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  • Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Isabella King CTLLS
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  • Session One Learning Environment Explore meanings, language and power in relation to inclusion, equality and diversity Discuss the role of identity in terms of learning environment Reflection and Professional Practice
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  • What do you see?
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  • Elephant ?
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  • Escher Negative space
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  • Imagery, Meaning and Construction
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  • Swastika What does is say to you?
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  • Hindu sacred Symbol
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  • Buddhist Good Luck Symbol
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  • A thought!!!!!
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  • Coke Cola - 1939
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  • African Art
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  • Identity and Culture It is not surprising that we shy away from true understanding. If I am truly open to the way life is experienced by another person if I can take his world into mine then I run the risk of seeing life his way, of being changed myself. So we tend to view this other persons world only in our terms, not in his. We analyse it and evaluate it we do not understand it !! Rogers and Stevens (1967, page 93)
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  • Identity and Self When I am standing in the school playground with my English friends, I am Black. When an African Caribbean girl joins our group, I am Asian. When another Asian girl comes in, I think of myself as Pakistani and a Muslim. When Pakistani friend join us, I become a Kashmiri girl who turns up, I become a Bradford School girl again!!!
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  • Culture involves at least three components What they do Material they produce What people think
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  • Diverse definitions of culture Definitions Culture consists of. TopicalEverything on a list of topics, such as social organisation, religion of economy HistoricalSocial heritage, or tradition that is passed on to future generations BehaviouralShared, learned human behaviour, a way of life NormativeIdeals, values or rules for living FunctionalThe way humans solve problems of adapting to the environment MentalComplex ideas, or learned habits that inhibit impulses and distinguish people from animals StructuralPatterned and inter-related ideas, symbols or behaviours SymbolicCulture is based on arbitrarily assigned meanings that are shared by a society
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  • A thought! "Liberation is impossible if we fail to see ourselves in more positive terms. For without a change of vision, we are slaves to the oppressor's ideas and values - ideas and values that finally attack the very core of our existence. Therefore, we must see the world in terms of our own realities." Larry Neal, "Black Art and Black Liberation," 1969
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  • Tree Hugger Versus Martian!! Activity


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