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  • IntensiveGeneral ChemistryLaboratorySpring 2005

  • Collaborative: 2 or more students work out jointly a single solution to a problemCooperative: Each group member completes a part of a greater taskTutored: One student helps another gain expertise in a given topic or technique

  • Fosters cognitive skills

    Promotes social skills

    Imparts workplace skills

  • Ability to solve complex problems

    Ability to understand experimental results

    Ability to Make Decisions

  • Respect for others

    Reliance in others for assistanceSensitivity to group expectations

  • Team work

    Leader or follower according to situationLearn norms and practices of a group Deal with difficult associates

  • Individual Accountability

    Face-to-Face Promotive Interaction

    Group Processing

    Appropriate Use of Collaborative SkillsPositive Interdependence

  • A group of people working toward a common goal

  • The Leader or CoordinatorThe ExaminerThe RecorderThe Skeptic

  • Be professional

    Moderate Differences

    Coordinate the actions of the team

    Motivate the members

  • Be professionalWork the best of their abilitiesPut aside any differencesAccept decisions once they are made

  • A team is created under the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of the partsA team allows pooling of skills

  • TrustRespectSupport

  • Teams of highly talented individuals producing unexpectedly poor resultsDr. Meredith BelbinManagement Teams, 1981

  • Destructive debate, petty bickering

    Lack of coherence in decisions made

    Lack of group coordination


  • What do we want to do?What are the obstacles in our way?How can we overcome them?What is the best choice?Act

  • So What is C2507?

    Introduction to practices and techniques of general chemistry in a contextual, collaborative learning environment

  • Course materialLaboratory manualLaboratory notebook (to purchase)Webpage

  • AssessmentGroup grade 50%Assessment formTotal pointsPlan of action (E2 through E9)160Group reports (E1, E2, E8/E9) 60Case Study plan of action 30Case Study poster and presentation 30Total Group Grade280 pts.Individual grade 50%Assessment formTotal points3 Individual laboratory reports (E3/E4, E6, E7)120In-class FT-IR assessment (E5) 30Preparation for lab 30Laboratory notebook 40Peer Assessment 30Safety, techniques and procedure grade 30Total Individual Grade280 pts.

  • E1 - Workplace SkillsCheck inGroup assignmentSafety and discipline in a laboratoryLaboratory facilitiesInstrumentation and equipmentPoster and presentationJoint report

  • Before the first lab..Take a laboratory manual

    Read the General Information section

    Read E1: Workplace Skills


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