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  • July-September 2015

    International IDEA Celebrates its

    20th Anniversary

    Nearly 400 people gathered in the Swedish Parliament on 16 September tocelebrate the 20th anniversary of International IDEA.

    As well as representatives from all 28 Member States, the event was attendedby Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, ForeignMinister Margot Wallstrm, and Kofi Annan, Chair of the Kofi AnnanFoundation and former Secretary-General of the United Nations. The eventwas co-hosted by the Speaker of the Parliament Urban Ahlin and InternationalIDEA Secretary-General Yves Leterme.

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    For video, photos and speeches from the event visit the anniversary website

    Upcoming Events in 2015

    - Annual Democracy Forum (ADF),25-26 November, Bern, Sw itzerland- Inter-Regional Dialogue onDemocracy (IRDD), 15-16October, Addis Ababa

    For more information on the ADF or IRDD,email Eleonora Mura at

    - Second Member State EMBDialogue, 13 November, AddisAbaba, - Electoral Risk ManagementConference, Dec 1-3, Addis Ababa,

    Asia & the Pacific Nepal approves new constitution International IDEA welcomes the result ofthe vote and congratulates NepalsConstituent Assembly. IDEA alsoencourages government to bring alldisaffected groups to the table, and do itsupmost to prevent further violence.

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    Myanmar letting observers in STEP Democracy, an initiative supportedby the EU and International IDEA, isassisting the Union ElectionCommission to make the elections themost inclusive in recent history. Lettingobservers in is an essential part of that job.

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    Electoral Risk Management The ERMTool provides a newstandard for conducting credibleelections. The tool w ill bedemonstrated at two separateevents in Addis Ababa in December.

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    Nigeria evaluate ERMToolWas used in the Nigeria electionsearlier this year. Follow ing anevaluation workshop, ProfessorAttahiru Jega, Chairman ofINEC recommended the tool to allcountries interested in preventingelection related violence.

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  • Latin America andthe Caribbean

    The Global Conference on Money inPolitics in Mexico City was successfulin raising awareness and offeringsolutions. During the three-dayevent, participants discussed topicssuch as anonymous donors,concentration of wealth, the influx ofdirty money into politics, and thegender funding gap.

    In his closing remarks InternationalIDEA Secretary-General YvesLeterme emphasized the importanceof a solution-oriented approach.View video of the event here.

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    Democratic TransitionsDemocratic Transitions:Conversations w ith World Leadersis an unique exploration of howsome countries became democracies.The book presents personalreflections, both on endingauthoritarian rule and on buildingdemocracy, by formerpresidents who have played keyroles in such transformations overthe past 30 years. It is now availablein English, and w ill soon be availablein French, Spanish, Arabic andDutch.

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    Oil and Natural Gas:Constitutional Frameworksfor the Middle East and NorthAfrica This report examines how aconstitution can contribute toincreased transparency andefficiency in the oil and gas sectorspecifically looking at the Middle Eastand North Africa. It also looks at howto ensure that revenues derivedfrom the sale of natural resourcesare distributed fairly w ithin a country.

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    Introducing ElectronicVoting: EssentialConsiderations (Arabic)Electronic voting is often seen as atool for making the electoral processmore efficient and for increasingtrust in its management. This policypaper outlines contextual factorsthat can influence the success of e-voting solutions and highlights theimportance of taking these fully intoaccount before choosing to introducenew voting technologies.

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    IDEA in the News: Dirty money, damaged democracy: what to do?Letter to the editor of the Myanmar TimesDemocratic Transitions book review, Huffington Post Money in Politics: Is There Hope? A Global Take

    El dinero y la poltica: relaciones peligrosasLas debilidades de Guatemala en poltica

    Det saknades en ledare som kunde fatta beslutMer bistnd mste g till mediaNya kraven p att redovisa partipengarna rcker inte

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