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  • InterTech is an International Architecture and Civil Engineering Company in Qatar, which provides a full

    range of services for design, construction, installation, commissioning and start-up of the MEP systems in

    the buildings and structures under industrial, commercial and civil construction.

    Architecture is a skill of buildings and facilities (and their complexes) design and construction.

    Engineering derives from English word "engineering", which means "build, design, arrange, undertake,

    devise, invent. It is defined as a combination of intellectual activities, which ultimate goal is to reach the

    best (optimal) outcome from investments or other expenditures.

    Interactivity is a principle of system organization, in which the goal is achieved by an information exchange

    of this system elements.

    Mission of the company is to implement modern technologies, creating new quality standards for MEP

    systems, thereby improving living and working conditions for people at facilities throughout Russia.

    Company objective is to ensure continuous development, competitiveness, success and priority company

    selection by the customers and partners.

    We keep up with the times and provide high-tech services with reliable base represented by the qualified

    technical experts, which allows us to guarantee our customers excellent and timely projects implementation

    with consistently high quality.

    International Architecture and Civil Engineering

    Company in Qatar - INTERTECH

  • From the first day of InterTech establishment, it

    focuses on building partnership both with the customers and

    with suppliers and contractors in Qatar.

    International Architecture and Civil Engineering

    Company in Qatar - INTERTECH

  • Consortium leader InterTech LLC, acting as a Client - General Planner and General Contractor,

    united organizations and manages the projects for commercial and industrial facilities design and

    construction, housing construction and social housing directions implementation.

    Having our own construction equipment fleet and highly qualified specialists with years of

    experience in design and construction of different purpose facilities enable the company to provide a full

    range of services within the contractual time period and on a qualitatively high level, namely: general

    contracting, design, project management, materials and equipment supply, engineering and consulting

    services, etc.

    Consortium organizations perform design, civil engineering, installation, electric installation,

    commissioning and start-up works, produce technological equipment and metal structures and build

    roads and utilities.

    Consortium structure, its production capacities and staff qualification allow to provide a full

    construction cycle, starting from design documentation to commissioning - on a turnkey basis.

    Common indicators: a number of large equipment is more than 250 units and employees - more

    than 1,500 people (cons.).

    International Architecture and Civil Engineering Company


  • Different-purpose facilities

    construction and



    Design of different-purpose facilities

    Sibirskie StroitelnyeSistemy LLC


    INTERTECH LLC(design and construction)

    Design and construction of specialized facilities

    RealElitStroy LLC


    facilities construction




    MM-svyaz LLC

    Construction of Russian

    property abroad



    Automated systems design, production and implementation

    JSC "Svyaz

    Engineering M"

    International Architecture and Civil Engineering Company


  • Master Plan development

    Residential buildings design

    Public buildings design

    Engineering structures and utilities


    Areas re-planning

    Cost estimation (per facilities and


    Architecture and design

    Architectural solutions

    Consulting engineering


    Requirements definition

    Technical brief

    Technical conditions



    Requirements definition

    Technical brief

    Technical conditions

    Technological engineering

    Design documentation

    Working documentation

    Executive documentation

    Coordination and expertise



    Specialization Real property design and construction

    Year of establishment

    General Contractor, General Planner, project organization and


    General Planner


    Structural solutions Technological solutions

  • InterTech LLC provide general planning and contracting services and manage theprojects in the sphere of construction. Its own base of production capacities, modern equipmentfleet and a highly qualified specialists with years of experience in construction and due toestablished partnership relations with the leading suppliers and members on constructionmarket, allow the company to provide its services on a qualitatively high level within thecontractual time period.

    * For a relatively short period of time, InterTech directly participated ina number of significant projects in the sphere of real estate developmentand proved itself as a reliable business partner.

    Basic construction machinery and equipment

    (more than 250 units of large equipment)




    Crew change buses


    Office trailers

    Diesel generators

    Welding machines and etc.

    Skidding equipment

    Dumping trucks

    Tractors and platforms

    Concrete mixer

    Key personnel

    (about 200 fulltime employees)

    Chief Engineer


    Project managers

    PTD Engineers

    In-situ concreting




    Workers and others.

    Cost engineers

    Site supervisors


    Drivers and machine operators

    Construction engineering

    Construction and installation works

    Start-up works

    Testing and Certification



    Full range of services;

    Any level projects implementation;

    Innovative approach;

    We are independent and constantly learn;

    Well-established business contacts


    Accumulated experience and continuity of traditions;

    Modern technical and regulatory framework;

    Safety and reliability;

    Customer-oriented approach;

    Reputation and trust;

    Client - General Contractor


    Geodetic works

    Excavation works

    In-situ concreting works

    Masonry works

    Finishing works

    Rigging works

    Road construction

    Facade works

    Roofing works

    Demolition works


    Construction of utility


  • Design activities

    CJSC Sibirskie Stroitelnye Sistemy" activities are focused on structural engineering of the buildings

    and structures (I and II levels of responsibility) in accordance with the state standard.

    Close cooperation with the scientists from Akademgorodok, Departments of NSUACE (Sibstrin),

    NUADA, Yugorsk Scientific Research Institute of Information Technologies allows to successfully compete on

    the design market of Russia.

    Concept of territory development


    Different-purpose properties design

    Civil engineering and industrial projects - more than 100

    Number of large clients - more than 50

    Total number of employees - more than

    Main area of activity: the entire territory of the Russian Federation

    Key indicatorsFunctions of the General Planner

    Design solutions expertise

    Technical support in design documentation approvals

    Development of a complete package of working DED

    Property valuation

    Feasibility study of investment capital

    Sketch design

    Building structural survey and issuance of opinions on

    existing facilities

    Full-scale tests of building structures and buildings by

    microseismic method

    Technical assistance and supervision at all stages of

    construction works

  • Civil Engineering

    ASTER LLC offers its clients construction works performed in industrial buildings and private

    residential buildings of any complexity and size, installation of treatment facilities and construction of utilities,

    landscaping and finishing works of any complexity.

    Civil Engineering works

    Year of establishment 1991

    Specialization Civil Engineering

    The Company is ready to do its job with maximum quality and within the specified time period. For all kinds of

    works 1-3 year warranty is provided.

    Key indicators

    Finishing works

    Facade works

    Plaster works

    Electrical works

    In-situ concreting works

    Roofing works Major projects implemented - 12

    Basic construction machinery and equipment - more than 30 units.

    Main area of activity: CFD

  • Civil Engineering

    CJSC "ICC "Oregon" performs its works in construction, design, reconstruction, restoration and

    capital repair of the Russian properties abroad: embassies, consulates, trade missions and other facilities.

    The main Clients are the Minist