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2. Interview Preparation Basics 1 Read the job advert/ job description well Practise examples of things you have done which fit the criteria for the job Think of the questions that may be asked and prepare answers Have some questions to ask yourself 3. Interview Preparation Basics 2 Find out everything you can about the company before Check out your route/transport/travel time before the day Leave early allow for delays en route Dress up make a good impression Be courteous to everyone you meet in the company you never know what influence they might have 4. Body Language Shake hands firmly (but no power grips!) Look the interviewer in the eye in a relaxed Wait until the interviewer indicates where and when to sit Dont get too relaxed, but dont sit ramrod straight either Smile at your interviewer 5. Common Interview Questions 1 Tell me about yourself Why do you want this job? Why do you want to work for this organisation? 6. Common Interview Questions 2 What have you learned from previous jobs? What are your main strengths? Where would you like to be in 5 years? Why should we choose you for the job? 7. Questions for you to ask What would my responsibilities be? What opportunities will there be for training and promotion? Will travel or relocation be required? Where is the company headed in the next 10 years? 8. Final Pointers Think of the good points that you want to make about yourself and concentrate on getting them across Remember: youre also interviewing the company Be businesslike Convey a positive, energetic attitude Practise online: /interviewgame.shtml 9. Information source Northumbria University - Newcastle Business School