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  • C O N T E N T S

    About SavitriBook One, Canto Three, passage no.34 5

    The Nude God-Children ... 9

    The Conquest of Death:talk by Dr. Nadkarni 13

    Research at Savitri Bhavan 32

    Recent Events 37

  • 24th April

    This picture was taken by the eminent Frenchphotographer Henri Cartier-Bresson at theDarshan of April 24, 1950. It was the only timethat the Master and the Mother werephotographed together.

    24th April is the date of the Mothers final returnto Pondicherry in 1920. She once told Champaklalthat this event marked a decisive victory overthe adverse forces.

  • 24 - 04 - 1950

  • 4[The Mother gave this message for About Savitri her explanations of Savitri,illustrated by paintings done according to her instructions by Huta.]

  • 5No. 11, April 2001


    Canto Three - passage no. 34

    On 26th December 1969 I went to the Mother to hear the New Year music.There was also a message given by her:

    The world is preparing for a big change. Will you help?That day happened to be one of my days with the Mother for the About Savitriwork. She recited from Savitri only one passage, for it was very long. After thework she read my prayer, and on the same sheet of paper she wrote:

    It will be realised by the Supreme Power and Love.

    That night I had a wonderful vision.I went out of my body. My subtle body was now soaring up and up in an

    enormous space. There were the moon and stars. The atmosphere was verylight, cool and soothing. I felt free like a bird. I did not realise how far Iwent up but now I could not see the moon and stars. I was beyond theheavenly bodies. There was endless space before me. Suddenly I sawsomething shining from the far horizon. I headed towards the glow. Now Iwas not soaring up vertically but my movement was as if I were swimminginto a vast space. I was coming closer and closer to my destination. My firstglance fell on two huge Suns. The one on the right was golden yellow andthe other on the left was golden red. Their edges were touching and minglingwith each other. I came still closer by crossing an immense lake which waspacked with diamond-like lotuses and emerald leaves. The reflection of thetwo Suns added glory to the breathtaking beauty of the marvellous scenewhich was spread out like a panorama before my eyes.

    I was now floating a little above the lake. Its coolness enveloped mysubtle body. Here the Divine had strewn lavishly her exquisite Beauty andWonder and Quietude. The divine vibrations were overwhelming. I wasengulfed by the new consciousness.

    I reached the Suns. Their Force and Power were absolutely still andcalm. Then I saw a narrow passage between the two Suns. I entered it, and

  • 6on the other side I saw a golden world. There was nothing there exceptgolden Light. I landed slowly on the divine soil, but to my surprise I was alittle above the ground. I could not set my feet there. I was not walking butfloating in this enchanting atmosphere. I came across a few luminous beingswho were active, but their activities were without any sound. Everythingwas heavenly. There I felt the perfect Consciousness, Harmony, Peace,Beauty and Silence. I was simply bathed in the golden Light, in the soothingvibrations of a quiet joy and happiness.

    I roamed here and there freely, and silently communicated with the beings.Nothing was new to me because I identified myself completely with thismagnificent World of Golden Light.

    I was reluctant to come back to the dark world of falsehood. But alas, thenext morning I saw myself lying in my bed. I felt extremely sorry and lost,and shed a few silent tears.

    At once I remembered the whole passage from Savitri which the Motherhad recited the previous morning and on which she had given her comment.The passage recounts an experience of Aswapati, the Yogi-King, father of Savitri.

    A glimpse was caught of things forever unknown;The letters stood out of the unmoving Word.In the immutable nameless OriginWas seen emerging as from fathomless seasThe trail of the Ideas that made the world,And, sown in the black earth of Nature's trance,The seed of the Spirit's blind and huge desireFrom which the tree of cosmos was conceivedAnd spread its magic arms through a dream of space.Immense realities took on a shape:There looked out from the shadow of the UnknownThe bodiless Namelessness that saw God bornAnd tries to gain from the mortal's mind and soulA deathless body and a divine name.The immobile lips, the great surreal wings,The visage masked by superconscient Sleep,The eyes with their closed lids that see all things,Appeared of the Architect who builds in trance.

  • 7No. 11, April 2001

    The original Desire born in the VoidPeered out; he saw the hope that never sleeps,The feet that run behind a fleeting fate,The ineffable meaning of the endless dream.As if a torch held by a power of God,The radiant world of the everlasting TruthGlimmered like a faint star bordering the nightAbove the golden Overmind's shimmering ridge.Even were caught as through a cunning veilThe smile of love that sanctions the long game,The calm indulgence and maternal breastsOf Wisdom suckling the child-laughter of Chance,Silence the nurse of the Almighty's power,The omniscient hush, womb of the immortal Word,And of the Timeless the still brooding face,And the creative eye of Eternity. (28:40-41)

    The Mother's comment ran:

    All these images are meant to break the ordinary receptivityof the mind and to open it to the conception - vaster, truer,creative - of the Supramental.

    It is only in a receptive silence - when the wholeinquisitive mind stops moving - that one can feel andunderstand the images described in these verses.

    Also my memory flew back to one of the Mother's letters of the precedingyear, when I had expressed to her my wish to go back to my own world ofBeauty and Peace. She wrote:

    I am leading you to a place much more beautiful than theone from which you came - a place of full and harmoniousConsciousness .

    I felt strongly that my vision of the Golden World was a glimpse which theMother had given me, and that actually she had taken my consciousnessthere. But according to our human nature, I thought that the vision might besome kind of mental formation by myself; it could be simply a dream. I

  • 8wrote to the Mother in order to make sure, because what I had seen had thelook of a living thing, which I can never forget. She answered:

    Happily, the true worlds and the true Consciousness arenot a dream, but the only real Reality for those who aresincere and conscious.

    Bonne Anneefor 1970

    with all my love and blessings

    Then I did the painting of my vision and showed it to the Mother. She said:

    It is very impressive.

    This painting will appear, along with the verses and the Mother's comments,in the book About Savitri, Part Three.

    Huta D. Hindocha

  • 9No. 11, April 2001The Nude God-children ...

    Recently in our Savitri Study Circle, as we were reading Book Two CantoThree The Glory and the Fall of Life, we came across this striking passage:

    Imposing on the safety of the starsA race and laughter of immortal strengths,The nude god-children in their play-fields ranSmiting the winds with splendour and with speed;Of storm and sun they made companions,Sported with the white mane of tossing seas,Slew distance trampled to death under their wheelsAnd wrestled in the arenas of their force.Imperious in their radiance like the sunsThey kindled heaven with the glory of their limbsFlung like a divine largess to the world.A spell to force the heart to stark delight,They carried the pride and mastery of their charmAs if Life's banner on the roads of Space....

    Investitured with the fresh heart's bright ray,An early God-instinct's child inheritors,Tenants of the perpetuity of TimeStill thrilling with the first creation's bliss,They steeped existence in their youth of soul.An exquisite and vehement tyranny,The strong compulsion of their will to joyPoured smiling streams of happiness through the world. (p. 126-7)

    One of our members said that these lines reminded him of something he hadread in The Mother's Agenda, and he brought us the following passages:

    30 October 1965Something amusing has happened. You know that there is anew comet? [The comet Ikeda-Seki]. This morning aroundfour, I saw the comet, and suddenly I found myself in a stateabove the earth, and I saw a being who seemed to be associatedwith this comet. He had red hair (but not an aggressive red), a

  • 10

    white body, but not pure white: a golden white, as if he werenaked, but he didn't give the impression of being naked or ofwearing any clothes either (I have noticed this several timesalready), sexless - neither man nor woman. And it was ayoung being, charming, full of a sort of joy, ... and he wasspreading in the earth atmosphere a sort of substance thatwas heavier than Matter - not heavier, but denser - andjelly-like. It was as though he had taken advantage of the cometpassing near the earth to spread that substance. And at thesame time I was told it was "to help for the transformation ofthe earth." And he showed me how to make that substancecirculate in the atmosphere.

    It was charming: a young being, full of joy, as if dancing,and spreading that substance everywhere.

    It lasted a long time. For several hours I remained in it.


    3 November 1965The other day I told you about that comet, and somethingamusing has happened. Just for fun I said to myself, Oh, itwould be quite interesting to see this comet as it can be seenthrough the most powerful telescope ever invented. Andbarely had the thought come ( it was last night) when I heard,Look. So I opened my eyes, and I saw the comet, big likethis, very big, as it c