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  • International Undergraduate Research Symposium in TESOL Education International Graduate Centre of Education, School of Education

    Centre for School Leadership, Department of Education NT

    The International Graduate Centre of Education will host a delegation of fifteen 4th YEAR undergraduate students and their lecturers from the Institute of Teacher Education, IPG Kampus Tuanku Bainun, Penang, Malaysia.

    The students will present their research on TESOL related issues relevant to their school communities. Presentations will cover issues ranging from behaviour management through to strategies to support listening and reading comprehension, learning vocabulary, distinguishing between different grammatical components, issues relating to cultural learning and a variety of language skills that are a challenge to Malaysian learners of English.

    Please join the School of Education and the International Centre of Graduate Education, and share with us this international experience.


    CONTACT: 0403 877 331 EMAIL:

    Dates: 2nd June, 2017 Venue: Building Blue 1.1.35

    Casuarina Campus Charles Darwin University

    Time: 8:00 AM – 3:45 PM Cost: Free Note: Morning tea, lunch and afternoon

    tea will be provided (incl. Halal food). Contact person: Ania Lian

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