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    Fit for the future Strategic plan 2015-2018

    our mission:

    to get people into healthy food and healthy food

    into people...

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    This is Edinburgh Community Foods first strategic plan. It sets the direction for all our work between 2015 and 2018, and outlines the things we will prioritise. We know that the next three years will bring challenges. But we have nearly 20 years experience, and we want to ensure we can make the maximum impact with the resources we have.

    We work with people all over Edinburgh, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups. In everything we do, we continue to be guided by our overall mission:

    to get people into healthy food and healthy food into people.

    our mission

    In Scotland, around a third of children are either overweight or obese*. Our healthy eating programmes with families and young people are helping reduce this number.

    *Scottish Health Survey 2014 (

    Image: Young people on a Get Cooking course at Southside Community Centre

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    Our vision is to:

    Relieve poverty and promote health equality by helping to provide affordable healthy food to people living in Edinburgh and surrounding areas, primarily those with a low income.

    Advance education by training people in food values, food preparation and food hygiene.

    Advance community development by helping establish and maintain local food co-operatives which encourage people to get involved in their communities.

    our vision

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    Strategic aims and objectives 2015-2018

    Against a backdrop of rapid change and increasing complexity we have worked hard to remain flexible and relevant. In the last three years we have achieved a great deal and there is much more we want to do in the coming three years. We intend to build on our success and learn from our work to ensure we can make an even greater impact until and beyond 2018.

    We have two strategic aims, underpinned by a range of objectives. All are interconnected and define what we will do to fulfil our mission and keep our vision alive.

    our aims & objectives

    Just one in five adults in Scotland manages to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day*. Sixty three per cent of people who come on our healthy eating and cooking courses tell us they have significantly increased their intake as a result.

    *Scottish Health Survey 2014 (

    Image: Making healthy meals at Gilmerton Early Years Centre

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    Strategic aim 1: Support more people in low income communities to eat more healthily

    Strategic aim 2: Improve our sustainability and impact

    ObjectivesBe a leader in Edinburghs community food and health sector

    Increase availability of, and access to, affordable, healthy food

    Develop peoples skills and confidence to enable them to cook from scratch on a budget

    Build knowledge to increase peoples understanding of a healthy, balanced diet

    Work with individuals to change their attitudes and behaviour towards food and eating

    Support communities by working with local organisations to deliver appropriate food and health programmes

    Develop and provide resources to support engagement with individuals and communities on food issues

    ObjectivesEffectively record and report on our activities, continuously gathering evidence and increasing our impact

    Further develop the organisations role as a leader in the sector

    Increase the proportion of income raised through our social enterprise activities

    Develop and sustain partnerships that will help us achieve our aims

    Use our unique knowledge when we engage with strategic groups in order to influence food and health agendas

    Develop training facilities to help build peoples cooking skills



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    our journey

    How we will achieve these objectives:

    Partnership working we can only achieve our objectives by continuing to work in our current partnerships and by establishing others in the voluntary, public and private sectors.

    Maintaining a committed and energised staff team we recognise that it is only by having a skilled and dedicated team that we are able to offer meaningful and relevant food and health programmes that can meet our objectives.

    We will continuously look for new methods and opportunities to engage in food and health work across the city.

    In addition to our planned work programme we are particularly interested in exploring:

    Opportunities for minimising food waste

    The potential for food co-ops or community food retailers to act as community hubs to engage harder to reach groups

    Peer education as a way to alter young peoples attitudes and behaviour

    Opportunities to further develop approaches to food and mood and links with mental health

    Linking food, healthy eating, nutrition and physical activity

    Eating for healthier older age and contributing to addressing malnutrition in older people

    Image: Cooking skills training at Gate 55 in Sighthill

    Sixty five per cent of Scottish adults are overweight or obese*. Our courses encourage a healthier diet and lifestyle and help people learn to rely less on the convenience and highly processed food that can contribute to being overweight.

    *Scottish Health Survey 2014 (

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    We have a duty to ensure that we achieve our charitable purposes in the most effective ways possible.

    To make this strategic plan truly fit for the future we are making six pledges.

    1. Action planning and delivery The Chief Executive will work with staff to produce action plans to support our strategic direction.

    2. Embedding the objectives We will embed our objectives into team meetings and staff support and staff supervision; this will help individuals to see how their work is contributing to our overall strategic aims.

    3. Partner and funder relationshipsThe funding environment continues to be challenging, and excellent application writing will remain vital. Improved impact reporting will help demonstrate the value of our work and support longer term funding arrangements. We will continue to pursue partnership working where it helps us achieve our aims and maximises the positive impact on the communities we serve.

    4. Monitoring and reporting Progress against this plan, and associated action plans, will be monitored by the Chief Executive who will update the Board every quarter.

    5. Staff development Our people are critical to carrying out this plan. We will ensure that our development staff have the right skills and knowledge to deliver the highest-quality food and health work in the community. All our operations staff will be supported and developed to deliver an excellent quality of customer service.

    6. Raising awareness of Edinburgh Community Food As we work towards our aims and objectives, we will make sure there is greater awareness about us, what we do and how we can have a positive impact on individuals and communities in Edinburgh. Our efforts in this area will be supported by consistent key messages and will be proportionate to resources available.

    Making the plan a reality


    Edinburgh Community Food, formerly known as Edinburgh Community Food Initiative (ECFI), was established as a city-wide charity and company limited by guarantee in 1996.

    22 Tennant Street Edinburgh EH6 5ND T: 0131 467 7326

    Charity number SC 024980Company number SC 166876

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