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  • Introduction to Humanities ComputingSpring 1999Lecture Three

  • Introduction to Humanities ComputingFranois Lachance

    416 326-2524 (o)TSH 205 (drop off)

  • Acronym AcrobaticsASCIIchunkHTTP/HTMLpairWIMP/GUIquestionPCMCIAinvent

  • E-mail PointersAddress your notesSign your notesGive contextQuoting other notesDont quote too muchUse carriage returnsReread before sendingFrancois

    You asked:> Have you done your > homework? :-)Yes, I have.

    John Dogood

  • System UnitMotherboardCPU (Central Processing Unit)RAMHard Drive and Floppy DrivePower SupplyDaughterboardsKeyboardMonitorPeripheralsParts of the Computer

  • Review - Types of StorageStoragePermanentTemporaryROMRemovableFixedHard DriveFloppy CD-ROMRAMMagneto-OpticalStorage typically measured in K (Kilobytes) or MB (Megabytes)

  • Letters to bytes via bitsA1 Byte01000001Floppy DiskCD-ROMLaser(8 Bits)

  • Brief History of ComputingTypes of HistoriesBabbage and LovelaceENIACAltairAppleIBM PC

  • Types of HistoriesMathematicsCalculating MachinesBusiness ProcessesElectronics - TransistorsMedia (Art and Cinema)People and CompaniesHumanities Computingal-KharazmiAlan TuringBusiness

  • Babbage and LovelaceCharles Babbage (1791-1871)Difference Engine1834 Analytical EngineProgrammable (Cards)MechanicalAda Lovelace

  • Babbage and LovelaceBruce Sterling & William GibsonThe Difference Engine

    Sadie PlantZeros + Ones

  • ENIAC Mauchly and Eckert - 1943 proposal to ArmyENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) working in 1945 (after the war)von Neumann - EDVACTransistor invented in 1947ICs - Integrated CircuitsPrinter

  • ENIAC PicturesProgramming with switchesEngineersThe initiating and cycling units of ENIAC

  • Altair - the MicrocomputerIntel 4004 Microprocessor 1969MITS - Altair Uses the Intel 8080Cover of Popular Electronics Jan. 1975MITS hires Allen (and Gates)1973 Kildall creates CP/M

  • AppleSteve Wozniak (the Woz)Steven JobsHomebrew Computer ClubApple I - MOS 6502 chip1976 Mike Markkula bought in1977 the Apple II1984 the Macintosh

  • IBM PCBuilt on the Intel 8088Operating System from Microsoft (and others)Put together with existing componentsOpen to cards and softwareReleased in 1981An IBM Clone

  • Key InnovationsCalculating deviceGeneral Purpose Device - ProgrammabilityDigital DeviceElectrical DeviceIntegrated Circuits - TransistorsInterface from Commands to GUIMultiuser/Shared Computer to Personal Computer

  • HistoriesComputer JournalismThe Medias FascinationScience FictionComputer ClubsAcademic ComputingHumanist discussion list

  • ArchivesHumanist discussion list

    Quick Q&A Have they done evening classes before?Spring Session?Group work?

    Introduce MyselfLike them I work 8-5 plus Email best means of contact (24 hr turnaround or sooner) Go around with mini intros of who and what they want Im a student in discipline and I also am .


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