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Interesting facts about Dubai

Dubai needs no introduction, especially when most of the Bolly/Holly/Tolly/Xwood movies have covered it enough. And if not through movies, you may have heard some distant relative living in Dubai and coming this May with a ton of chocolates and gold. No wonder, the custom regulations in India have become very specific! But before you jump on to any conclusion on life there,check these interesting facts about Dubai which are bound to surprise you:#1 0% crime

#2 0% income taxIts tax-free livingIn the Arab world, it is consideredharamor forbidden to take unearned income, which taxes are considered. There is also noproperty taxin Dubai. Social security levies that local citizens must pay and some corporate taxes.Individuals who live in Dubai pay no tax on income, property, orcapital gain.

Import duties, which are taxes on goods imported from outside the country, are charged, as are taxes on property rental payments and some hotel and entertainment services.

#3 24% cranesDubai is becoming a highly developed city day by day.Many of the worlds largest and biggest buildings and hotel are in Dubai and even the number is increasing graduallyFor this reason 24% of the worlds total cranes are now operating in Dubai in various constructions.

#4 tallest structures and buildings

Some of the world's tallest and biggest and structures are situated here .Dubai has 18 completed & topped out buildings.

Developed city 19702015Fastest growing cityThere were just 13 cars in Dubai in 1968But now the traffic has been so congested because of developmentDouble-decker roads were introduced to overcome this problem

#5 developed city

Double decker road

About 71% ofDubai populationconsists of foreigners and expatriates17% of the population are EmiratisThe rest of the population are composed of immigrants #6 populationIncreasing

It was made during DSF-1999Total weight of 22 caratTotal length of 4.2 km Total chain was bought by 9600 people in bracelet size and necklace wear pieces#7 worlds largest gold chain

#8 skyscrapersThe Burj Khalifa is considered as the worlds tallest man-made structureThe height of it is 2717 feet ( 164 floors )It edifices the tallest mosque, highest restaurant, highest outdoor observation, and highest nightclub.

There are many 5-star and 7-star hotels in DubaiThe Burj Al Arab is the fourth tallest hotelIt is almost 280 feet tall from the Jumeirah beachAl Mahara, a famous restaurant, featured with a massive seawater aquariumThe height of the lobby of this restaurant is the height of the Statue of Liberty.#9 luxurious hotels

The Dubai mall is so developed and famousIt is also featured with Ski DubaiIts an indoor Ski ResortThe area of it is 22, 500 square metersThere is also a snow parkIt is the biggest snow park with 3000 square meters of area#10 ski dubai

The above ground of metro station is built in Dubai in 2009It consist of 42 stationsIt took only 18 months to built the entire system which is less than 2 years

#11 the above ground metro stations

The Dubailand is twice big as the Disneyworld in Florida.It is expected to be the largest tourist destination by 2020

#12 Dubailand

There are ATMs that dispenses gold in DubaiThis is why because people in Dubai still using the barter systemThey used to exchange gold for business transactions

#13 gold dispenser

Largest shopping center of the worldWith 1200 shops in itAlso including major brands such as Gymboree, Pottery Barn , Harley Davidson and a bunch of designer.

#14 dubai mall

Sales of oil constitute is only 6% of Dubais economyThe local economy is mainly based on real estate and tourism.#15 oil,real estate & tourism

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