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Interior Design Photography Tips

Interior Design Photography Tips Heidi Jewell, Denver

IntroductionHeidi Jewell is an account manager for VOCO Creative, a Denver, Colorado-based marketing firm. Ms. Jewell is also an accomplished photographer whose work has appeared in magazines and on websites such as CNN, The New York Times, Vogue, and Elle. In addition to fashion photography, Heidi Jewell enjoys interior design photography. If you have an interest in photographing interiors, here are a few tips to help your work stand out.

Natural lighting is nearly always superior to artificial lighting. Cameras see light differently than human eyes do, and while a rooms hospital-like fluorescent lights might not offend your eye, it certainly will offend your cameras eye. If youre having trouble getting enough natural light for a photo, position your camera on a tripod and use a long exposure.

Interior DesignSet the stage - you dont have to shoot the room exactly as it is. Dont be afraid to add or subtract dcor or accessories. Move things around and try different arrangements. Also, think about the perspective of your shot. Where will you be shooting from, and from what angle? Dont be afraid to try multiple perspectives to see which you like best.

Keep vertical lines vertical. This goes for everything in the room that stands vertically, whether its an actual line or the edge of a bookcase. Vertical lines visually lead the eye through the photograph, and if the lines are crooked, viewers will think that you were in a rush or didnt prepare your shot. For the best results, use a tripod with a built-in or attached level.

ConclusionBreak the rules! Photography does not necessarily have to reflect reality; it's all about what looks good in the photo. So if you think youve found a good reason to break a rule, try it. Either you were right and youve got a great photo to prove it, or you were wrong and youve learned something.