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Introduction to Productivity Tools. Outline. What is Productivity? What is Productivity Tools? Productivity Tools for teachers Widely used Productivity Tools Language learning and testing tools. 2. What is Productivity?. A measure of output from a production process, per unit of input. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *Introduction to Productivity Tools

  • *OutlineWhat is Productivity?What is Productivity Tools?Productivity Tools for teachersWidely used Productivity ToolsLanguage learning and testing tools

  • *A measure of output from a production process, per unit of input. may be conceived of as a metric of the technical or engineering efficiency of production. What is Productivity?

  • What is Productivity Tools?Productivity tools can be software that help employer increase their business productivity: a few examples might be project management software, to do lists, cost management software, employee monitoring software, print manager software and so on.


  • Productivity Tools for TeachersLearning communities web sites for teachersLesson plans web sitesOnline coursesMultimedia resourcesSoftware resources*

  • Widely used Productivity ToolsMicrosoft OfficeWord/Excel/Powerpoint/Project/OutlookOpen OfficeWriter/Calc/ImpressGoogle docsOnline document/spreadsheet/presentationGoogle Calendar


  • Widely used Productivity ToolsOnline EmailGmailHotmailZoho MailOnline ChatGoogle GTalkSkypeZoho Productivity & Collaboration appsWriter/Sheet/Show/Share/Planner/Chat


  • Language learning and testing toolsPhonePass Ordinate CorporationA quick, reliable measure of spoken English that can be used on its own or integrated easily into your wider testing and placement program. A standard test of speaking and listening skills.A 10-minute computerized telephone exam, with results reported immediately.A testing service, ready at any time, from anywhere in the world.*

  • Language learning and testing toolsRosetta StoneThe Worlds #1 Language-Learning SoftwareEffectively teaches all 4 language skills: listening comprehension, reading, writing, and speakingMillions of learners in more than 150 countries have already used it to gain the confidence that comes with truly knowing a new language.


  • Language learning and testing toolsTransparentLeading provider of best-practice language learning software for consumers, government agencies, educational institutions, and businessesMore than 12,000 schools and universities, as well as top government language schools, such as the Foreign Service Institute and the Defense Language Institute use it*

  • Language learning and testing toolsSaybotA leading speech-technology software platform provider for Chinese students interested in learning and improving their spoken English.English teachers, publishers, and schools can create and sell spoken-English curricula to 180 million English learners in ChinaMaking learning English more effcient, effective and fun


  • Language learning and testing toolsPraat - a free scienctific software program for the analysis of speech in phonetics help teaching English for Chinese kids


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