introduction to the renaissance. the renaissance  the renaissance was a “rebirth” of...

Download Introduction to the Renaissance. The Renaissance  The Renaissance was a “rebirth” of classical antiquity. (this means mostly of Greece and Rome.)  The

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Introduction to the Renaissance

Introduction to the RenaissanceThe RenaissanceThe Renaissance was a rebirth of classical antiquity. (this means mostly of Greece and Rome.)The Renaissance lasted from ca. 1350-1550The Renaissance began in Italy and gradually spread to the rest of EuropeCharacteristics of the Italian RenaissanceMarked b an Urban Society:Powerful city-states: Florence, Venice, MilanCenters of politics, economics and social lifeAn Age of RecoveryRecovery from the Black Death, Political disorder, Economic RecessionEmphasis on Individual abilityHigh regard for human worth and the development of a new social idea the well-rounded person Ex. Leonardo da VinciRenaissance man:a man who has a wide range of accomplishments and intellectual interests

VocabularyHumanismfocusing on human concerns and disregarding religious matters.VocabularyArt and architectureDuring the Renaissance, there was an outburst of creativity that stressed order, harmony and balance

The Last Supper by Leonardo DiVinci

Middle Ages ArtMost of the art was created for the Catholic ChurchMost subjects were of the holy family and saintsHuman faces in paintings were very flat, unrealistic, and looked alikeHuman and animal body parts were disproportionateHad not yet learned perspective

Characteristics of Renaissance artRealism subjects of art were familiar and life likeGlorification of the Human BodyNon-religious themesAppreciation of beauty for beautys sake

PerspectiveRenaissance art utilized perspectiveThis means that they made distant objects smaller than those in the foreground to create an illusion of depth on a flat canvas

This adds an element of three-dimensionalityThe School of Athens -- Rafael

StationsYou will be completing stations on the RenaissanceWorking with a partner, you will rotate between five different stations.Because some stations are longer than others, you will rotate when you are finished.You will have 40 minutes to complete the stations, which is about 8 minutes per station.Voices should be at a 10 inch level. Students should only be talking with their partnerTo rotate stations you will WALK, SILENTLY, with your HANDS and FEET to YOURSELFCrash Course World History


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