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Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends

Aparna KaisthaWhat is a Trend?

A trend simply reflects what seems to be going around at any given point of time.Some trends are fun, some fabulous, some appallingIt includes Economic trends, stock trends and even food trends. .It can be in any area doesn't only reflect fashion, pop culture and entertainmentBut one thing is for sure, trends go on changing!www.vocabulary.comDCOR TRENDS

Image- The Marrakesh hotel Riad El Fenn, spotted on LonnyImage- Ian Martin Wedding PhotojournalismImage-Sophie BurkeSPICE ROUTEMARSALABRASSA trend is a transformation in behavior which is started by a small part of the population and starts to slowly spread until enough people finally give in and choose to accept it as part of their lifestyle.

Image- Indigo Bedroom,SainsburysImage-House BeautifulNATURE INSPIREDSHADES OF BLUEThis shift is often based on a strong vision, introduced by the designers, based on forecasts along with color and material research.

Image- Indigo Bedroom,Sainsburys

Image-Villa HemmaImage-Katie Osgood PhotographyDIYRECYCLE


METALSImage- Marcos FecchinoImage- Architectural DigestImage- Michael VerheydenMixing warm metals, such as copper and rose gold, with cool ones like silver is particularly hot right now. says London based Kelly Hoppens.Mixed Metals is stated to be a big trend in 2015. It could be silver and gold finish used together or even Brass and Gold.

Beaten copper bowl and dimpled glass H&M homeThom Filicia suggests a strategic, layered mix of silvery, gold and black metals as a riskier and more stylish option

Image- Maya Wall TilesImage-The TD Beam Kitchen, designed by Tom Dixon and Lindholdt StudioJamie Bush, say, I am no longer interested in matching every metal finish in a single room.

MATT FINISHESImage- Derek SwallwellImage-David HicksA matte finish gives an object a raw, edgy look and also allows appreciation of the actual material that a product is made of

Image- House Beautiful

Indigo-Bedroom,SainsburysThis trend can be seen in everything from furniture to accessories to lighting to fitting and even entire rooms.

Image- Hallys Restaurant in London, designed by Alexander Waterworth.INDUSTRIAL FINISHESImage- Industry HomeThis can be seen as a move towards convenience, functionality and longevity rather than just statement and style.

Image-Paulina ArcklinImage- Renee ArnsThere is also a desire to have good quality mass produced items.

Image- Ralph Lauren Home

Regina Kreativiteter PhotographyNATURE INSPIREDwe are heading towards the raw look of things, and we are heading away from faux finishes, and more authentic finishes.

Image- Better Homes and Gardens, UKImage by IkeaThere is also a lot of focus in mixing textures. So we are mixing raw with glamour and steel with wood.


PASTELSImage- Better Homes & GardenWe have gentle colours like subtle pastels, smoky grey, soft neutrals combined with metallic hues and marine tones

Image-Style Me Pretty LivingImage- Mimar InteriorBlue color is one of the hottest colors that is being presented for the new year

INDIGOPHOTO Marcos FecchinoImage- Elle DecorationSeveral designers are using indigo and navy all across the world of design.

Image- Indigo Bedroom,SainsburysJared Fowler for The Design FilesThis is a great colour that easily goes with other colours and fits in almost any style; minimal to glam.

Image- Jennifer Serafini's Chicago ApartmentThis color is inspired by the wine of the same name, and it suggests sophistication, style and heartiness at the same time

Image-Marianne EvenouImage-Lonny magazineGood pairings for Marsala can include Pantones Golden Ochre, Ashes of Roses, Teal and others from the palette.


NATUREBethany Linzs British India collection with SparkkImage- Corner StorePrints and pattern are definitely back on the rise visual impact is the key theme

Image- adore magazine

Image-Villa desteMixing scale and proportion and layering patterns together in unexpected ways is a great way to inject whimsy into a room and achieve a more lived-in feel says Meredith Heron. 25

FLOOR LINKConcepts Interior DesignDIGITALAdvancements in digital printing have made the possibilities to use images in unlimited fashions.


Josef Wingback - AnthropologieElle DecorationWe are seeing new interpretations of traditional ethnic designs as they morph into unending new possibilities

The Marrakesh hotel Riad El Fenn, spotted on Lonny

Martyn Lawrence BullardLIVE-LOVE-DECORATEMajor influences come from Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Europe.

Image- An Indian Summer

Image- Style and HomeCRAFTSOur appreciation for craft items made by hands as well as learned Skills like binding, weaving, knotting, quilting and needlework is undergoing revival. 30

Marie Daage dinnerware by Devine LifeImage Miss MondayCraft is a manifestation of wanting to stay connected to our humanity and the basic desire to work with our hands.31


Image- Artefact Design & Salvage in Sonoma, California

Elk & Ella DesignSustainable design develops a greater focus on holistic and sustainable approaches to design.

Eco- Friendly

Image-Stylist Sarah E Owens houseImage- House Beautiful


Image-Sustainable bamboo tree-house,Elora HardyImage- BIOSTORIA storeBy FRISHMANN,MoscowUsing natural materials that are eco-friendly is considered to be one of the latest trends that is presenting itself for the next year


Photo Courtesy-Catalin GeorgescuImage- House BeautifulRepurposing, recycling, up-cycling and new hybrid materials are either standard or continue to emerge.

Image-Design Sponge

DIYImage- Martha Stewart

Recycle, Revamp, Reuse

Lightbulb Terrariumscladandcloth.comInstructablesYou can make use of items that are thought to be useless for creating new products such as using old bulbs are planters or jars are flower holders



Image- Fun on the FloorImage- Rebecca AllenCHEVRONACCENT WALLSResourcesElle Decoration, UKElle Dcor, USAHouse Beautiful, USATraditional Home Street Journalhttp://www.apartmenttherapy.com

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