><p>IPK 606 VIPK 604</p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>IPK</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>Carton</p><p>SEALING MACHINECompact Design</p><p>Power efficient</p><p>Infeed &amp; outfeed Roller working table</p><p>Crank shaft adjustment for Height &amp; side conveyors</p><p>Poly pelurethane endless belt for long life</p><p>Interchangeable 2/3 top and bottom tapping </p><p>cartridge</p><p>Adjustable Tape tension unit for accurate tapping</p><p>Top &amp; Bottom / Side / Bottom Drive belts option </p><p>Stainless steel option for seafood Industry</p><p>Attachment option for inkjet Barcode printer</p><p>Case sealer option / only bottom sealing</p><p>NEXTBACK</p><p>IPK 402 TB/SD</p><p>IPK 404 SS IPK 406R-TB</p><p>IPK 406R-SD IPK 407 DS</p><p>IPK 407 F</p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>IPK</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>Automatic Shrink</p><p>WRAPPING MACHINEHigh speed Aero-Dynamic Blower Design</p><p>Infra Red Ceramic Glass Heaters for Instant Heating</p><p>Digital temp. meter with auto cut sensor for highly </p><p>accuracy constant heat in tunnel</p><p>DC drive with variable speed conveyor</p><p>Dual Mechanical Air Velocity Control</p><p>Teflon coated Rod / Belt Conveyor</p><p>Works with contraction film of Multiple specification </p><p>such as POF, PVC, PP, LDPE, C3 &amp; All shrink film.</p><p>Sleeve wrapping Machines, Suitable for wrapping </p><p>LDPE film around product and then Shrinking the </p><p>packed products Like Bottles, Cans, Carton Boxes, </p><p>etc.,</p><p>NEXTBACK</p><p>IPK 6030/8040</p><p>(Sleeve Wrapping Machine)</p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>IPK</p><p>IPK 4020</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>Blister Packing Machines /</p><p>Thermo Forming Machines</p><p>BACK</p><p>The machines are Designed to suit for different type of Thermo Plastics such as PVC, PET, HIPS, ABS, PP.</p><p>Machine can complete production at one time through sheet feeding heating stretching and forming etc.,</p><p>This Machine mainly used for producing disposable plastics containers, Egg trays, handling trays, </p><p>Pharmaceutical trays, Biscuit trays, cosmetic trays &amp; Dispensers, Engineering Product Trays etc.,</p><p>Skin Packing Machines </p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>IPK</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>Our Valuable CLIENTS</p><p>WIPRO HCL</p><p>JET AIRWAYSCorporation Bank</p><p>A Govt. of India Undertaking</p><p>Syndicate Bank</p><p>Hindustan Unilever Limited</p><p>LMWPRICOLTATA GLOBAL CRI PUMPS</p><p>LGB</p><p>LGB FENNER TNAU</p><p>K.P.RMILL LIMITED</p><p>K.P.R Arasan Group of Companies</p><p>NEXT</p><p>MASALA</p><p>ISO 9001 : 2008 COMPANY</p><p>SAKTHI MASALA</p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>IPK</p><p>Indian Overseas Bank</p><p>Canara Bank</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>Our Valuable CLIENTS</p><p>RAMRAJ HANDLOOMS POOMER ALAYA Viking International</p><p>RIN SOAP Discount Soap CHALLENGE SOAP KANAN DEVAN TEA</p><p>SKC</p><p>SKC</p><p>Aachi</p><p>Aachi</p><p>Udhaya Krishna Ghee</p><p>BACK</p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>IPK</p><p>IDHAYAM</p><p>S A Y I D H A Y A M S P E L L H E A L T H</p><p>EID ParrysV-GUARD Suguna Chicken ELGI UltraROOTS</p><p>KG Worldwide</p></li><li><p>Since 1998Mfrs : Packing Machine &amp; Packing Automation Systems</p><p>Contact</p><p>US</p><p>Mr. B. Ramesh Babu (Manager)</p><p>S. F. No. 9, Jaganath Industrial Estate, </p><p>Chinnavedampatti, Ganapathy</p><p>Coimbatore - 641 049, Tamil Nadu, India</p><p>Mobile : +(91)-9842263027 / +(91)-9843160500</p><p>Telephone : +(91)-(422)-3202329 / +(91)-(422)-4274514</p><p> +(91)-(422)-4274515</p><p>Fax : +(91)-(422)-4274515</p><p>Web : www.ipkpackaging.com</p><p>Client List ContactProfile Products EXIT</p><p>SEND A MAIL . . .</p><p>Name</p><p>Mail ID</p><p>Phone No</p><p>Company Name</p><p>Address :</p><p>Requirements :</p><p>IPK</p><p>IPK</p><p>Email : info@ipkpackaging.com, ipkpkginc@gmail.com</p><p>Branches</p><p>Chennai</p><p>Madurai</p><p>Tirupur</p><p>Karur</p><p>Tirunelveli</p><p>Puducherry</p><p>Bangalorei</p><p>Cochin</p><p>Mumbai</p><p> &amp;</p><p>Channel</p><p>Partners in all</p><p>Major Cities</p><p>Across the</p><p>Country</p><p>address: name: company: mail: phone: requirements: RESET: SUBMIT: </p></li></ul>


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