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Interactive Slates and Clickers. Expectations. Be active! Cell phones ON! Take care of yourself!. When I get a new piece of technology I… Text a CODE to 37607 Take it out of the box and figure it out 198539 Hoard it in my closet with the rest of the 198541 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Effective, Engaging Professional Development

Interactive SlatesandClickers1ExpectationsBe active!Cell phones ON!Take care of yourself!

We learn best when we share with each other. So please take an active part in this professional development opportunity!Please turn your cell phones ON as we will be using them.We will take a break mid-morning and mid-afternoon, but take care of yourself as needed.

2When I get a new piece of technology I

Text a CODE to 37607

Take it out of the box and figure it out 198539

Hoard it in my closet with the rest of the 198541Stuff Ive received

Give it to another teacher 198587Poll Anywherewww.polleverywhere.comFree, but registration required3

4Make it Effective and EngagingGive the kids something fun and theyll do amazing things with it!

Coca-Cola Friendship Machine5Getting Started

CPS Training WorkbookQuick Start.

More detailed directions are later on in presentation.8 Simple Steps1 install softwareCd or einstruction web site2 install CPS receiver before launching software3 Create a new databaseSave wherever youll remember4 Add New classk-12 no - enter required info (first, last,email) Name class5- add studentsClick on class then new studentEither enter name or hit enter until you have number6 engage tab then engage buttonSelect class7 click verbal Select format of question you want to ask A-dStudents answer dark blue, yellow if change, same answ green 8. Click end when done. chart appears select correct answFinish and close

Verbal Mode

Do not choose a lesson or classJust hit engage and the tool bar will appear.Click on VerbalChoose answer formatStartEndSelect correct answer

Verbal mode can be used with any format: powepoint, internet, videos, worksheets, etcChalkboard Mode

Do not choose a lesson or classJust hit engage and the tool bar will appear.Click on ChalkboardDraw or insert a graphicStartEndSelect correct answer

More detailed steps Install software

Insert CD Click on Install CPS and follow on screen promptsClick FinishCreates a CPS Icon on your desktopInstall Receiver (put in FLASH DRIVE) before launching

Download Instructions

Step 1. Create a New DatabaseEasier if you only have one database and multiple classes

To create a new CPS database:

Open CPS from the desktop icon. 2. Choose Create a New CPS File.3. Click OK. The New CPS File dialog box opens.4. Type a name for the database file in the Filename: text box.5. Click Save.

Step 2: Create New Class

Under Prepare TabClasses and StudentsNew- Class

A new class wizard box willPop up. Click onK-12Enter info

Step 3: Add Students

Under Prepare tabClasses and studentsNew StudentOn the right side of the screenYou will start adding student infoTab to go to last nameEnter to go to next student

Step 4: Lessons and Assessments

Under Prepare Tab Lessons and Assessments NewFast Grade SessionLessonQuestionImport- Browse(Search for CPS lessons in google)

17Step 5: Engage

Under Engage TabLessons and Assessments

1)You will see the lessons you have created and importedCheck which lesson you want and click Engage

2) Verbal ex. Landform Pics

3) ChalkboardDraw, Import Pic ex. Algebra Bball Court Area Perimeter

Preparing a Team Activity

Prepare Tab Team ActivityNewChallenge Board Box Pops upUnder Lessons Tab choose which lessonHas to be previously importedDrag each question to a blockExit out

Click on Engage Tab Team ActivitiesClick on activity then Engage ButtonClick StartCreating a Lesson with your own questions

Under Prepare Tab Lessons and AssessmentsNew LessonHighlight that lesson and click on new questionType your questions and answersPut a checkmark next to correct answer and click the button that is save and next

To engage Lesson you just created (or one you have imported from web site)Click on Engage tabLessons and AssessmentsPut a checkmark by the lesson then click engage button

Once it begins you hit next question to startHow to import lessons you find on the internet

Google search for cps lessonsHere is an example site

After you right click and save each file to a specific location that youll remember open up CPSPrepare Lessons and Assessments Import browse and find it.


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