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Intro to AP Gov. What is the purpose of government? Make your own definition of government What do you picture when you hear government What is politics?. Why?. Govt: The institutions and processes through which public policies are made for a society. Made up of bureaucratic agencies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Intro to AP Gov

Intro to AP Gov

Why?What is the purpose of government?Make your own definition of governmentWhat do you picture when you hear governmentWhat is politics?

GovernmentGovt: The institutions and processes through which public policies are made for a society.Made up of bureaucratic agencies500,000 elected officials in US

2 Essential questions:How should we govern?What should the government do?Functions of GovernmentMaintain a national defense.$650 billion a year spent hereProvide public servicesSchools, libraries, hospitals.Public goods: Goods everyone must share such as water, air, or roads.Preserve OrderSocialize the Young: instilling national values and prideCollect TaxesPoliticsWho gets what, when and how Harold D. LaswellWho candidates, voters, and parties.What the substance of government and politicsThe benefitsHow The ways people participate in politicsVoting, lobbying, protesting, etc.

Acting outPolitical Participation: all activities by which voters attempt to influence who is elected and the policies they pursue.Voting is the most common from in a democracy.USA has some of the lowest participation in the world.Low turnout has an effect on who holds powerElderly vote more frequently, and receive more benefits.Young peoplenot so muchPolitics can be a vocation from some AmericansNot just politiciansLobbyist and non-elected officials that support the elected.Some treat politics as critical to their interests.Single-Issue Groups: groups intensely concerned with one issue, that issue may take their vote.Abortion, Gay Rights, Gun Control, Environmental issues.

How do we get involved?Get involved in the policymaking systemPeople interests create an issue for the government, who then drafts policies to meet these.Linkage institution: political channels through which a persons concerns become political issues.Parties, elections, interest groups and the mediaPolicy Agenda: Issues that attract serious attention of public officialsWhen you vote, you partially look at who shares your agendaPolitical issue: an issue that arises when people disagree about a problem and how to solve itPolicy agendas change frequently to match the concerns of the nation.Unemployment, War, Privacy