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  1. 1. Internet Marketing - Yahoo Voices A lot of people today have chosen the use of the internet as a tool on promoting products and services. This is because the local entrepreneurs have found out that the use of internet marketing can be the best marketing strategy designed for the local business to compete with the international arena. Among the following are the reasons why internet marketing is now considered the most useful marketing strategy for local business. For one thing, using the internet in promoting products at the same time with services is less expensive than any other types of marketing methods like the use billboards, magazine, newspapers, television and sponsorships. Internet marketing is now reasonably charged that is why more entrepreneurs are using the internet as a marketing device in comparison to a more conservative system in promoting goods. Advertising was not left at the back for the reason that almost all businessmen are engaging in the internet for marketing endorsement. Whatever angle you see, the use for the internet in promoting services and products are cheaper than any accessible advertisement method that is why a lot of people have selected it. Furthermore, internet marketing can reach anyone all over the world capable of using the internet. Surveys have been proven a long time ago that there is no place in the world that cannot be reached by the internet. It necessarily follows that promotion of one's product will also reach as far as the internet can go. The third thing that makes the internet marketing a top priority as a marketing strategy is the flexibility of the use of the internet. As compared to other means of advertisement, the tools used in
  2. 2. the internet marketing can be changed anytime depending on the need of the entrepreneur and the clients with less cost. As a result millions of businesses are now relying on the internet for approximately all business transactions. But is internet marketing dependable? On the side of the clients there are issues on the trustworthiness of the internet marketing in contrast to those conventional types of advertisement for the reason that the internet has plenty of loopholes. They cited the increasing online crimes in the internet. It is a well established reality that there are always two sides of the coins. Maybe there are always risks in using the internet the same thing when you are engaging in a business venture where the idea of posting your own business is risk itself but this time the benefits outweigh the risks.