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Introduction to Wikipedia

Introduction to Wikipedia & Wikipedia assignment

1Highly popular

2Wide variety of uses

3Wide variety of uses


5The encyclopedia that anyone can edit

6The encyclopedia that anyone can edit

7Who is editing now?

8Goals of Wikipedia assignmentBecome an expert in some topic relevant to the courseProvide a public goodReturn some of what youve learned back to the world by improving Wikipedia Become a better writerBecome a more informed consumer of digital informationProvide common ground for classWikipedia as an interesting online group/community

HistoryFounded in Jan 15, 2001 as a feeder to Nupedia, an expert-authored, peer-reviewed, free encyclopediaCo-foundersJimmy Wales Larry Sanger

Heavily subsidized by (1996), Wales search portal, ad and porn company

Jimmy WalesLarry Sanger11GrowthEnglish version~4.9 M articles in English language Wikipedia30k active editors/month (>5 edits)Doubling number of articles every 40 weeksSlower growth starting in 2007All versions290 languages11 language versions > 100K articles22M editors over all timeSpin-offsWiktionary, wikibooks, wikiversity, wikinews, wikispecies, wikiquote, wikisource

Article growth per month


Halfaker, A., Geiger, S., Jonathan, M., & Riedl, J. (2012). The rise and decline of an open collaboration system: How Wikipedias reaction to sudden popularity is causing its decline. American Behavioral Scientist.

Misalignment in Wikipedia: Iron Man1310,189 wordsThe article about iron man has more than 10 thousand words, has lots of useful information and well-structured.

13Major source of information on most psychological concepts

14Yet many Wikipedia articles on psychology were impoverished or out of date

Start QualityLittle content687 words8 references

50% of ~5,000 psychology articles not evaluated

83% of ~2,500 evaluated articles were rated C or below

15Wikipedia Assignment

Substantially improve an existing one on a topic relevant to the course16


Original1 article combing bio and theorySections: 7Words: 831Images: 0References: 5External links: 7New2 pages with bio separated from theorySections: 27Words: 5,669Images: 1References: 35External links: 1818Greta Munger, Davidson College, an honor seminar courseUndergrads can do amazing work

Greta Munger, Davidson College, an honors seminar courseUse Gretas side19


21 History of the articleMar 17, 2010Sep 7, 2015


Article discussion pages: Where coordination gets done

Principles and policies

25What Wikipedia is not

26To get startedLook through the assignment at a Wikipedia account & user page, and then enroll inCommunication in Groups & Organizations on the Wikipedia educational portal . Then start the training.Timeline & important deadlinesWeekActivity2Create a Wikipedia account & user page, and then enroll; Training3Post 3 to 5 potential Wikipedia articles to course forum4Add 12 sentences of new information to a Wikipedia article5Select and article and partner, and start planning improvements.6Meet with the course instructor to discuss your article7Move portions of your edits into real Wikipedia article8Choose articles to peer review9Complete first draft. This is the version your peers will review.10Complete peer review and copy editing11Respond to the peer & community feedback about your article.12Continue to improve your article.13Finalize and submit the final article & reflection essay


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