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Internet Of Things of ThingsLara Sristava, European Commission Internet of Things Conference in Budapest, 16 May 2011 [ The Internet of Things - Back to the Future (Presentation)] of ThingsJohnson, Computers to Acquire Control of the Physical World, Gartner research report T-14-0301, 28 September 2001Casaleggio Associati [ The Evolution of Internet of Things] 2011 For instance, business may no longer run out of stock or generate waste products, as involved parties would know which products are required and consumed of ThingsAccording to ABI Research more than 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected to the Internet of Things (Internet of Everything) by 2020.[ More Than 30 Billion Devices Will Wirelessly Connect to the Internet of Everything in 2020], ABI Research Cisco created a dynamic connections counter to track the estimated number of connected things from July 2013 until July 2020 (methodology included).Cisco Connections Counter: dynamic, online widget displays the number of connections being made at any one moment in time of Things - Original definitionAlthough Bill Joy had already mentioned D2D (Device to Device) communication as one of its Six Webs,Jason Pontin: [ ETC: Bill Joy's Six Webs]. In: MIT Technology Review, 29 September 2005. Retrieved 17 November 2013. it wasn't until Kevin Ashton that the 'Internet of Things' got a second look by industry. of Things - Original definitionIn a seminal article for the RFID Journal, [ That 'Internet of Things' Thing] he made the following assessment: of Things - Original definitionToday (as of November 2013), the research into the 'Internet of Things' is still in its infancy. Therefore, there aren't any standard definitions for Internet of Things. Several definitions formulated by different researchers are listed in a survey. of Things - Alternative definitionsDifferent definitions for the Internet of Things and contractions such as thingternet [ Ian Cook. The Internet of things can objects get social? December 12, 2012.] have appeared. The term is evolving as the technology and implementation of the ideas move forward. Here are several partially overlapping definitions: of Things - Alternative definitions; CORDIS: An action plan for the European Union to introduce the governance based on the Internet of Things. of Things - Alternative definitionsIn the Internet of Things, things are expected to become active participants in business, information and social processes where they are enabled to interact and communicate among themselves and with the environment by exchanging data and information sensed about the environment, while reacting autonomously to the real/physical world events and influencing it by running processes that trigger actions and create services with or without direct human intervention of Things - Alternative definitionsThe Internet of Things is not synonymous with ubiquitous and pervasive computing, the Internet Protocol (IP), communication technology, embedded devices, its applications, the Internet of People or the Intranet / Extranet of Things, yet it relies on all of these approaches of Things - IntelligenceIn the future the Internet of Things may be a non-deterministic and open network in which auto-organized or intelligent entities (Web services, Service-oriented architecture|SOA components), virtual objects (avatars) will be interoperable and able to act independently (pursuing their own objectives or shared ones) depending on the context, circumstances or environments. of Things - IntelligenceEmbedded intelligence presents an AI-oriented perspective of Internet of Things, which can be more clearly defined as: leveraging the capacity to collect and analyze the digital traces left by people when interacting with widely deployed smart things to discover the knowledge about human life, environment interaction, as well as social connection/behavior. of Things - ArchitectureIn an Internet of Things, the meaning of an event will not necessarily be based on a deterministic or syntactic model but would instead be based on the context of the event itself: this will also be a semantic web.[ 3 questions to Philippe GAUTIER, by David Fayon, march 2010] Consequently, it will not necessarily need common standards that would not be able to address every context or use: some actors (services, components, avatars) will accordingly be self-referenced and, if ever needed, adaptive to existing common standards (predicting everything would be no more than defining a global finality for everything that is just not possible with any of the current top-down approaches and standardizations) of Things - Time considerationsIn this Internet of Things, made of billions of parallel and simultaneous events, time will no more be used as a common and linear dimensionJanusz Bucki, [ L'organisation et le temps (in French)] but will depend on each entity (object, process, information system, etc.). This Internet of Things will be accordingly based on massive parallel IT systems (Parallel computing). of Things - Space considerationsJust as standards play a key role in the Internet and the Web, geospatial standards will play a key role in the Internet of Things. of Things - Sub systemsNot all elements in an Internet of Things will necessarily run in a global space. Think, for instance, of domotics running inside a Home automation|Smart House. While the same technologies are used as elsewhere, the system might only be running on and available via a local network. of Things - FrameworksCompanies such as ThingWorx, Raco Wireless, nPhase and Carriots are developing technology platforms to provide this type of functionality for the Internet of Things. of Things - ApplicationsThe toolkit has been described at the 2012 IoT (IEEE) conference and builds on previous Internet of Things research, in particular the work on the MAGIC Broker as published at IoT 2010 (IEEE). of Things - CriticismThus, Internet of Things, or embedded intelligence in things, with smart systems that are able to take over complex human perceptive and cognitive functions and frequently act unnoticeably in the backgroundInternet of Things in 2020: A Roadmap for the future of Things - CriticismWhile technologists tout the Internet of Things as one more step toward a better world, scholars and social observers have some reservations and doubts about approaching ubiquitous computing revolution of Things - CriticismA different criticism is that the Internet of Things is being developed rapidly without appropriate consideration of the profound security challenges involved and the regulatory changes that might be necessary.[ Christopher Clearfield Why The FTC Can't Regulate The Internet Of Things, Forbes, September 18, 2013] In particular, as the Internet of Things spreads widely, cyber attacks are likely to become an increasingly physical (rather than simply virtual) threat.[ Christopher Clearfield Rethinking Security for the Internet of Things Harvard Business Review Blog, June 26 2013]/ of Things - Criticism27.] In general, the intelligence community views Internet of Things as a rich source of data.[ Spencer Ackerman - Carriots Internet of Things platform 'Carriots' is an application hosting and development platform (Platform as a Service) specially designed for projects related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M). Enables data collection from connected objects