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  • Interview Skills

  • Workshop ObjectivesTypical Interview Structure

    Behavioral Interviews

    Interview Preparation & Practice

  • Typical Behavioral InterviewComponentTimeIntroduction/Greeting2 minutes

    Employer questioning15-20 minutes

    Applicant prepared questions5 minutes

    Closing 3 minutes

  • Introduction/GreetingFirst impressions countAppearance is importantGood eye contactFirm handshakeIntroduce yourselfSlow, clear pronunciation of nameMake small talkPractice

  • Employer QuestionsWilladdress items on your resumeask about behavior/skills you have

    Will notbe personal

  • Behavior Based InterviewingPrevious behavior predicts future behaviorRecruiters ask for examples that demonstrate your level of skill with a behavior that is important to the firm.

  • How to ace behavioral interviews?Work on your STARsS ituationT askA ctionsR esults

    STAR provides an outline for answers

  • STAR QUIZReview the question and answer provided What skill is the question addressing?Did if follow the STAR format?Could the answer be better and how?

  • Effective STAR response?Q: Give an example of when you had to persuade others to your point of view.

    A: I was part of the negotiating team for my department when we negotiated our last contract. Let me tell you the bargaining on this one was tough; no one wanted to give an inch. But in the end we got them to agree to most of our demands.

  • A Better STARST: I was part of the negotiating team for my department. The supplier wanted a large increase of 8%A: I listened carefully to the suppliers needsA: I collected data to support my argument on why 8% was unreasonableA: I presented analytical data to support our position for a 4% vs. 8% increaseA: I also worked with management to change some requirements, so it would be less costly for the supplierR: The final agreement was for only a 5% increase, saving us $500,000. I learned the importance of really listening to the supplier, collecting and analyzing relevant data and getting management support of my plan.

  • Effective STAR response?Q: Give me an example of your ability to use analytical skills?

    A: Im good at Excel and have created several spreadsheets to improve processes.

  • What is missing from this STAR?Didnt describe the Situation/TaskActions are missingResults are vague

    Interviewer will likely ask follow up questions

  • Prepare your STAAARsUnderstand what skills the company considers critical to success there

    Write Out STAAARs for each skill on your resume

    Some common areas covered in behavioral interviews:LeadershipTeamworkInitiativeAnalytical AbilityCreativity/InnovationProblem Solving SkillsCustomer/Client Relations

  • Other Common Questions to Prepare ForTell me about yourself? or Walk me through your resumeWhy did you decide to go to the Kelley School of BusinessTell me about a time when you had an opportunity to lead others. What did you learn from it?What are your strengths/weaknesses?What achievement are you the most proud of?Why do you want to work for ______ company?

  • Tell me about yourself?(Walk me through your resume)IncludeTie your story to their business needsDemonstrate 2 or 3 strengths related to position or why you chose IUHow you can contribute to company

    Dont includePersonal/family informationPolitics

    Create a 60-second sound byte

  • Why did you decide to go to the Kelley School of Business?What skill are they accessing?ST Looking for X in a schoolAs Steps you took to determine criteria was metR Based on X(s) KSOB was best choice

  • What are your strengths?Relate them to the jobGive examples of where you have demonstrated themHow were they developed

  • What are your weaknesses?Admit you have oneIdentify what you are doing to improve or learned from this weaknessDetail the results or time frame expected

  • Need more time?Good question, let me think about that a minute.So, you are asking if..Can you repeat that question, please?No ones ever asked me that one beforeSilence is okay, too

  • How to prepare for an interview?Research the companyReview your resumePrepare STAR responses Prepare questions for interviewerPrepare yourself

  • Research the CompanyKnow the industryKnow the companyKnow the job duties

  • Review your ResumeHow do your career goals align with position?Do you have succinct stories for each point on your resume?Anticipate questions

  • Prepare your STAAARsUnderstand what skills the company considers critical to success there

    Write Out STAAARs for each skill on your resume

    Some common areas covered in behavioral interviews:LeadershipTeam WorkInitiativeAnalytical AbilityCreativity/InnovationProblem Solving SkillsCustomer/Client Relations

  • Prepare Questions for InterviewerConsider multiple areasCorporate valuesAnticipated responsibilitiesEmployment trendsMeasures of work performanceWork environmentQuality of workPersonality factorsDemonstrate your knowledge of the industry and company

  • Dont ask if they hire internationalsYour goal is to convince them you are the best candidate, so Visa isnt an issue.Assure them that for internship/1st year they have no obligation

  • ClosingAlways thank them for the interviewClarify if they havent told you next stepsEnd with you are looking forward to hearing from them and really enjoyed talking to them.

  • Prepare YourselfAppearanceFirm Handshake/Eye ContactSmile appropriately and nodBe confident

  • Summary3 PsPrepare STARsPrepare questions for interviewPractice delivery

  • QuestionsAny questions?

  • Evaluation QuestionsA Strongly Agree; B-Agree; C-Disagree; D-Strongly Disagree; E-Dont KnowThis session increased my knowledge on what to expect and how to prepare for an interview.The presenter was well-prepared.This session should be repeated in future semesters.


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