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DESCRIPTION Explains the assignment for students to make their own instruments.


  • 1. Putting the strings over a box shape with a hole helps to make the sound louder.

2. Rubber bands are really soft, especially when there is no box shape to help them sound louder. 3. Different lengths of string make high & low sounds. The can helped the strings sound very loud. 4. Wash tub bass 5. (You do not have to buy anything!) 6. coffee, soup, tuna cans silverware popsicle sticks straws 7. clay flower pots garden hose pieces of wood dowel rods paint 8. metal pipes or tubes string fishing line nails & wrenches 9. You need to try out the different sounds of the parts of your instrument to make sure they sound good. Let the parts vibrate for a louder sound. 10. Pace yourself as you do this project! Do not wait until the last minute! You should have your instrument completed before starting your sound piece. 11. I can help you! Let me know!


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