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  • 1. Qualcomm Wireless Health SMARTSM Innovation & Partnership02.14.2008QUALCOMM PROPRIETARY 1 Health & Life Sciences

2. Worldwide Healthcare Shortage QUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences 2 3. The Current State Health ServicesThe Healthcare System isImploding While SpendingRisesWorldwide Today 1 billion overweight 860 million chronic disease 600 million elders 75-85% chronic disease spending 200K hospitals, 18 million hospitalbedsHealthcare Spending US: $2.1 trillion in 2006 Home Health care is the fastest growing segment World: $4.1 trillion in 2004 * PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences 3 4. The US Health Care Opportunity Employers are willing topay for solutions that willreduce healthcare costsand enhance employeewellness Intel is paying over $1 billion thisyear in related costs* There is an establishedconsumer market forpersonalized healthcare,consumer health, andfitness services * David Whitlinger, Continua President and Chair of the Board of DirectorsQUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences 4 5. Growth Area - CDHP QUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences 5 6. SMART Wireless HealthSM Vision Smart Medical Applied Radio Technologies Consumers will Manage Their Own Wellness Bio-sensors and Mobile Devices Provide Health Feedback Wireless Band AIdMobile Phones ECG Sensor Mobile Networks Gateways for Remote Care For consumers, caregivers, healthcare providers, family members, health and fitness coaches QUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences 6 7. Connectivity QUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences 7 8. The Alliance focuses on wireless cellular technologies enabling new business models and business process improvements in all sectors of the life sciences industries. San Diego is at the heart of the world's wireless and life sciences technology markets - over 1200 companies; a great focal point for the convergence of wireless technologies, the life sciences and consumers. QUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences 8 9. Continua Health Alliance QUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences 9 10. Wireless Health Innovation & Partnering BodyEKG BloodPeak Activi SMART Devices WeighmonitPressureFlowty t or SMART Pills SMART Band-AidsTMAuscu Inhalation SMART Body Sensors ltationRegistration SMART Implanted Sensors SMART Health Mobiles Pill Body SMART Tele-PresenceBox TemperatBlood ure SMART CollaborationHeart GlucoseRate QUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences10 11. Qualcomms Wireless Health Portfolio New Devices and Services SMART Wireless Health SMART Medical Devices CardioNet Smart Band-Aids Triage Wireless SMART In Vivo Body Networks CardioMems SMART Managed Wireless Services Hobson: Collaboration Service QConnect: Managed Services LifeCOMM: Personal Health Management Converged Wireless Medical Devices, Biosensors in Consumer Mobile Handsets Myca & InTouch Health: Co- development in Virtual Tele-Presence QUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences 11 12. Bodies & Organs as Nodes on the Net Body Area Networks (BAN) - Ultimate Network for Diagnostics SMART Band-Aids Make measurements from skin or read in vivo sensors SMART Implanted Sensors Provide the ultimate bio-physiological feedback CardioMEMS monitors Blood Pressure inside the aorta today Biotronik monitors Pacemakers Nano technology will allow tracking of chemical bio-markers in the future SMART Mobile Devices Relay information from SMART Band Aids and Implanted SMART Sensors to remote servers via the InternetQUALCOMM PROPRIETARYHealth & Life Sciences 12 13. CardioNet - Built on SMART ServicesAT HOME OR AWAY DAILY, HEARTBEAT BY24/7/365URGENT ANDHEARTBEAT SUMMARY PROPRIETARYAUTOMATED EVENT DETECTION SURVEILLANCEREPORTSSOFTWARE SYMPTOMATIC EVENTS RATE, RHYTHM,INTERNET,IDTF PHONE, FAX MORPHOLOGY AUTOMATIC CELL OR LANDLINE REPORTALGORITHM ECG FETCH TRANSMISSION-NO PATIENTDELIVERYINTERVENTION MD NOTIFICATIONTEXTCRITERIAMESSAGES 96 HOURS OF ECG STORAGEQUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences13 14. Life service packageHealthcare Lease health communication devices devices Cellular communication service ASP information management service.Pedometer (Omron Healthcare Co.) HJ-710IT Wireless communication deviceBody composition meter(Omron Healthcare Co.) KDDIHBF-354ITNetworkBlood pressure monitor (Omron Healthcare Co.)HEM-7080ICUSB CDMA1X Module inside connection Glucose meter Data Management ServiceJohnson & JohnsonOne Touch UltraTMQUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences14 15. New Business Model - Server-Based DiagnosticsN WAWServer-based ComputingLeads WLAN PatientsWireless Diagnostic SensorsIn-Room or On-Sensor Display EMR SMART Fax PrinterPCMobile QUALCOMM PROPRIETARYHealth & Life Sciences15 16. HOBSON: Solving the healthcare asynchronous communication problem Patient care involves the interaction of many healthcare professionals who rely on unreliable, cumbersome communication tools including: Paging Fax Voice Mail Text Messaging E-mail Phone calls Time lost dealing with delays of outmoded systems Missed or idle messages go unanswered delaying careHOBSON is a intelligent, prioritized, multi-media messagingservice, optimized for care team communication and responsive to the preferences of the individual care team member. QUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences 16 17. LifeCOMM Virtual & Live Assistance Solution SpecificSolution Specific HandsetsLive AssistantsSubscriber ConsultationConsultation Escalation by Virtual Assistantor Subscriber Request Subscriber dataaccess and updatesPersonal healthinformation anddata Educational info, testreminders, food intake,Subscriber datasuggested therapyaccess (incl. logbook) actions, etc.Solution Specific& personal info updates Virtual AssistantUser, Caregiver and Provider Portals Expert System QUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences 17 18. Virtual Tele-Presence TodayLeveraging Wireless Systems to Improve Health Wireless Industry Is In a Unique Position to Revolutionize Health Services 3G Networks Provide High Throughput & High Capacity ConnectivityQUALCOMM PROPRIETARY Health & Life Sciences 18 19. SMART Health is Mobile QUALCOMM PROPRIETARYHealth & Life Sciences 19 20. Qualcomm Wireless Health SMARTSM Innovation & Partnership02.14.2008QUALCOMM PROPRIETARY 20 Health & Life Sciences