International Homopathic Congress: New Delhi: 22 to 25 October 1967

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  • International Homoeopathic Congress

    New Delhi: 22 to 25 October 1967

    INVITATION This year's congress of the International Homceopathic League will be held from 22 to 25 October 1967 and for the first time in India. This is indeed a privilege for us, a privilege to be cherished, but it is also a responsibility to be fulfilled. You can be sure we shall spare no effort to make this congress a success. I t will be held in New Delhi, the capital of India, together with the congress of the International Research Council (Chairman: Dr. W. Gutman of New York), with the active co-operation of the All India Institute of Homeeopathy and the All India Homeeopathic Medical Association. This is an invitation to each one of you personally to come to the congress. The success of any congress depends not only on its organizers but also on its delegates. Your presence and partici- pation are therefore absolutely a sine qua non for its success.

    Homceopathic doctors throughout the world are invited to submit papers to be presented at the Scientific Sessions spread over three days, 23 to 25 October 1967. All papers should be sent in triplicate to Dr. Diwan Harish Chand, 1 Hanuman Road, New Delhi-l, so as to reach there by 31 July 1967. The official languages of the congress will be English, German and French and wherever possible translations into one or more of these languages should also be sent. An abstract or summary of the paper is highly desirable. The abstracts will be printed and distributed to the delegates to help discussion and for their general information. The time allotted for each lecture is 20 minutes.

    Themes of the congress so far chosen: 1 Exposition and teaching of Homceopathy

    a for medical and scientific circles b for the public c for the government

    2 Chronic amoebiasis 3 Cholera 4 Free subjects of the speakers' choice 5 Other subjects to be intimated shortly

    Simultaneous translation facilities will be available in the congress languages. Arrangements can also be made for translation in other languages if requested, provided there are a fair number of participants speaking that language.

    The programme of the congress is as follows: 22 October 1967 Inauguration of the congress (most likely

    President of India), Presidential Address, etc. 23 to 25 October Scientific sessions during the day.

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    Throughout the congress period we shall try to have pleasant and enjoyable evenings. A reception, a formal banquet and cultural programmes are being planned for different days.

    This may be the first time that many of you will visit India. To enable you to see the country, an interesting programme of sightseeing and excursions is being drawn up. This will include a visit to one of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal in Agra, to Kashmir, Khajuraho, etc. We do, however, request you to register early so that it will be possible for us to make proper arrange- ments to ensure that you will enjoy your stay in this country.

    The booking of hotel accommodation and excursions has been entrusted to Messrs. Trade Wings Private Ltd., 60 Janpath, New Delhi, and their associate company, Travel India Corporation. Applications for accommodation should be made as soon as possible, as New Delhi will be full of visitors in October. I f cheaper accommodation is required, this should please be clearly stated.

    The Railway Concession form will be supplied to those who have paid the delegate fee or reception committee membership fee. The Railway will issue return tickets on payment of the single fare, 1st, 2nd or 3rd class.

    Fee for the congress For delegates the congress fee is Rs. 100/- inclusive of banquet and other pro- grammes and exclusive of excursions. For persons accompanying delegates the fee is Rs. 75/- (for those not attending the scientific sessions).

    Please send your remittance early to ensure your participation. As it is hoped to make this congress a truly memorable one with practical results for the spread of Homceopathy, all colleagues, both in India and abroad, are earnestly requested once again to make a special effort to attend.

    Further details will be sent to all those notifying their intention to be present, as soon as available.

    I~PORTANT. Early replies will be appreciated. Approximate 33% reduction in fare if number of delegates is large enough to charter a flight.

    The Faculty of Homoeopathy 24TH SESS ION, 1966-7

    The third meeting of the session was held at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital, Great Ormond Street, W.C.1, on Thursday, 24 November 1966, with Dr. C. O. Kennedy (Vice-President) in the chair.

    The minutes of the second meeting of the session were read, confirmed and signed.