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Investment promotion and tourism in Hungary7th Session of the Hungarian-TurkishJoint Committee on Tourism

29 November 2013

1Who we areGovernmental agency for investment promotion and trade developmentMain activities: consultancy, mediation, providing information, and around 500 programs yearly Headquarters in Budapest150 employees, mainly consultants Supervising body: Prime Ministers Office

Introduction of the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency2

Domestic networkCentral office: Budapest15 regional offices outside Budapest covering the whole country

Foreign network61 foreign offices in 47 countries all over the world74 trade and investment counsellors

Offices in Hungary and abroadA Hivatal gyflkzpont, helyi szint tevkenysgnek biztostsa, ignyfelmrs, tancsads, informciszolgltats a beruhzsok sztnzse s az zletfejleszts tern.Regionlis rendezvnyek szervezse s lebonyoltsa.Szleskr kapcsolattarts a helyi hatsgokkal, nkormnyzatokkal, szakmai s civil szervezetekkel, vllalkozsokkal, vllalkozi szervezetekkel, mdival.Krpt-medencei informcis pontok kiptse, mkdtetse.Mg egy inf: a regionlis hlzatban 34 helyi rendezvnyt bonyoltottunk le idn. Beszllti rendezvnyek, KGSZ roadshow, exportr kpzsek s hatron tnyl regionlis zletember-tallkozk.

3Pre-decision Implementation Operations Tailored information packages on the economy, industrial sectors, incentives, business environment, supplier networkAssistance in location search and evaluationOrganisation of site visits and partner meetings

Supplier searchProviding information on permitting proceduresAssistance in identifying incentivesIntermediate Body for VIP cash incentive (preliminary information, application)

Expansion assistanceAfter care servicesIntermediary body between the government and the companiesSupplier searchOur project management servicesReasons to invest in the Hungarian tourism sectorSteady increase in number of foreign visitorsUnique geothermal characteristics Growth potential in quality accommodation due to lack of financial capitalPotential in conference tourism especially in regional capitalsCompetitive wages in all sectors including tourism5Focus areas within the sectorHealth tourismAround 80% of the countrys surface has access to thermal waterHigh standard and reasonable price of medical treatmentsA globally leading destination in dental tourismHistorical and village tourismCultural and world heritage sites (six cultural and two natural locations)Gastronomy and wine tourism Special festivals and eventsConference tourismIn 2011 Budapest was ranked 11th among the worlds top conference destinations (source: International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA))

6Facts and FiguresYearNumber of visitors (commercial accomodation)Number of nights spent(commercial accomodation)Average number of nights spent20113.8 million10.4 million2.720124.1 million11.3 million2.7Source: Hungarian Central Statistical Office Number of people employed in the sector: 400,000Sectors contribution to GDP: 8.5 %Amount of FDI in tourism sector in Hungary (2012) EUR 416 millionSource: National Bank of Hungary7Hungarian Investment Projects (HIP)Up-to-date database managed by HITA

Projects from various sectors: agriculture, ICT, electronics, life sciences

40 projects in tourism:23 related to thermal and wellness17 related to other areasEUR 1.23 billion aggregate fund requirement8

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ContactAddress: 1055 Budapest, Honvd str. 20.Phone: +36 1 872 6520


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