intelligence testing psychometrics- the measure of mental abilities, traits, and processes

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  • Intelligence Testing

  • Psychometrics- The measure of mental abilities, traits, and processes.

  • Achievement tests- Designed to measure skills or knowledge you have already learned.Aptitude tests- Designed to measure your ability to acquire skills or knowledge in the future.

  • Validity- Does the test measure what it is supposed to measure?Reliability- Does the test yield the same results over time?

  • Standardized (norm referenced) tests- Tests are pre-tested to determine a bell curve.

  • History of Intelligence Testing1904 Binet-Simon test was created to test French school children in an effort to determine who needed remedial help.Less than a decade later Americans modified the test to determine innate intelligence and the IQ test was born. (Stanford-Binet became the leading test)

  • Why do you think it is that intelligence tests became so popular in America during the 20th century?

  • Three factors help account for this:Screen incoming immigrants.New laws mandating universal education.Military screening.

  • Sample IQ QuestionsAge 4-Fill in the missing word:

    Brother is a boy; sister is a _______.

  • Age 9-

    In an old graveyard in Spain they have discovered a small skull which they believe to be that of Christopher Columbus when he was about 10 years old. What is foolish about this?

  • Adult-Can describe the difference between misery and poverty, character and reputation, laziness and idleness.Explains how to measure 3 pints of water with a 5-pint and a 2-pint can.

  • SATStarted in 19011990- Name was changed from Scholastic Aptitude Test to Scholastic Assessment Test. Why?

  • Cultural BiasOarsman is to Regatta as. . .

    The answer was runner is to marathon53% of white students got it22% of black students got itSince then analogies have been dropped from the test.

  • GREGraduate Record Examinations

  • Is football better than sex?

  • Yes! If you are a Florida Gators fan.


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