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What other insights can Big Link Data tell us around the world?


  • 1. What if it was MajesticSEO?

2. Is the world really gettingsmaller? Can we use server location as a useful signal inbusiness? Can we use where people are talking to better understand brand Do different brands play differently through links depending on where the links originate? 3. Where this talk came from 4. Three years later, we managed to integrate world map into Majestic 5. Beijing vs. Johannesburg 6. via Tweetsmap 7. @Dixon_Jones via 8. Mittromney: 26% of domains linkedfrom US LocationsBarackObama: 38% of domains linkedfrom US Locations 9. Link Maps have hiddenvalueThey help identifyaudiencesThey help identifyemerging audiencesThey help to build up apicture of aperson/brandThey can help predictstuff 10. Please Follow or Tweet: @Dixon_Jones @MajesticSEO @PredictionTech Skype: Receptional


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