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Interest in Pinterest – Using Pinterest for Business: Pinterest drives more direct traffic referral than google+, YT, and Linkedin combined. It is a direct traffic source when used correctly. Ready to learn how to use Pinterest to grow your business?


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2. Why Pinterest: Drives more direct traffic referral than google+, YT, and Linkedin combined. It is a direct traffic source when used correctly. The average page views rank around 2.3 billion and expected to account for over 40% of social media purchases in the next year. It has grown to the #3 social media in the world. Pinterest had 103 million hits in February 2012Magic Marketing USA | | www. 3. Who is the Audience:Magic Marketing USA | | www. 4. Audience What do they do?Magic Marketing USA | | www. 5. Lets get pinning.setupMagic Marketing USA | | www. 6. Setup and Design Profile BoxMagic Marketing USA | | www. magicmarketingusa.comMake sure you feature your business name on your profile for maximum exposure. Use your business name as your username, or change your profile name to your business name after your profile is set up.Remember when you follow, comment, or repin your name and link to your profile. Be interesting. 7. Setup and Design - ProfileMagic Marketing USA | | www. magicmarketingusa.comAdd a paragraph about who you are and what youre interested in to the About section on your Pinterest profile. Say something inviting! Make an offer!Dont forget to link to website, twitter, and facebook for automatic postings AND connection. 8. Setup and Design - BoardsMagic Marketing USA | | www. magicmarketingusa.comUse your keywords to name your boards, pins, and all materials that go into your pins.You can pin pictures, videos, recipes, product shots but without a link someone can not follow it back and it is a dead pin. 9. Three Ways to PinMagic Marketing USA | | www. 10. Pinning Add a PinMagic Marketing USA | | www. magicmarketingusa.comWhen you click on the ADD a PIN button at the top right, this box shows. 11. Pinning Add a PinMagic Marketing USA | | www. magicmarketingusa.comIf you add a PIN from a website (like your own) you can put the URL in the box and it will add all available images from that site. Then you can click on the one you want to pin. 12. Pinning Upload a PinMagic Marketing USA | | www. magicmarketingusa.comIf you pick UPLOAD A PIN, then it will ask you to find the file on the computer you want to upload. 13. Pinning Create a New BoardMagic Marketing USA | | www. magicmarketingusa.comYou can create a whole new board from the same place.Remember, categories, keywords, and descriptions are important to your SEO. 14. Pinning 101 Boards vs PinsMagic Marketing USA | | www. 15. Pinning 101 Getting PinningMagic Marketing USA | | www. magicmarketingusa.comBoards Allow you to pin all of a certain category in one place. 16. Pinning 101 Getting PinningMagic Marketing USA | | www. magicmarketingusa.comPins The actual item that you are sharing! 17. Pinning Advanced Getting a following.Magic Marketing USA | | www. 18. Advanced Tips * Tag other Pinterest users in your pins by using @username in your descriptions. * Non-commerical comments on others posts (esp if they have lots of comments already) because your comment is linked. * Make your life easier with a PIN IT button. *Put a PINTEREST feed on your website, social media, and newsletters. *Limit your time on Pinterest. *Create seasonal or holiday boards (special niches or interests) early to allow follow time. *If you are retail add pricing and how items can be bought. Might get featured in the Pinterest gift shop.Magic Marketing USA | | www. 19. Advanced Tips * Add contributors if it helps. *If you have lots of return traffic, consider a customer appreciate board or client of the month or service of the month boards. * Use video for instruction, advertisement, and promotion. *If your company has a face (customer service) create a staff board or company board or testimonial board. *Have a specific way or links (or use to track your traffic. *Create a board for coupons or redeemables or contests.Magic Marketing USA | | www. 20. TIPS for SUCCESS * Create boards that address market demographics. Think in Streams of Interests. * Use your keywords to name, describe, and categorize pins and boards. * Follow, repin, comment, and share others content equally. This spreads your word and makes you worth following. * Link your pins to another place website, youtube, blog, FB *Give credit where it is due. * TURN ON SEARCH ENGINE CAPIBILITIES! * Steady pinning gets more coverage than bursts of pins.Magic Marketing USA | | www.